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    Fang wakes up nearby some Weird teenagers, Who somehow Possess Mystic Powers that try to help Dave Aprehend AC and His Nood Army (You know, The Characters from Cartoon Network's New Image Campain) but the teens have seen AC's Kind of Weaponry and The rest of the Gang learned of it's Powers the Hard Way (Especially Fang because She was hit, Aging Her into her Teen Years.

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    'Dave Meets Spongebob'

    Dave, whilst going on a camping trip with his family, comes across a portal in a cave which leads to Bikini Bottom. There he enjoys some time with Spongebob and since Spongebob thinks he's a grand warrior he tells Spongebob loads of stories of great campaigns and such he's been on. Meanwhile Fang looks for him but to no avail until she comes across the portal to Bikini Bottom whereupon she enters the realm and discopvers Dave with Spongebob, Patrick and Squidward at a barbeque and tells them of Dave's secret weakness.
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