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  • A live 1 hour comedy, variety talk show which screened Monday to Fridays on Channel 31 (Australia) in late 2002. The program was hosted by comedians Brose Avard and Darren Chau and is notable for being Channel 31's first ever live nightly TV show.

    An afternoon comedy/variety/talk/clip show which not surprisingly had a bit of everything for everyone. The hosts were entertaining and warm, presenting everything from interviews with celebrities to re-runs of an old Bruce Lee TV show.

    Strangely the format probably worked for its 5pm time slot as it would have appealed to both younger and older viewers alike, perhaps operating as a bridge between the afternoon kids programming and the more adult 6pm news. The series as a whole was surprisingly very good despite it's obvious lack of budget, however I discovered the program completely by mistake one day so I think it was probably very poorly publicised.
  • Monday to Friday afternoon show presented by Aussie comedy duo.

    Every now and then a show comes along that you watch, you really enjoy it and then one day it vanishes from the screen. Nobody knew that I watched this show, it was like I owned it. I remember starting to tell friends about it but because it was a Channel 31 show they kind of weren't really interested at all which is fair enough given the regular output of that Channel. Anyway I'm really glad that this show is listed here on this web-site because I can finally publicly say that I really liked this show. It had everything in it, it was always funny and the two hosts were a couple of cuties which always helps. A commercial network should have picked these guys up because they're talented and better than most things made in this country! There I said it! I promise to be more intellectual in my next review.
  • Monday to Friday afternoon comedy show.

    I used to watch this show back in first year and these boys are hilarious. There's not enough fun stuff like this on TV these days. Lots of funny skits, silly wigs and heaps of mucking around. They even did cute little animations of themselves and made fun of hot 30 pop acts. They also had good guests on which is weird for Channel 31. When the show ended it was replaced by a heap of unfunny and untalented students who all thought they were better than they were. Someone put these guys back on tv please because it's a waste of great talent!
  • Nightly comedy showed which ran on Channel 31. Hosted by the comedy duo of the same name.

    Growing up in Australia during the 80s and 90s the ABC always screened my favourite local comedy shows - the D-Generation, Late Show, Big Gig, Frontline the list goes on. Since then it seems to me that the ABC have become less innovative, no longer developing talent but instead giving opportunities to established acts like Denton, Micallef, Roy & HG and the Kath & Kim girls. Fortunately Channel 31 filled the void and gave an opportunity to a new generation of talent including Rove and Pete Heliar on The Loft, Hamish & Andy, Jodie & Jo on Boob Tube, Brian Munich & friends and these guys Darren & Brose. Someone please bring these two back!
  • Afternoon show which played on Channel 31 live everyday at 5 o'clock hosted by Bros and Darren.

    I can't believe I found this show listed here on TV.com, because for a long time I thought this show was only made for me and I watched it everyday. The 2 guys also made an excellent Tonight Show just as good as Letterman but with funnier sketches. Better than anything on tele now, this show should come back and give them more money this time.
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