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Date My Mom

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MTV is taking dating to a whole new level with Date My Mom. Each episode features a different brave guy looking for love in the weirdest place...on dates with three different moms. He's not looking to hook up though, he's spending time with the moms to discover everything he can about their daughters. Our brave guy's job is to try and guess just how far the apple did fall from the tree. He won't be able to see a picture of the daughters on his dates, so he'll have to work hard to get the truth out of the moms. In the end, everyone meets up on the beach to hear his decision. This is the spot where he'll finally get to see what these daughters look like. Will he pick a hottie or will he be hurtin? Check out all of the action on Date My Mom.
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  • Both mother and daughter are hot!

    "Date My Mom" is an usual show where the mother of the desired daughter dates the guy. What i saw in most episodes of the series could come as a shock to those who never saw the show. sometimes the mother is much hotter than the daughter and you'll be broken hearted to find out that the mother is happly married for many years. which to explain why the mother is going out with a younger guy behind the husband's back. there are some episodes that I like and some that I don't like. "Date My Mom" isn't a classic, but then you just can't walk away from a hot momma.moreless
  • this show is about the parents and there kinds when one of there kid is dating someone they don't like the parents chose someone they like.

    This show is alright not that good but not as has it's when the boyfriend or girlfriend has to watch there parters go out with other people.Some of the people that come out here are disgusting.Some of the parents here have a good reason why there doing this.This show is not that good but, its something to watch when there is nothing else to see on tv.some people may think different but,we all have different opinions about like i was seeing it dose not heart to see this show it's ok at get a chance and see it see what you think about it.moreless
  • Show which is confusing and frustrating from time to time.

    This show - no offense - really gets on my nerves sometimes! Most episodes the guys pick the moms that are hot, but then it turns out their daughter is a complete opposite of them. Not pretty, I mean. You can totally see that a lot of the guys are shallow and pick the moms for their looks, not for their personality and characteristics and whatever.

    Some of the guys, however, are really genuine and pick what they think suits them the most. Once in an episode there was this guy who picked the ugliest mom that he thought suited him the best, and her daughter turned out hot and has a very engaging personality that doesn't mirror her mom's. So, anyway, half of the episodes are very engaging but really, you can either like it or hate it.moreless
  • Why is the channel called MTV if all it shows is crap like this? "Date My Mom" is so idiotic and ridiculous (And yet millions of people watch it. Why?) Ugh. This show makes Americans look soooo stupid. I was almost ashamed to be one after I watched this.moreless

    Why is the channel called MTV if all it shows is crap like this? "Date My Mom" is so idiotic and ridiculous (And yet millions of people watch it. Why?) Ugh. This show makes Americans look soooo stupid. I was almost ashamed to be one after I watched this. A guy dates 3 moms to try and gather information about their daughters, and at the end of the episode he decides which one he wants to date. Oh my gosh. Why make a show about dating (especially one with such an idiotic method of doing it) when it'd be easier to find a date at school, the mall, or at a concert? And a relatinship that you find on your own has a better chance of lasting than one where you only had a small, shallow selection to choose from. (But I could be wrong. Maybe 2 shallow people who crave the lime light make a great couple.) And how can the moms degrade themselves by willing being on this show? What also makes this show worse (as if it could get any worse) is that ALL the lines sound like they were scripted out. The people are so fake and say the WORST puns. I wanted to cry because they were so awful. To put it plainly, this show $ucks.moreless
  • The hilarious program where mum's date to find guys for their daughters.

    This show is filled with cheese, from the minute the mothers and daughters are introduced to the endof the show when the new couple run off along the beach this show is ridiculous. But curiously it works.

    With all the fake love between mums and daughters, the fake smiles when the guys meet the mums and the fake moment when the guy picks his winner all you can say about this show is that its fake.

    The fakedness and the hilarity that people are actually using their mum's to date just shows how desperate people are to get onto tele. But it all creates a funny mix of good hearted ridicule from the viewer.moreless

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