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  • The focus on the way they "expose" child predators is so, so wrong. It's complete entrapment and should not be aired on television, nor be used in the courtroom as evidence against the accused.

    Okay, I'd like to first begin by stating that I am not siding with the predators and I also believe that pedophiles and sex offenders have a real problem and should be punished. However, the methods they use on this show to expose them is complete and utter entrapment. I'm a guy in my late twenties, and thanks to myspace and friends I've met in various circles as well as their families, I have acquaintances that range in age from mid teens to 60s. I've had the opportunity to have pretty candid conversations with girls of all ages that have no problem turning down "dirty old men" that try and approach them. But the "girls" on this show do not act like a typical girl of the age they claim to be. They act like sex-craved easy girls, maybe curious, maybe interested in older men, but whatever the case, by their actions in seducing the guys they talk to, it's more like entrapment than anything else.

    Sure, the majority of guys know right from wrong and understand not to get involved with underage girls. Heck, I can barely hold a conversation with a young teenage girl since the age gap produces so many difference in education, experience, interests, and a score of many other things. But this show introduces the ideal teenage girl to expose men that may be lonely, not thinking clearly due to the seduction of the female, or whatever other reason, and sure, maybe also because he's a predator.

    Best case to prove this is to look at Debra LaFave. We don't know if she seduced this 14yr old boy by being her teacher or if he made advances to her because she was so attractive. What ended up happening in this case? Ms LaFave got a slap on the wrist, 3 years of home arrest, and 7 years of probation. In circumstances where the genders are switched, what happens? Sex doesn't even have to occur and the male will be sent to jail for who knows how many years.

    So to restate my view, yes, I think sex offenders are a problem, especially ones that prey on young teens, be it boy or girl. And yes, sex offenders need to be watched closely so things like what happened to Dru Sjodin won't happen again. However, our country should address the double standard in place regarding punishment and prosecution, and shows like this that take advantage of men by introducing them to an easy lay should be taken off the air.