Dave the Barbarian

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Dave the Barbarian

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This animated comedy series is set in the Middle Ages and follows the title character, Dave, in his comedic adventures with his family (his sisters, Candy and Fang, and his Uncle, Oswidge) as they protect themselves and their family from a world of oddball foes. Dave himself combines strength with an appreciation of the finer things in life, including origami, bird watching, and even gourmet cooking.
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  • :( Where'd ya go

    I miss it. It was real. The jokes were thought through and the characters were well rounded. Each story had multiple weird things each type of person can think about or laugh about. They really need to bring it back or put it on Adult swim and I bet everyone would remember x)
  • Shortlived.

    I really enjoyed this show. Not much to say about it, don't remember much of it.
  • I really wish Disney would have given this show more of a chance.

    Personally, I find it criminal that Disney not only took this show down in a year, but that it wasn't critically panned but was dropped due to low ratings. In reality though this show is better than what what you would think. Dave the Barbarian is about a royal family who protect their kingdom of Udrogoth from evil. The king and queen of the land, Throktar and Glimia, are called off to fight evil around the world, so it's up to the other family members to protect Udrogoth from evil like The Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy, and so many more. Now it may sound like a show that has been done to death, but it has a lot of creative twists in it. The characters on this show have great personalities to them, and each bring their own humor. Dave is my favorite since he is so random. He can be brave one minute, then be scared, and then do some random stuff. Candy is the princess, and even though she act like a stereotypical teenage girl she cares a lot about her family despite how much they drive her crazy. She can also be understood for acting so stuck up, and selfish since she's the ruler of the land while the king and queen are away and is under stress. Oswald is the sorcerer and uncle of the family, but his spells do more damage than help. Fang is a strong young girl who is often called a monkey, but isn't. She also wants to become something like Xena. Faffy is the dragon, and can spit lightning out instead of fire, and unknown to the family he can talk despite how dumb he acts. Lula is Dave's magical talking sword who always gives smart and sarcastic remarks. Each character on this show brings a good amount of humor. The humor can range from slapstick, to gags, and to random humor that is done right. Whenever I see this show there will be plenty of laughs. The stories are good, and creative. While some of them are rehashed there are new elements added to the mix to keep the episode fresh. The artwork is really good in this show. The characters and monsters have good, if not inspired, designs, and the sets look creative. The animation though is stiff sometimes, and can be a little choppy. I really wish this show didn't have to end so soon. Disney didn't give this show a proper chance at all, and didn't deserve to end so soon. If you haven't seen this show yet see if you can find DVDs of the series or if there are episodes on YouTube. Dave the Barbarian will in my mind be remembered as a classic, and is a show well worth bringing back, and watching.moreless
  • Too good to not being cancelled by jetix

    The best jetix series ever. The episodes were only 15 minutes long, but the story was worth more than 30 minutes. It was like the flinstones, only adapted to the 21st century. No doubt, the best copy of a famous show ever. I usually give a very low rating to series that are based off classics, but the series really deserves the most I can and even more. Funny stories, action, somehow life lessons. It got everything.moreless

    Its A Well Known Fact That This Is The Shortest Lived Disney Show Ever. I Mean It Only Lasted 1 Season And Guess What? 21 EPISODES! They Really Did'nt Give This Show A Chance.

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