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  • :( Where'd ya go

    I miss it. It was real. The jokes were thought through and the characters were well rounded. Each story had multiple weird things each type of person can think about or laugh about. They really need to bring it back or put it on Adult swim and I bet everyone would remember x)
  • Shortlived.

    I really enjoyed this show. Not much to say about it, don't remember much of it.
  • I really wish Disney would have given this show more of a chance.

    Personally, I find it criminal that Disney not only took this show down in a year, but that it wasn't critically panned but was dropped due to low ratings. In reality though this show is better than what what you would think. Dave the Barbarian is about a royal family who protect their kingdom of Udrogoth from evil. The king and queen of the land, Throktar and Glimia, are called off to fight evil around the world, so it's up to the other family members to protect Udrogoth from evil like The Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy, and so many more. Now it may sound like a show that has been done to death, but it has a lot of creative twists in it. The characters on this show have great personalities to them, and each bring their own humor. Dave is my favorite since he is so random. He can be brave one minute, then be scared, and then do some random stuff. Candy is the princess, and even though she act like a stereotypical teenage girl she cares a lot about her family despite how much they drive her crazy. She can also be understood for acting so stuck up, and selfish since she's the ruler of the land while the king and queen are away and is under stress. Oswald is the sorcerer and uncle of the family, but his spells do more damage than help. Fang is a strong young girl who is often called a monkey, but isn't. She also wants to become something like Xena. Faffy is the dragon, and can spit lightning out instead of fire, and unknown to the family he can talk despite how dumb he acts. Lula is Dave's magical talking sword who always gives smart and sarcastic remarks. Each character on this show brings a good amount of humor. The humor can range from slapstick, to gags, and to random humor that is done right. Whenever I see this show there will be plenty of laughs. The stories are good, and creative. While some of them are rehashed there are new elements added to the mix to keep the episode fresh. The artwork is really good in this show. The characters and monsters have good, if not inspired, designs, and the sets look creative. The animation though is stiff sometimes, and can be a little choppy. I really wish this show didn't have to end so soon. Disney didn't give this show a proper chance at all, and didn't deserve to end so soon. If you haven't seen this show yet see if you can find DVDs of the series or if there are episodes on YouTube. Dave the Barbarian will in my mind be remembered as a classic, and is a show well worth bringing back, and watching.
  • Too good to not being cancelled by jetix

    The best jetix series ever. The episodes were only 15 minutes long, but the story was worth more than 30 minutes. It was like the flinstones, only adapted to the 21st century. No doubt, the best copy of a famous show ever. I usually give a very low rating to series that are based off classics, but the series really deserves the most I can and even more. Funny stories, action, somehow life lessons. It got everything.

    Its A Well Known Fact That This Is The Shortest Lived Disney Show Ever. I Mean It Only Lasted 1 Season And Guess What? 21 EPISODES! They Really Did'nt Give This Show A Chance.
  • The story of a family of not so ordinary barbarians who get in fantastical and hysterical situations that never get old.

    I love this show. It is one of the rarer kinds of tv shows and it will never get old. It's a shame it's no longer on and over.

    The only thing that I would complain about is the animation quality. It is very poor like Disney didn't give much time or money to the animators which is a real shame considering how good the writing is.

    The characters are great, each has their own personality and different episodes focus on different characters. The ideas in this show are very original and everything is executed so well you can't help laughing. It's also great because it doesn't matter how old you are. My 8 year old sister likes it as much as I do and I'm 20. Even my dad and older adults like it. Much fun and it never gets old. If it ever comes out on DVD I'll buy the whole series in a snap!
  • Very funny!

    I do admit that at times it can be a little lame and a bit corny but this show is seriously funny. Thier was not a time that I didn't laugh. To tell you the truth I like this show way better than some of the newer cartoon on Disney(ie. Emperors New School).My fave charcter was Candy. She was pretty dumb and typical princess but that's what makes her so great. remeber singing the theme song everytime it came on. I know it's extremly lame and all but it's a very good show and I would recommend it to anyone who love to laugh.
  • A very good show and really funny.

    Dave the Barbarian is one of my favorite series. This is really good because I laugh every time I see it. The humor is perfect and I can't understand why this got cancelled after one season actually.

    My favorite character is Fang, she's an awesome little girl who thinks Dave got to be more like a barbarian. Candy is also very awesome and is the "girly girl" of the series. Uncle Oswidge is the funniest of the whole series. He is a magician, but he's not good on magic at all.

    The villain Chuckles is really, really funny. I would love to bring this and The Buzz on Maggie back in production.
  • wacky... in a good way!

    this is one of the wackiest shows i have seen for kids. Like seriously, if you watched an episode you'd probably be thinking "What is this?" But, it is good wacky. It is a perfectly great show for kids and it may have some humor parents enjoy too. I remember liking this show and being bummed out when i learned there would be no more new episodes. Now, it is even rare to find reruns, which also stinks. But still, this is a good show, my overall grade is an A+, definitely did not deserve to end so stinking quickly
  • "So underrated never should've been on Disney"

