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  • Vendetta showed radicalization of an American

    What Eric Williams became after being crucified by the Kaufmann Co. DA and prosecutor is the process that happens when people lose everything, including hope--radicalization. The consequences for Williams of taking $500 worth of computer equipment far outweighed the gravity of the 'crime', which was probably just bad judgment. It wasn't like he was running a black market and selling things taken from the county, and to lose his job, his license to practice law, his entire identity over something like that was unconscionable.

    There is a subtext that wasn't covered in this story. I expect that the two who prosecuted him to the fullest extent of the law had an ulterior motive, such as the person they wanted to be Justice of the Peace, probably now holds that office, or they didn't like Williams for some other petty reason. Beware of those in whom the urge to punish is strong.

    Did anyone treat Williams and his wife kindly after his conviction, or did they contribute to ostracizing them? If anyone had tried to help them, this probably would not have happened. Try to imagine what it was like after having their lives completely destroyed: the judgmental glares, the talk not very well concealed behind your back, the isolation and rejection from people who once respected you. All this over three computer monitors? For people who grow up in Texas, there is no "moving away. They don't realize other places exist.

    Every action has a reaction. The disproportionate consequences of Williams taking computer monitors now include the death of three people, and probably Williams himself. It is sad all the way around, but there is much, much more to this story. As a previous resident of Texas, I can tell you for certain that there are far more heinous crimes being committed in Texas prosecutor offices than taking computer equipment. There's always a subtext in Texas.

    Update: Indeed it is true. Turns out Eric Williams campaigned against McLellan in the election, and pursuing a witch hunt against Williams was his way of getting even. Funny how documentaries make everything seem so black and white.
  • Dateline NBC Show.

    This multi - night franchise has included frequent specials and investigative reporting. The show is devoted to single subjects and reports.
  • Killer Lies in Wait on Elm Street

    Dateline didn't mention whether this came up at trial or not. The shooter said that he had moved his car out of the driveway and out of sight because he'd been working in the garage. It sounds to me that he'd moved his car so his house would look like nobody was home. He was trying to attract the kids. Also, the sister of the boy who was killed also lost a cousin who was her best friend. It's reasonable to believe that she had been in on past break-ins, or she new something about them. Neither of my points would change the verdict of the jury, but they might be valuable if the appeal go anywhere.
  • A Killing in Cottonwood

    I am the author of Practical Homicide Investigation and have conferred with Dateline staff on many of your programs and have even recommended programs to you based on my interaction with law enforcement agencies across the United States. This Dateline presentation by Keith Morrison was one of the most biased presentations that Dateline has ever aired. It sounded as if Morrison was working for the defense and support of the killer's family instead of presenting all of the facts in an impartial manner. His bias and facial expressions when talking to the DA were unprofessional and NOT in sync with other Dateline stories I have watched. Shame on NBC for allowing Keith Morrison to present such a subjective account of a brutal homicide.
  • American family faces foreclosure

    Why if husband became crippled in accident he and family is loosing home?

    Where is his social Security disability? Why isn't someone helping him seek work through his state's Rehabilition Work services.

    This isn't supposed to happen in America to people who are disabled. That is why I am boycotting elections, because politicians has become only focused on Capitalism which doesn't solve Social issues within a society. Why isn't his Department of Human Services helping this family-disabled AND LOOSING THEIR HOME! No one should have to suffer a divorce and homelessness due to an illness!
  • thank you's

    the following show , was aired at a respectable time
  • Blood Brothers

    EPISODE: Real Life Mysteries, Blood Brothers, on Investigation Discovery

    For more information on Klinefelter Syndrome and other X and Y Chromosome variations, visit KS&A:
  • Good show

    Not bad.
  • A clever title goes here!

    I was watching tonight dateline on hurricane sandy, and I am a resident of the city of Long Beach. I was shocked not to see anything about the devistation there. . A city with no power, no water, no sanitation conditions. no boardwalk. Homes and Businesses destroyed. The national guard watching for looters and a 7pm curfew. Long Beach was very hard hit and nothing was said about it on your program.My days of watching dateline are finished. you can email me at 0.0
  • It's official.

