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  • Dateline, June 21, 2006 - On line preditors

    Tonight's candid coverage on sexual preditors, who lerk on line, assured me that my choice to never have children, was a wise one.
    I am a 41 years old, female. And if there was one reason I never wanted to bring children up in this world, this would be it!
    How appauling to see, up close and personal, 17 men, who drove hours to find a house where they were supose to meet and have sex with children as young as 13.
    What's worse, is these pathetic stalkers, have children of their own. Some even the same age as their victims.
    My applause to NBC's Dateline for exposing this aweful crime, in such detail. As well as to law enforcement, for arresting these these men on film. It sheds light on any hope in ever stopping these sick individuals.
    I hope to see much more of this type of exposure on future Dateline NBC.