Dave the Barbarian

Season 1 Episode 3

Girlfriend / Ned Frischman: Man of Tomorrow

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 2004 on Toon Disney
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Girlfriend / Ned Frischman: Man of Tomorrow
Girlfriend: Dave begins dating Princess Irmaplotz, but breaks up with her when he learns that she is evil. Irmaplotz is upset about the break up and sends an army of filthy pixies to attack Udrogoth.

Ned Frischman: Man of Tomorrow: A nerd named Ned Frischman travels back in time and tries to take over the ancient world using video games. When everyone is hooked on the video games, Faffy, Lula, and Twinkle The Wonder Horse (Being The Only Ones Without Tumbs) must face off against Ned.moreless

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    Melissa Rivers

    Melissa Rivers

    Evil Princess Irmaplotz

    Guest Star

    Joan Rivers

    Joan Rivers

    Evil Empress Zonthara

    Guest Star

    Richard Horvitz

    Richard Horvitz

    Ned Frischman

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

    • QUOTES (21)

      • Dave: Now I'll bet you're all wondering why I tied a squirrel to a megaphone.
        Dave: Well Bye!

      • Candy: How was I supposed to know not to leave him alone with all those nut logs?

      • Dave: My ears are filled with wax. So waxy, waxy, I think I'm going to hail a taxi.

      • Dave: Eat your veggietables. They will help you grow up unless they are rotten, then you might throw up!
        (Filthy pixes shriek)

      • Oswidge: I think "button" is another word for "kiester."

      • Lula: And does she have the cutest little laugh that goes like this: Bwahahahahahahahaha!
        Dave: That's her!

      • Candy: How did it go?
        Dave: I think she took it quite well.
        Owidge: Your lucky, last time I broke up with an evil princess, she send out an army of evil pixies.
        (Princess Irmaplotz comes out of nowhere)
        Princess Irmaplotz: BREAK UP WITH ME WILL YOU! Evil pixies, attack!

      • The Narrator: Suddenly, Ned's zipper is hit by a meteor, bitten by radioactive bugs, bombarded with unknown nuclear energies and struck with the power of the Norse Gods!
        Ned: Wow. That almost never happens.

      • (Dino roars at Ned and Dave)
        Dave: Fajabbers!
        Ned: Ned Frischman may perish, but at least he'll have the satisfaction of his enemy going down with him.
        Dave: Not necessarily...*runs off screen and comes back with two huge slices with bread. Grabs Ned and stuffs him between slices* Who wants a sandwich?
        (Dino nods hungirly)
        Ned: DAVE THE BARBARIAN!!! (Dave throws him into time portal with dino following) OH YOU MAKE ME SO MAD! OUCH! NO BITING!

      • (Lula, Twinkle, and Faffy are hanging over opened pyramid)
        Lula: DAVID!!!
        Dave: I really like to help you, Lula, but I really need more batteries.
        Lula: If you save us, I'll tell you how to get to level 7. (Dave thinks about it)
        Dave: (to Ned) You fiend! I won't let you hurt my friends! (grabs Ned, ties him in a knot, and throws him away)

      • Ned Frichman: It won't even be history. It'll be...FRISCHTORY!!!

      • Ned Frischman: I'm taking over the ancient world!
        Sales clerk: I'm trying to start a band

      • Ned Frischman: I am Ned Frischman, man of tommorow!
        Oswidge: Kids, we have just seen the face of the future.
        Candy: Imagine...someday, humankind will wear their pants up that high.

      • Guard: All right! Level 6! Oh, and, uh, halt.

      • Guard: Shouldn't we be defending the castle from invaders?
        2nd Guard: Not until I get to level 6.
        Invader: Shouldn't we be invading?
        2nd Invader: Not until I get to level 6.

      • Evil Princess of Hyregoth: How dare you break up with me Dave! Now you'll pay!
        Candy: Dave's not here!
        Evil Princess of Hyregoth: Sorry. (pulls out a pair of glasses) I don't like to wear these when committing unspeakable acts of evil. They make me look bookish.

      • Oswidge: NUT LOGS!! (dives in)

      • The Narrator: Acting quickly, Dave constructs a homemade megaphone out of some string, a squirrel and...a megaphone.

      • Book Keeper: Their poems were so bad I went blind, my left arm went numb, and lost both my legs.
        Dave: (looks under table) But you're legs are still there.
        Book Keeper: Oh I found them eventually. In between the couch cushions.

      • Princess: Dating rule #1- Never break up with an EVIL PRINCESS!!!

      • Dave: You're just jealous cause you don't have thumbs to play it with.
        Lula: Just because that's true doesn't mean I'm not right.

    • NOTES (6)

    • ALLUSIONS (5)

      • Game Guy is a parody of Game Boy.

      • Some sound effects from the games are from real games. Most are from Super Mario Brothers.

      • Narrator: N/A
        Ned's time-travelling zipper's origins refer to: Thor (Hammer of Thor), Spiderman (bitten by a radioactive insect), and The Shadow (power to cloud men's minds).

      • Candy's horse: When he wanted to play her Game Guy, and started threatening her with a vision he had.
        In old England, Kings owned special-bred white horse that were said to be able to tell the future. This in reference to that old belief.

      • On Streets: PedXing
        Ped Xing, used as the name of the poem book, is also on streets. Ped Xing means Pedestrian Crossing.