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  • Both mother and daughter are hot!

    "Date My Mom" is an usual show where the mother of the desired daughter dates the guy. What i saw in most episodes of the series could come as a shock to those who never saw the show. sometimes the mother is much hotter than the daughter and you'll be broken hearted to find out that the mother is happly married for many years. which to explain why the mother is going out with a younger guy behind the husband's back. there are some episodes that I like and some that I don't like. "Date My Mom" isn't a classic, but then you just can't walk away from a hot momma.
  • this show is about the parents and there kinds when one of there kid is dating someone they don't like the parents chose someone they like.

    This show is alright not that good but not as has it's when the boyfriend or girlfriend has to watch there parters go out with other people.Some of the people that come out here are disgusting.Some of the parents here have a good reason why there doing this.This show is not that good but, its something to watch when there is nothing else to see on tv.some people may think different but,we all have different opinions about like i was seeing it dose not heart to see this show it's ok at get a chance and see it see what you think about it.
  • Show which is confusing and frustrating from time to time.

    This show - no offense - really gets on my nerves sometimes! Most episodes the guys pick the moms that are hot, but then it turns out their daughter is a complete opposite of them. Not pretty, I mean. You can totally see that a lot of the guys are shallow and pick the moms for their looks, not for their personality and characteristics and whatever.

    Some of the guys, however, are really genuine and pick what they think suits them the most. Once in an episode there was this guy who picked the ugliest mom that he thought suited him the best, and her daughter turned out hot and has a very engaging personality that doesn't mirror her mom's. So, anyway, half of the episodes are very engaging but really, you can either like it or hate it.
  • Why is the channel called MTV if all it shows is crap like this? "Date My Mom" is so idiotic and ridiculous (And yet millions of people watch it. Why?) Ugh. This show makes Americans look soooo stupid. I was almost ashamed to be one after I watched this.

    Why is the channel called MTV if all it shows is crap like this? "Date My Mom" is so idiotic and ridiculous (And yet millions of people watch it. Why?) Ugh. This show makes Americans look soooo stupid. I was almost ashamed to be one after I watched this. A guy dates 3 moms to try and gather information about their daughters, and at the end of the episode he decides which one he wants to date. Oh my gosh. Why make a show about dating (especially one with such an idiotic method of doing it) when it'd be easier to find a date at school, the mall, or at a concert? And a relatinship that you find on your own has a better chance of lasting than one where you only had a small, shallow selection to choose from. (But I could be wrong. Maybe 2 shallow people who crave the lime light make a great couple.) And how can the moms degrade themselves by willing being on this show? What also makes this show worse (as if it could get any worse) is that ALL the lines sound like they were scripted out. The people are so fake and say the WORST puns. I wanted to cry because they were so awful. To put it plainly, this show $ucks.
  • The hilarious program where mum's date to find guys for their daughters.

    This show is filled with cheese, from the minute the mothers and daughters are introduced to the endof the show when the new couple run off along the beach this show is ridiculous. But curiously it works.

    With all the fake love between mums and daughters, the fake smiles when the guys meet the mums and the fake moment when the guy picks his winner all you can say about this show is that its fake.

    The fakedness and the hilarity that people are actually using their mum's to date just shows how desperate people are to get onto tele. But it all creates a funny mix of good hearted ridicule from the viewer.
  • Possibly the worst installment of reality television to date. Utterly degrading to women, both young and old.

    I can kind of see how the concept behind "Date My Mom" could have appeared to be "fresh" and "hip" theoretically speaking. Bringing such a concept to life, however, was a drastic, deadly mistake. I'm not talking about the obvious scripting fiasco (though that itself is appalling and actually quite laughable), I'm talking about the disgusting practice in which the women, both young and old, are treated as mere sexual objects upon the show. Even, get this, the MOTHERS treat their DAUGHTERS as objects, as merely a means to an end; they will pimp their offspring just so they can win. And we're supposed to watch this?
  • Three contestants are to compete for the heart of one lucky judge without meeting. The judge makes the decision of who to date based on his / her impressions of the contestants' mothers.