    Rigged Carnival games? I'm in an uproar about this. My world is caving in- having been slapped with the realization that a traveling fair might offer games (can I underline and bold the word, games?) in which not everyone wins?

    Producers, I feel awful for you- having officially run out of things to report.

  • The investigations and news anchors are great!

    Informative and helps make the world a better place for sure by informing us with things we generally don't know.
  • lottery scams

    I loved this lottery scam show, here in Michigan it happens all to much, it happen to me once and i was threatened by the store owner ,why don't date line do the lottery scam here the suburbs of Detroit. You know the cops wont do anything about it, around here their just as crooked.
  • Whitney

    A terrible mistake and slap in the face for Whitney's family. You said that Whitney had only one child, her daughter, but in fact her poor son, who is also recovering from drugs was not acknowledged. Shame on you guys!!!
  • This show jumped the shark when it desired to be like Maury Povich's "who's the father"-waste-of-a-time-slot. And on tonight's episode: to ipod predator. What?!! Wow, can you say "one hour product placement"?

    What can I say? This shows just sucks so bad ever since it started with its "to catch a predator" series format. It's bad enough there is a Dateline for every day of the week (including katilsday), but to stoop to a Maury povich level of lowest-common-denominator entertainment and then hide behind the Dateline name just to air on primetime is plain wrong. Honestly, who cares what goes through the mind of a pedophile? And why does anybody think this is "brilliant" television, let alone television that's even worth watching? And tonight's episode: catching people that steal ipods...Why? As much as I hate this show, I have an even lower opinion for those people who actually watch this crap. There should be a new show called "To Catch a Person Watching 'to catch a predator'" where people stupid enough to watch this show are caught live on camera, interrogated for 20 minutes as to why, and then subdued and cuffed with a shock collar that triggers every time they come within 20 feet of a Nielson's rating box.
  • this show infuriated me!!!!!!!no one stopped the guy from breaking into the cars because he was caucasian or close enough!!!in the hotel he was caucasian!!!!if he had been myself he would have never gotten away with any of it.TRUST ME!!!!!!

    i stay at the 4 seasons and rits-carlton hotels all the day at each hotel during separate stays i could not get into my romm and try as i might the maid would not open the door!in one incident i promised to show her my passport as proof once i got into the room-to no avail!in another incident the maid saw me coming out of the room and the door that momemt i realized i had left my room key inside.mind you,she saw me come out of the room.she would not let me back inside.whomever is reading this we both know why don't set matters straight i am a very tolerant person.i believe we live in a great country but the truth is the truth.America still has deep rooted stigmas regardless of income levels.if you were to put someone as myself in those same segments we all know that the 911 system would have been flooded with calls.its just the way it is.better yet,let me try to snatch a little white child in broad daylight and see if i get away with it!we both know what would happen.i want you to know i am not making this a black/white issue.just stating the facts.nbc needs to cousult some of their black male producers before airing another show of this nature-better yet,put one of the black male producers in the was difficult for me to watch the ridiculousness of the car jacking scenes. GIMME A BREAK!!!!!!!!
  • Well this show makes the world a better place but that doesn't mean I like Dateline NBC. I find this show is so pathetic and highly illogical but you don't have to take my word for it.

    I like the story's that they are investigating and solving. I'm glad their scaring and arresting all the predators that are on the confounded internet. Police come in handy in these type of cases don't you agree?. I find the hosts to be doing a great job. The producers are doing a good job as well.
  • Dateline NBC has become to catching perverts what Maury Povich is the DNA paternity tests.

    I suppose part of the appeal of this show these days is watching guys lives implode on television for all to see.

    Most people, me included, watch this show in total disbelief that guys could actually be this dumb. Even dumber are the one who have seen Dateline and then calmly say "I knew this was going to happen, I saw it on TV". To say these pervs are dumb as a bag of hammers is an insult to hammers. Tonight some guy who was married 3 weeks ago tried to deflower a 14 year old virgin. Unreal. A parade of teachers, computer professionals, ministers, fathers with young children and even cancer doctors completely trash their lives for the promise of perverted cheap thrill lasting maybe 15 minutes. They should do autopsys on all these nuts when they die to find out what makes these guys tick?

