Date My Ex: Jo & Slade

Monday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Jul 21, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • 9/8/08
      Jo's journey to find love ends at the Ivy Hotel in San Diego with the final two suitors. But an appearance by Slade nearly threatens to bring it all to a screeching halt. Jo agonizes over her decision but in the end finally chooses her guy. Will she finally be able to move on and break away from Slade?moreless
    • Emotions run rampant in the wake of a tough elimination and Slade's recent confession sends everyone over the edge. Jo breaks down in tears after one of the finalists threatens to leave the house. Jo must make a painful decision when he gives her an ultimatum, and she must choose between a second date with him or her ex, Slade.moreless
    • 8/25/08
      Jo goes on her second round of dates with the guys, but this time she takes control of the situation by surprising everyone with an unexpected trip to a luxurious desert resort and spa, with Slade tagging along. But drama ensues when Slade's jealousy comes to a boil during a dinner, and Jo must make a tough decision to let him stay or send him packing. At the elimination, Slade shocks everyone with a surprising announcement.moreless
    • Episode 105
      Episode 5
      Slade tells the men in the house to cook something nice for Jo. However, Slade gets angry when he discovers the offensive nature of the guys' cooking and he kicks one of the guys out of the house.
    • Episode 104
      Episode 4
      Jo goes on a date with Micah and he takes her to get creative with painting.
    • Episode 103
      Episode 3
      Sparks fly between Jo and her next date, Zack, AKA "Cheeks;" this time instead of a shooting range he gets close and personal with Jo on a sexy photo shoot.
    • Episode 102
      Episode 2
      Jo's date Tyler takes her to a shooting range and she isn't very impressed.
    • Episode 101
      Episode 1
      Jo's journey to find true love begins with the help of her ex, Slade Smiley. She dances with one suitor, while the other offers her a helicopter tour of L.A.
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