    Feminists everywhere would be outraged. Whenever "Date My Mom" features men seeking women, they are usually of chauvinistic, shallow character. They care little about the important qualities of a woman, like her personality, her intelligence, and her accomplishments; everything revolves around how “hot” she is. They also talk in an offending manner - especially in regards to sex - during their monologues, when they are able to express their opinions about specific moments in their date or decision. When a woman is presented to a man as he makes his decision, a lot of times he makes terrible remarks like "just keep walking", or "thank God I didn't choose her". Also during the decision, the man gives excuses to the mother, explaining why he does not choose a certain woman. These are often ludicrous and invalid, and help the man get out of selecting a woman who he thinks might not be attractive.

    There is a standard format for the running of the show, which is evident in every episode of it, and is very rigid - for example, every time the mother returns from her date, her son / daughter would ask the mother "how she thinks she did". Everything seems very pre-planned, from the gorgeous man / woman who takes the mother out, to the standard question of "how does s/he look?" posed towards the mother during the date.

    Fortunately, there is sometimes slight alteration of this structure, like during the episode where there are twin brothers making the selection, and certain episodes featuring gay and lesbian people. Also, the choices of the locations of the dates are surprising and creative.

    This television series does provide general entertainment, for there is always the element of mystery. However, there is evidence of too much commercialization and painfully emphasizes the common flaws in humanity.
  • What other people say about SHOW doesn't bring it any justice. To give it anything less than a 10 would be an outrage. What's good about it?

    What other people say about SHOW doesn't bring it any justice. To give it anything less than a 10 would be an outrage. What's good about it? If you need me to tell you what's good about it, it means you can't even tell the brilliance behind Date My Mom. Nuff said.
  • This show is about guys or girls going ona date with a mom to see which daughter they would rather pick.

    So this show is not that great but, it has a its moments. Most of the guys on here are just looking to get some not for the actual date part. I think that this show is quite funny with the remarks that they say while on the dates. Its like a confessional that they just edit in. I think that this show is good, not the best but good enough where I don\'t hate it. Its a show where you would watch if there was nothing else on and you had some free time on your hands. Give it a chance you might like it.
  • Funny at times

    The objective of this show is for a guy to go on a date with 3 moms and then pick with daughter he wants to date based on the information he gets from the mothers. The mothers take no time to embarrass their daughters and reveal their faults. Some of the mom's act crazy. I've seen some talking dirty, dancing dirty and just looking dirty. Once its time to pick a daughter, the guy stands outside a car and talks to each mom and says what he enjoyed about the date. The one by one eliminates the moms. Then he says why he wants to date the last mom's daughter and she emerges from the limo and they run off on the beach together holding hands. Its corny at times, and funny at times.
  • This show is so FAKE!!!!!!! its unreal, But its nice to watch and point out the bits which are so obviously scripted. whoever thought of this program im sure had the best ideas at hand, but no way is it directed properly. i mean talk about a waste of time

    I have seen about 5 episodes, and 1 out of the 5 i watched, picked the ugliest out of the 3. This program is so cheesy and fake its hard not to tell, its obvious coz its like a bunch of terrible actors reading a script, lol a moron wouldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t notice this. And the bit which makes it funny and how they run off into the distance on the beautiful beach with a sunset. Don\\\\\\\'t bother with this program, because it isn\\\\\\\'t real and whats the point if it isn\\\\\\\'t real. But out of all of it the poor acting does make it funny. Also the guys are always pretty boys i wanna see an average joe on there.
  • The mothers are as stupid as the daughters!