    My only other question is why arent women shown? We know from the regular reports of teachers having affairs with young teens that they do it too. True, its mostly men who try and pick up teens online while women do it with teens they already know, but there have to be some out there.
  • To Catch a Predator is unbelievable!!!

    I can't believe these guys keep doing this. It is so embarrassing and unbelievably entertaining. :-) This is better then any Jerry Springer episode I've ever seen. These guys are completely exposed on National TV. It's a great service and I thought it would be enough to get people to stop but it's not. They continue to make shows based on this subject; even catching people that have seen the show before. I guess the bait is just too good to be true for these pervs. I think the scary part is that there has to be more guys out there that have seriously thought about meeting these girls but didn't show up.
  • to catch a preditor

    man that is sooo good all these perves going after kids my age that crazy they all need to die i feel very strong about this because this is nasty and horriable!! i hope they go to jail and get raped by and guy and see how they like it! i know thats mean but what if it was your daughter was the one meeting up with one of these guys if i had a girl i would probly want to kill him with my bare hands these guy are demented and should DIE!!!!
  • The focus on the way they "expose" child predators is so, so wrong. It's complete entrapment and should not be aired on television, nor be used in the courtroom as evidence against the accused.

    Okay, I'd like to first begin by stating that I am not siding with the predators and I also believe that pedophiles and sex offenders have a real problem and should be punished. However, the methods they use on this show to expose them is complete and utter entrapment. I'm a guy in my late twenties, and thanks to myspace and friends I've met in various circles as well as their families, I have acquaintances that range in age from mid teens to 60s. I've had the opportunity to have pretty candid conversations with girls of all ages that have no problem turning down "dirty old men" that try and approach them. But the "girls" on this show do not act like a typical girl of the age they claim to be. They act like sex-craved easy girls, maybe curious, maybe interested in older men, but whatever the case, by their actions in seducing the guys they talk to, it's more like entrapment than anything else.

    Sure, the majority of guys know right from wrong and understand not to get involved with underage girls. Heck, I can barely hold a conversation with a young teenage girl since the age gap produces so many difference in education, experience, interests, and a score of many other things. But this show introduces the ideal teenage girl to expose men that may be lonely, not thinking clearly due to the seduction of the female, or whatever other reason, and sure, maybe also because he's a predator.

    Best case to prove this is to look at Debra LaFave. We don't know if she seduced this 14yr old boy by being her teacher or if he made advances to her because she was so attractive. What ended up happening in this case? Ms LaFave got a slap on the wrist, 3 years of home arrest, and 7 years of probation. In circumstances where the genders are switched, what happens? Sex doesn't even have to occur and the male will be sent to jail for who knows how many years.

    So to restate my view, yes, I think sex offenders are a problem, especially ones that prey on young teens, be it boy or girl. And yes, sex offenders need to be watched closely so things like what happened to Dru Sjodin won't happen again. However, our country should address the double standard in place regarding punishment and prosecution, and shows like this that take advantage of men by introducing them to an easy lay should be taken off the air.
  • This show has changed broadcast journalism

    Dateline has made broadcast journalism into a more feeling genre. They tell you the backstory of the tragic tales and present them in a hard hitting expose fashion. The forum and structure of Dateline hasn't changed at all since the beginning in 1992. I think the set and the hosts as well as the types of stories they do could be revamped a bit. I would also like to see more uplifitng stories intermingled with the predator specials and murder mysteries. Stone Phillips hasn't seemed to age in 14 years. That's a bit strange-but he brings a lot of credibility to the show.
  • This has some awesome stories./This is defeitly not as good as 20/20.

    This has some awesome stories like the Brittney Spears documentry I thought that was pretty good even though I hate Brittney Spears.

    This is defeitly not as good as 20/20. It has pretty bad hosts, and sometimes its just boring the hosts just dont put as much as they do on 20/20.
  • Wish that I could review this program. My tv went down just at the last segment. We were going to see and hear about what happened next while mom was in jail. Sure wish I knew where to go to find out what happened. I love the show.

