Dating in the Dark

ABC Premiered Jul 20, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Dating in the Dark may prove enlightening. What it lacks in reality show cat fights, it makes up for in male/female vulnerabilities...that can be just as devastating. Touching.

    I watched the hour long show. I found it engrossing, especially the choices at the end. It showed women could be just as look-oriented as men. And there were moments of generosity that were surprising. There was the instance when one woman clicks emotionally with a man in the dark room -- but has reservations what the lights come up. He's not a bad boy that she usually goes for; he's the guy your mom wants you to date, according to her. She's torn. At the end of the show, the guy waits for her on the balcony, hopeful she'll appear to show her interest. But he waits and waits. We dread the worst. But then the woman finally appears through the doorway! It suggests that maybe for those two, love might be blind after all.

    Interesting questions are raised. How much of chemistry is physical and how much is personality? If you bond first with someone's personality, can you learn to be attracted to someone who isn't your usual physical type?

    And if chemistry is all about just physical types, why do so many people we date who we're attracted to -- turn out to be incompatible with us? Turn off the lights and see the truth for yourself.

    I did cringe at one point. But overall, I liked it. Will watch again. The previews don't quite do it justice.

    Dwight in Chicago
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