    The mothers are disgusting! No wonder the young women of today are lost, momma wants to be Beyonce! You tryin to back your thing up, but she won't get her ole butt out the way! Am I the only one appalled that mothers would go on TV and pimp their own daughters? And how stupid are these girls? Granted most of them could use the help, but dang! The things the mothers discuss with these guys is disgusting!! "My daughter loves eating bananas (Wink, Wink). She has HUGE boobs (Wink, Wink) and all for what, to win a date? Why not just say "She likes to be spanked and for an extra $20, she'll ..... Or better yet, "Wanna try her out 1st, hop up on the table Amber and let him have a ride. Now, ride him good like momma taught ya." I have a 24 year old daughter and I'm GLAD our relationship isn't like this! If there's any question about why this generation of females are so misguided, just DATE THEIR MOMS!

    no.....just no. This is another reason why MTV should stick to music (actually go back to music)

    There are some really dumb shows on MTV and the only time I watch this is if there is NOTHING on. I'd rather watch the news than watch this junk. ANd by the way, what kind of perv thought of this show???
  • Mtv Sucks

    HAHAHAHA wow this show is absolutely pathetic. And at the end where the guy chooses the girl is cheesy and obviously rehearsed. and when they run away at the end together holding hands so hunky dory makes me want to puke. Could MTV get any lamer? I dont think so.
  • Intresting

    This is a good show to watch home when you're sick.Usually there are Baby shows on all morning.
    MTV rocks!I think it would be so cool to go on this show, if you win you get a date with a hot guy.I give it a 7. Ok i'm running out of things to write.
  • MTV in general: Bad Date My Mom: Great

    I have never been an MTV fan as I listen to older music than the rest of my generation. Date My Mom is one of the Best Shows on cable. I wish I could be the guy on the show. The parents seem to tell the truth about their children. I also like it because these girls give their moms the oppertunity to embarrass the heck out of them and the mom's (for the most part) don't. Unlike the other "reality" shows these women are real, none of this who wants to date a supermodel crap, or who can survive in the wilderness with oddball games and TV cameras.
  • Just another reality show.

    A guy dates three girls' moms, and based on those dates, he decides which of their daughters he wants to go out with. What ever happened to normal dating, where you actually meet them in person? In my opinion, this is just another pointless reality show to fill up air-time on MTV, like a lot of their new reality shows. Sure, it may be original, but it's just not worth watching. If the people on this show want to find dates, then I suggest going out and actually meeting people... and not their dates' moms.
  • Is Father aware of this love affair? This is the first time that it's ever been cool to date a woman 30 years older than you! Even in real life, it'd be emberassing to do this!

    Quite the show, bring on a spin-off, called "Date my Dad," and then you've gotten yourselves some variety! Until that happens, you gotta stick with this, and that's a-ok with me. The funny thing is, the guys don't know what the daughters look like, he could pick a troll!
  • Boys date girl's moms and pick one to date their daughter

    How dependant is our country on reality tv that someone would come up with this show. Yes it's semi original but come on. They try to spice the show up with "sexy" moms but let's face it i don't care how much plastic surgery you have unless you have a personal makeup artist you aren't gonna look hot when your in your late 40's. The one think I do like about this show is the ending when the guy is expecting a lot after the star reviews the moms have given about the girls and he sees them and is like what?
  • MTV crap!

    So there's three moms that want their daughters to date a guy that they dont know anything about! So they tell them about their daughts, the guy judges them, and says wo he wants and doesn't want to date! That sounds stupid! What guy would want to date their girlfriend's mom? This show is stupid, pointless, borring, and a HUGE peice of crap! MTV should stop making stuff that looks like they made in three secounds, and start making their shows good! So do yourself a favor and stop watching this crap!
  • Its SO dumb!!!!!

    "Date My Mom" is so pathetic and so stupid! Its sooooo obvious that the whole show is scripted! When they talk, they make it sound like they're reading from a script. The part when they run through the beach w/ the daughter, the guy & the mom in EVERY episode is SO FAKE and so rehearsed! I also think its pathetic 2 go on TV 2 show people how desperate u are for a date. Take my advice, CHANGE THE CHANNEL, YOU REALLY WON'T REGRET IT!!!!!
  • Wow, MTV. Wow. This is a new low.

    How could ANYONE watch this show? The forced dialogue between everyone is so overbearing. I know it's scripted, but can't these people just try to say their lines without so much feeling? Even when the moms are talking to their daughters, it makes me want to kick my TV screen through.

