Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines

Season 1 Episode 6

A Plain Shortage Of Planes

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 04, 1969 on CBS

Episode Recap

The Vulture Squadron was using their regular planes when Yankee Doodle Pigeon shows up and they start chasing him except for Zilly, who refuses to follow them. Dick orders Muttley to fetch him but, when Zilly is pushed forward, his plane crashes Klunk's and Dick's. The General calls and Dastardly says they'll catch the pigeon as soon as they have new planes but the General says there's no more planes available for them. Klunk makes a suggestion using his usual gibberish that, somehow, Dastardly understands as being buying a plane. Dastardly says how good is "his" idea. The squadron goes to Bargain Bill's Used Plane Lot where the salesman tries to sell a poorly maintained plane which is not guaranteed to last more than 3 minutes. Dastardly offers 10 dollars for it. The salesman asks for Muttley's medal and Dick agrees, much to Muttley's dismay. The plane wasn't fast but the squadron gets his chance when the pigeon dives. However, Zilly ruins their chance when shaking of fear (just to see how fragile the plane was, it was all it took to destroy it). The General calls again and Dastardly asks again for more planes but to no avail. Dastardly shows Klunk a junkyard for old planes and asks him to build something from parts he sees there. Klunk gives Dastardly a pair of wings and a tail. Dastardly was flying until he tries to use his wings to smash the pigeon. not only he missed his target but his wings didn't resist the impact and he fell to the ground. Klunk's next idea consists on a fan to be worn like some backpack. Dastardly was supposed to use it but he decided it was Zilly's turn to try to be a hero. Zilly, of course, wasn't fond of the idea so he lets the fan and his coat to fly without him. Dastardly lands his face on the ground to avoid being hit by the suit. The General calls again and Dastardly renews his request for new airplanes. The General says there's still no new planes available. Klunk tries a new idea: wings, tail and a motorized fan on a garbage truck. Muttley was in charge of piloting the "plane" while each other member of the squadron was holding a golf club waiting for a chance to hit Yankee Doodle Pigeon. Muttley, not knowing how to handle a garbage truck, accidentally dumps Dick, Klunk and Zilly out of it and later rescues them and asks for a medal. Dastardly says they'll discuss the medal later and they resume the pigeon hunt. Klunk and Zilly try to hit the pigeon but all the do is losing a wing and the tail. Dastardly scolds them and makes his own try, which results in they losing the motor and falling. During the fall, the General calls and tells there's finally new planes. Dastardly enjoyed the good news but, as their last improvised plane reaches the ground, it smashes one of the four new planes, jumps into the second one, also smashing it, then jumps to the third one, also smashing it, and them jumps to the fourth one but without the necessary power to smash it. Dastardly tries to comfort the squadron with the fact there's at least one plane but then it is finally smashed. Muttley asks for a medal as reward for landing them safely but Dastardly instead removes the one Muttley was wearing as punishment for destroying the new planes. Not being the one who accepts it easily, he decides to drop them again and laughs. THE END
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