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Dateline: Mystery

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Dateline: Mystery is an NBC true crime documentary series presented by Ann Curry and a team of talented reporters that includes some of the most shocking and thrilling stories of unsolved mysteries ever to air on the long-running weekly newsmagazine Dateline NBC. Some episodes of this intriguing series tell the real-life accounts of the country's strangest and most puzzling cases, revealing the trails that have gone cold and the evidence that doesn't add up. In addition to the unsolved mysteries, other episodes present criminal profiles and exclusive interviews with the nation's most newsworthy murderers. In one such episode, Alex and Derek King give their first interview ever to Keith Morrison, who asks them to speak about the day they became the most talked about twelve and thirteen-year-olds in the country when they murdered their own father. Dateline: Mystery is a riveting series and a must-see for true crime fans.

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AIRED ON 7/6/2010

Season 3 : Episode 13

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