Dave the Barbarian

Season 1 Episode 16

A Pig's Story

Aired Unknown Jan 17, 2005 on Toon Disney
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Episode Summary

A Pig's Story
Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy has a plan that can't fail; he kidnaps the Storyteller and forces him to read narration in which Dave loses! Chuckles soon finds himself not only Master of the World, but also the new star of "Dave the Barbarian," which has been renamed "The Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy Will Destroy You All Variety Hour." But when the Storyteller gets laryngitis, it looks like the winner will be whoever can find the best new narrator.moreless

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  • This episode is kinda silly but it features some funny acts.

    As for Chuckles who wants to win against the Barbarians of Udrogoth, He takes over the show and all Barbarians were in different parts of the show. But then when it comes to the space part, Chuckles doesn't know it has a weak spot where Dave is about to stab Lula on it. Then the Space Barbarians won the battle and everything is normal with a pagent. If this episode is more funny, you're gonna love this!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • After the commercial break, Chuckles loses his muscles.

    • In Web, the... disembodied voice that tells you a bunch of things you already know refers to himself as the narrator ("Oh Sure! Make the narrator look stupid"), but in this episode he's refered to many times as the storyteller.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Chuckles: (to the tune of the opening song)
      Silly piggy
      The silly piggy
      Silly piggy
      The silly piggy
      The dark lord Chuckles the silly piggy
      Ruler of the universe
      He's powerful and he's evil
      And his ears are nicely shaped
      He's busted the world and everything in it
      'Cause he controls the storyteller guy
      He disapproves of pig products
      And he doesn't wear any pants
      The dark lord Chuckles the silly piggy
      He's very evil
      And he's mean to cute little bunnies
      And he can't think up good rhymes

    • Narrator: We'll be right back. While you're waiting, why not pledge eternal loyalty to the dark Lord Chuckles the silly piggy? It's fun.

    • Fang: I think his brain's been recycled from an old video game.

    • Dave: Oh, spare us!
      Chuckles: No way, Hose!

    • (The Storyteller reads the script, describing Chuckles as showing off his manly physique.)
      (Chuckles begins to flex.)
      Chuckles: Oh, yeah, baby! Who's your daddy!

    • Dave: Don't we have any convenient techno babble that will save us? (Dave talks in techno babble)
      Candy: Sorry, Captain, convenient techno babble levels are dangerously low.


    • Chuckles: Oh, they hit my weak spot! I knew I shouldn't have labeled it!

    • (the new narrator is here)
      Chuckles: So I guess you have given a script where you defeat me in a heroic fashion?
      Dave: Hey, now that would have been smart. I just figured I let him do what he wants
      Fang: DAVE!!!
      Chuckles: AH-HA! Then you may not be the hero! I still have a chance!
      New Narrator: Come now for the Adventures of Dave the Space Barbarian!
      Chuckles: Uh...slight chance.
      New Narrator: Today's episode: Chuckles Gets Beat Like a Cheap Drum!
      Chuckles: I'm doomed...

    • Lula: Captain Dave, how do we destroy such a powerful ship?
      Dave: Ask the nutcase telling this story!

    • Narrator: Thinking quickly, Dave devises a plan. A plan that will put him in grave danger!
      Dave: Oh, no! Not going to happen!
      (Dave tries to drown out the narrator's voice with humming and singing)
      Narrator: Yes, by launching himself to the enemy ship as a missile!
      Dave: Space bejabbers...

    • Chuckles: He who controls the storyteller, controls the universe!

  • NOTES (5)


    • Fang: I think his brain's been recycled from an old video game.

      The scene that is shown afterwards this quote is stated is an allusion to the old video game, Pong.

    • Space Dave: Don't we have any convenient space techno babble that could save us?

      According to stories, whenever techno babble was needed for the Star Trek series, filler was put on the scripts for someone to add techno babble later.

    • Barbarians: Space Barbarians are go!

      This is an allusion to the the Thunderbirds' catch phrase "Thunderbirds are go!"

    • Chuckles: LAMEYLAMEY LAMEY-LAME!This is the exact way Shego from Kim Possible talks (sometimes).