    Wish that I could review this program. My tv went down just at the last segment. We were going to see and hear about what happened next while mom was in jail. Sure wish I knew where to go to find out what happened. I love the show.

    Wish that I could review this program. My tv went down just at the last segment. We were going to see and hear about what happened next while mom was in jail. Sure wish I knew where to go to find out what happened. I love the show.Wish that I could review this program. My tv went down just at the last segment. We were going to see and hear about what happened next while mom was in jail. Sure wish I knew where to go to find out what happened. I love the show.Wish that I could review this program. My tv went down just at the last segment. We were going to see and hear about what happened next while mom was in jail. Sure wish I knew where to go to find out what happened. I love the show.Wish that I could review this program. My tv went down just at the last segment. We were going to see and hear about what happened next while mom was in jail. Sure wish I knew where to go to find out what happened. I love the show.Wish that I could review this program. My tv went down just at the last segment. We were going to see and hear about what happened next while mom was in jail. Sure wish I knew where to go to find out what happened. I love the show.
  • Dateline, June 21, 2006 - On line preditors

    Tonight's candid coverage on sexual preditors, who lerk on line, assured me that my choice to never have children, was a wise one.
    I am a 41 years old, female. And if there was one reason I never wanted to bring children up in this world, this would be it!
    How appauling to see, up close and personal, 17 men, who drove hours to find a house where they were supose to meet and have sex with children as young as 13.
    What's worse, is these pathetic stalkers, have children of their own. Some even the same age as their victims.
    My applause to NBC's Dateline for exposing this aweful crime, in such detail. As well as to law enforcement, for arresting these these men on film. It sheds light on any hope in ever stopping these sick individuals.
    I hope to see much more of this type of exposure on future Dateline NBC.
  • A sussesful, news/documentary and reality show that let's you get a clear idea about the world's problems and myths.

    This "show" is a news/documentary and reality show that lets you get a clear idea about the worlds problems and myths. I think it is alot better than 20/20 althrough, I like that show to. I enjoy watching the mini interviews and stories that make up the show. I learn a whole lot and I get a clear and more detailed idea about some things I never even know about. I know this show will get better and better!!!!
  • I have been watching Dateline NBC since it started here in Norway in 1991, and it just gets better and better watching it every season.

    I have been watching Dateline NBC since it started here in Norway in 1991, and it just gets better and better watching it every season. It has really become my favorite TV show/soap and I now I hope to get my level up soon so I can watch it on here because I am working in the afternoon so I sometimes dont make it to be home in time so I can watch it.
  • Great show but not as great as it used to be!

    I really miss Jane Pauley with Stone Philips on the show
    Really badly as I was one of her fans and that I hate it
    Also that she left the Today show back in 1989! But that April Dateline reports were really eye openers as well.
    About child predators on the internet!
    This time in one recent one, the police were really ready!
  • The Dateline Show that aired on April 26, 2006 was a real eye opener. This is the kind of reality show that needs to be shown often and continued.

    I highly recommend this show for anyone with young children. It might surprise some parents to see how much perversion there is on the Internet but it is something they must address as responsible parents and watch their children more closely while they are using the net.
    As I sat watching the program, I was stunned at the normal, everyday looking people who were such animals! I can't begin to tell you how informative this show was tonight and how shockingly easy it was for Dateline to catch these would be and possible rapists/murderers.
    The way I see it is that if they would go to the trouble to seek out a child on the Internet for sex, they are a genuine danger to society and merit a much stronger sentence than they will recieve.
    In it's entirety, the Dateline Show on Catching Internet Perverts was frighteningly informative and shockingly real.
    It's a scary world we inhabit here and the Internet has made it a much smaller place.
  • Informative program

    Dateline NBC is a very informative program. It gets on the inside of various topics, often ripped from the headlines, and reports on them. I like the hosts and the corrospondents and the topics they report on are topics I'm actually interested in. I enjoy watching Dateline and how it keeps me up to date on the current issues.