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  • The Dateline Show that aired on April 26, 2006 was a real eye opener. This is the kind of reality show that needs to be shown often and continued.

    I highly recommend this show for anyone with young children. It might surprise some parents to see how much perversion there is on the Internet but it is something they must address as responsible parents and watch their children more closely while they are using the net.
    As I sat watching the program, I was stunned at the normal, everyday looking people who were such animals! I can't begin to tell you how informative this show was tonight and how shockingly easy it was for Dateline to catch these would be and possible rapists/murderers.
    The way I see it is that if they would go to the trouble to seek out a child on the Internet for sex, they are a genuine danger to society and merit a much stronger sentence than they will recieve.
    In it's entirety, the Dateline Show on Catching Internet Perverts was frighteningly informative and shockingly real.
    It's a scary world we inhabit here and the Internet has made it a much smaller place.
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