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Friday 8:00 PM on NBC Premiered Mar 01, 1992 In Season


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  • this show infuriated me!!!!!!!no one stopped the guy from breaking into the cars because he was caucasian or close enough!!!in the hotel he was caucasian!!!!if he had been myself he would have never gotten away with any of it.TRUST ME!!!!!!

    i stay at the 4 seasons and rits-carlton hotels all the day at each hotel during separate stays i could not get into my romm and try as i might the maid would not open the door!in one incident i promised to show her my passport as proof once i got into the room-to no avail!in another incident the maid saw me coming out of the room and the door that momemt i realized i had left my room key inside.mind you,she saw me come out of the room.she would not let me back inside.whomever is reading this we both know why don't set matters straight i am a very tolerant person.i believe we live in a great country but the truth is the truth.America still has deep rooted stigmas regardless of income levels.if you were to put someone as myself in those same segments we all know that the 911 system would have been flooded with calls.its just the way it is.better yet,let me try to snatch a little white child in broad daylight and see if i get away with it!we both know what would happen.i want you to know i am not making this a black/white issue.just stating the facts.nbc needs to cousult some of their black male producers before airing another show of this nature-better yet,put one of the black male producers in the was difficult for me to watch the ridiculousness of the car jacking scenes. GIMME A BREAK!!!!!!!!