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Friday 8:00 PM on NBC Premiered Mar 01, 1992 In Season


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  • This show jumped the shark when it desired to be like Maury Povich's "who's the father"-waste-of-a-time-slot. And on tonight's episode: to ipod predator. What?!! Wow, can you say "one hour product placement"?

    What can I say? This shows just sucks so bad ever since it started with its "to catch a predator" series format. It's bad enough there is a Dateline for every day of the week (including katilsday), but to stoop to a Maury povich level of lowest-common-denominator entertainment and then hide behind the Dateline name just to air on primetime is plain wrong. Honestly, who cares what goes through the mind of a pedophile? And why does anybody think this is "brilliant" television, let alone television that's even worth watching? And tonight's episode: catching people that steal ipods...Why? As much as I hate this show, I have an even lower opinion for those people who actually watch this crap. There should be a new show called "To Catch a Person Watching 'to catch a predator'" where people stupid enough to watch this show are caught live on camera, interrogated for 20 minutes as to why, and then subdued and cuffed with a shock collar that triggers every time they come within 20 feet of a Nielson's rating box.