Dave the Barbarian

Season 1 Episode 5

King for a Day or Two / Slay What?

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 2004 on Toon Disney
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King for a Day or Two / Slay What?
King for a Day or Two: Dave in his capacity as temporary ruler of Udrogoth forces the citizenry to attend his musical production, "Oh, Pastry!"

Slay What?: Fang's barbarian idol arrives in town to settle a grudge against an unsuspecting Faffy.

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    Paul Rugg

    Paul Rugg

    Flat Ugly Monster & Monkey

    Guest Star

    Phil LaMarr

    Phil LaMarr

    Strom the Slayer

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Uncle Oswidge's nose pops upward, but then right after that, when Dave sits in the throne, Oswidge's nose is already back to normal, although he had no time to fix it.

    • QUOTES (20)

      • Fang: One pack of barbarian trading cards please. Or I'll crush you like a grape!
        Mrs. Bogmelon: That will be fifty dreckles. But I'll give you a dreckel off for not crushing me.

      • Dave: I'm trying to finish my musical, Oh Pastry. It's the touching story of one man's love for baked goods.
        Lula: There are words to describe how stupid that is, but if I said them, I'd get bleeped.

      • Fang: [gasps] Here comes his mystic tri-axe! Listen to his battle cry!
        Strom: Valim Valeeee!
        Fang: Okay, the battle cry isn't so great. But the axe is cool!

      • Guard: We will defend he who brought us casual Friday.
        Proclamation Guy: (yelling) Even if he did make us watch that stupid musical.
        Guard: You know you don't have to yell like that when you're not making proclamations.
        Proclamation Guy: (still yelling) Yell like what?

      • Lula: I can't believe it.
        Dave: That Strom the Slayer wants to slay Faffy?
        Lula: No that he can give away t-shirts for free. It's not cost-effective.

      • Strom: I was talking about the dragon. Not you, uh, little human.
        Fang: He guessed my species!

      • Narrator: Oswidge's plan is to use magic. Unfortunately it's his magic.

      • Narrator: And thus did Fang learn that even one's hero can be a complete…
        Fang: Weeny!

      • Dave: Hello, Mr. The Slayer.
        Strom: Please, call me Strom. Uh... you know your book is smoking (after Faffy breathed lightning on it), right?
        Dave: Yes, it's a dirty habit, but I can't get it to stop.

      • (Strom's battle cry)
        Strom: Valim-Valee!

      • Throne: State your name.
        Chuckles: The Dark Lord, Chuckles the Silly Piggy.
        Throne: Are you kidding me?
        Chuckles: No you stupid chair! Now make me king or I'll reupholster you an ugly plaid!
        Throne: All hail the mighty ruler, "The Dark Lord, Chuckles the Silly Piggy". His or her word is law.
        Chuckles: HAHAHAHAHA, wait HIS or HER?!!! What you can't tell?!

      • Dave: (Looking at his trading card) Dave the Hider-Behind-Things? Oh that is not a flattering picture.
        Centipede Candy: (on Dave's shoulder) You have nothing to worry about.

      • Oswidge: What's happening?
        Candy: Oh, the usual. Someone's trying to off Dave.
        Oswidge: I'll put a stop to that (Fires magic spell, which bounces off Strom's tri-axe and hits them. It turns them into centipedes)
        Centipede Candy: Do you have any idea what this will cost me in shoes?

      • Dave: Cheese and Sugar
        Cheese and Sugar
        With the texture
        Of a booger.

      • Fang: Don't beat yourself up Dave.
        Dave: Thanks, Fang.
        Fang: Let ME do it!
        (grabs Dave, spins him, and kicks him)

      • Throne: State your name.
        Dave: Gah!!! D-Dave.
        Throne: Behold the great ruler "Gah!!! D-Dave". His word is law.

      • Oswidge: But the Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy will be invading soon!
        Candy: That's just a rumor.
        Oswidge: He sent us a letter! (gets out the letter and begins to read it) Dear Kingdom of Udregoth, I will be invading soon. Love the Dark Lord, Chuckles the Silly Piggy. P.S.-Hope you enjoyed the fruitcake I sent you.
        Dave: He sent us a fruitcake! The fiend!

      • Dave: Hence forth, every Saturday will be Udregoth Spirit Day! Everyone will wear the kingdom's colors: red, a darker red, and a red that is a little like the first, but is kinda salmony. Did you get all of that?
        Oswidge: Hence......forth.
        Dave: I'll do it myself!

      • (Strom is poking at Fang's monkey in the Monkey Warmer)
        Dave: Aren't you gonna slay me some more?
        Strom: You've obviously never touched a monkey before. It's quite addicting.

      • Fang: Dave! You have to stop passing these crazy laws! Everyone's mad at you, especially the cats!
        (Rock is thrown through the window. Dave picks it up and finds a note. He reads)
        Dave: It says..meow.
        Fang: And they mean it!

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