    And what is up with the premise? "He's spending time with the moms to discover everything he can about their daughters." It's official - dating shows have hit rock bottom. The whole show is oozing with cheese. Especially at the very end of each episode where the guy and the daughter he picked run off together ... ugh.

    Everything - is - so - forced. Why does the guy even take the mom out on a date? He can't simply ask her questions about their daughter? They got to eat ice cream, go bungee jumping, play lacrosse, or something else stupid first?

    .. Good job, MTV.
  • This show should be taken off of the air!

    Just viewed an episode of this program during the noon lunchtime hour during primetime daytime hours. I was totally appalled! This show featured a Mom dating a young female seeking to find a date for her daughter. I found this show accidentally while channel surfing and could not imagine the ramnifications if one of my young daughters would have accidentally come across this channel. This show is totally inappropriate and definitely should not be aired during the daytime hours. DISGUSTING!
  • three moms date one dude to see which daughter of the mother the guy will date. I was bored and had nothing to do one day so I guees i had no choice to go through with the shows torture.

    I think that a flogging and being put on a rack would be more enjoyable then watching this show. 22 mind numbing minutes where I'm forced to go through the bad writing, cause i don't think they actullay come up with that stuff themselves, and seeing another hot guy end up with some dog or vice verca.

    date my mom is a cool show it is funny because if the mother is pretty and the daughter doesn't look anything like their mom than the guy gets pics dat mom he would b checking out da girls mom other than her.I dont really like da gay episodes were da guy has 2 choose another guy i would rate da show 10 if it didnt have those episodes
  • Boring, and obviously scripted

    MTV's Date My Mom is a some-what creative look at a dating show, but is so obviously scripted it's frustrating! They tell the contestants what to say and since these are real people, not actors, the "real" scenes come off horrible. The contestants have no real personality and they're practically the same people each week. Every mom's nearly the same overweight annoying woman that tries to act cool. All the guys and girls are the typical good looking 19-25 year old, just like any other MTV dating show. I'm giving this show a .1 for a creative concept, but the rest is all down hill from there.
  • A hip new look at how america's youth is being brainwashed into becoming the future idoits that will run this country.

    This show starts out by showing a "model" young male that fits one of theses three molds; Jock, Prep, or emo look alike. This man sets out on a trek to choose a girl to go out on a date with, the catch is he never sees the girl and chooses her by going on a date with their mom. I could say that this show just plan sucks and leave it at that, but this show is dangerious. Watching this show is lyable to lead you down a road of suffering, were your humanity and soul is slowly torn away from you like a bandaid from a hairy leg. Problem one, this show re-enstates the goal in life that many MTV shows do; enlightenment through consumerism. The more and better cloths/make-up/cars/shoes/hairgel/well-paid writers you buy the better off you will be. Second, no one should want to compete for an STD. Third, slow motion is getting really old. Fourth, they pay writers to write lines for reality tv. Fifth, the horrible puns the writers come up with. I am already at 177 well 182 words so I will rap it up. If you dont have a soul this show and MTV is for you.
  • A show about 3 girls and their mom's. a guy goes on an "outing" with their mom and finds out about the girl he wants to date.

    A pretty cool show! I like it because you never know what is gonna happen next! Just so interesting seeing what the mom thinks about the guy.. and seeing how the teen resembles her mom. I know their is waaaaay too many reality shows... but for a reality show it is awesome, and hilarious!
  • OMG like come on can this show get any more ridiculous?

    I tried to watch this but it gets so annoying after awhile! Thre mother/daughter irritates the hell out of me because how badly they try to act out that stuff! I find it hard to believe that this show made it this far and is still on! But they want to take off all the really GOOD shows!
  • love it

    date my mom is the best show! i love the plot, how the guy has 2 go on a date with the girls mom - i like in the end here if the guys chose an ugly girl, his face expressions. the sow is realy good! i remmommend it! Its great!
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