Darkwing Duck

Season 1 Episode 52

Time and Punishment

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 19, 1991 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • DarkWarrior Duck appears in the Darkwing Duck comic story arc Crisis on Infinite Darkwings, written by Ian Brill and drawn by James Silvani, as one of the multiple Darkwing Ducks of other dimensions that were brought to St. Canard by Negaduck and Magica DiSpell. On a side note, he is also the only Darkwing that did not need to be brainwashed by Magica in order to be abducted from his home dimension.

  • Quotes

    • DarkWarrior: (In a tank and through loudspeaker) I am the terror that hunts in the night
      Gosalyn: (On rooftop) Dad
      DarkWarrior: I am the jackal that gnaws at your bones
      (Jaywalker tries to slink away and DarkWarrior Duck fires a warning shot)
      DarkWarrior: I'm not finished. I am DarkWarrior Duck

    • Gosalyn: What'd all these people do to get locked up?
      Launchpad: Ah, the usual stuff. Traffic violators, lawyers, plumbers, rude supermarket clerks, cartoon producers.
      Gosalyn: (Points to an old lady in a rocking chair) Who's that?
      Launchpad: Mrs. Mildew. She flunked DW in penmanship.
      Gosalyn: Well, at least he has some sense of justice left.

    • Megavolt: Let me out. I'll make him sizzle like spit on a griddle.
      Quackerjack: Ooh, aren't we sounding folksy.

    • Megavolt: But traveling through time could put a hole in the space-time continuum, wreak havoc with history, inalterably change the past, present, and future forever! Actually, it sounds kinda fun.

    • Darkwing: You should have been home in bed hours ago.
      Gosalyn: And walk out on The Viper Zombies from Wormwood Creek movie marathon? Not in this universe. Heck, I wouldn't miss the scene where the chainsawing cannibals beg for mercy from the slimy mutant slugs.
      Launchpad: Uh, gee, this popcorn isn't half as tasty as it was a second ago.

    • Gosalyn: You haven't even asked why I haven't grown.
      Darkwarrior: I assumed it was the junk food!

    • Gosalyn: Now, what's going on around here? The city looks like it's just been washed and waxed, the streets are deserted, and Dad's acting like Nobrain the barbarian. Boy, I slip away for a couple of decades, and the whole town goes down the tubes!

    • Gosalyn: And I used to gripe when he sent me to my room.

    • DarkWarrior Duck: I am the terror that hunts in the night. I am the jackal that gnaws at your bones.

    • Darkwing: I am the batteries that are not included.

  • Notes

    • DarkWarrior Duck is most likely a reference to or parody of the future Batman portrayed in The Dark Knight Returns, where an older and embittered Batman viciously and ruthlessly deals out his own brand of justice to evildoers.

    • Steelbeak, Ammonia Pine, Liquidator, Bushroot, Moliarty, and Lilliput make a brief cameo appearance during Launchpad's flashback.

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