    I mean i don't even know wat 2 say when i heard this show was canceled a couple years backs it had a friggin magical girly looking ultra depressed horse that has terrible dreams of whaking penguins with mallets! wat else could u ask for?! XD and disney cancels the only great and funny show that was actually on the same channel as hannah montana zach and cody and some show called phil of the future! Erghh.. usually i dont try 2 be angry but this is the same thing that happened 2 other great cancelled shows that didnt have their deserved time like angry beavers, courage the cowardly dog and most famously invader zim i bet if this was on comedy central or heck even cartoon network it wouldve lasted alot longer, Long live Ned!... well i forgot his last name but i loved that episode! And if this series ever gets a dvd release im stealin it from the delivery truck! haha btw this is my first review so....yeah
  • it was funny but lame

    Well, this reminds me of the flinstones except well, their barbarians which are almost like caveman. I like this show mostly because the narrator is amazingly funny and the script was written really well. But some of their plots are seriously lame and stupid. The theme song at the end is pretty funny. Not the best funny theme ive ever seen but still, it was funny.
    i really didnt mind it ended. But what i mind was the show that took over it. at 3 theres nothing much to watch on that day. how annoying
    i dont mind if this show comes back or not. seriously
  • Why do I believe this to be a good show?

    Unlike "That's So Raven" where Raven Simone is a silly teen psychic and "Hannah Montana" which also circles around the under-15 agebracket, this show has qualities that both kids and adults can enjoy. It's still on the air, though only in the wee hours of the morning (4 am EST, last time I checked).

    The story's premise is much more well-founded than many of Disney's current blunders. If you grew up with the company, you're probably at the position where you find the slapstick humor and repetitive jokes from the 50's era not-so-amusing. I think this cartoon will probably go down as the LAST truly original thing to come from the Disney Studios. They're too concerned with what's PC and what isn't, which really hinders artistic abilities.

    So if you want to watch something that is original without question, and are the type who likes making themselves feel better through laughter rather than, "I'm glad I'm not in that character's situation" (Yeah, that's you, soap-opera and TEEN DRAMA watchers) then this show is for you. If you'd rather gasp and cry and raise your adrenaline in fear for main characters and their plights than raise your oxytocin by laughing at some goofy caricatures of what barbarians definitily weren't, then you should probably go watch Hannah Montana or That's So Raven and enjoy spending your life talking about others behind your back because all people emulate what they see on TV whether they are responsible enough to admit it or not.

    This show didn't suck so I have no idea why disney didn't make any new episodes, good idea to cancel it because it got really repetitive like the weekenders (another good disney show). I've seen every episode 50 times and I wish they bring it back with new episodes (I hope the same happens to the weekenders, recess, and lloyd in space). This show actually made me laugh a few times. And the storylines weren't that great but the comedic appeal made it good.

    Too bad disney is never going to make new episodes because that's the way disney rolls, the only way your going to watch it is if you look on the internet.
  • Dave the Barbarian. One of the best cartoons ever, but it grows on you.

    If they (Disney) isn't going to make new episodes, put it out on dvd where i can watch it when i want to. like Saturday mornings when I was a kid. I'm 50, and any adult will find it hillarious just like it is.The characters are all hillarious, especially "Not a`monkey" phrase by the little girl.And Dave is a tad bit of a "Girly Man" to be a Barbarian, which is hillarious when he bakes and sews. And how about droppig the 100 word minimum review. What the heck is this, fifth grade? Maybe I don't have 100 words to type, which I didn't, but had to.
  • This show is hilarious!

    I didn't know what to expect with this show. I watched it, and I laughed out loud the whole time. This show is so misunderstood. People don't understand that The Dark Lord Chuckles The Silly Piggy is SUPPOSED to be a ridiculous name for a villain. This show is funny because everything that happens is completely random and crazy. All of my friends love it. It used to be on every day after school, and now it isn't on anymore. I'm going to send an email and ask that they bring this back, at least on weekends! Dave the Barbarian ROCKS!
  • Why aren't there any new episodes?????

    Dave the barbarian is a good show but i don't watch it anymore because I've seen every last episode at least 30 times. Dave the barbarian is about a guy a princess, a little girl a magic sorcerer, his dragon and an evil pig. They always ruin his evil plans one way or another. This show can be hilarious at times but once you've seen endless reruns, it gets boring, you know? I would have given this a higher rating if not for the predictability and the old episodes. this is a very predictable show by the way. If you've never seen this show, go watch it, but it will eventually get boring.
  • This show was great!I have know idea why people hate it and why Disney cancelled it.

    Seriously,I have absolutley know idea why Disney cancelled this show at only 22 episodes!There was plenty of fans for it!I guess some people didn't see it's unique style.It was funny,it had action(somehow),and drama(somehow).

    Some rumors on why the show was cancelled because the person who voiced Dave quit.(and some people joke that the main character had quit.)There are plenty of possiblities on why the show was cancelled.I just wish they would start up on this show again.And to all the people who like this show,thank you for being a fan from start,to a very quick finish!And to all you people who don't like this show,your loss.(my catch phrase!)
  • it was okay.

    dunno why so many people can't stand this show geez it wasn't that bad! the show sets around Dave and his family, after thier parents go off to fight all these battles the children are left to live by themselves. Princess Candy is in charge of the royal stuff in the kingdom and then Dave fights off all the bad things(well the family does together) Dave is a big chicken who is supose to be this big bad barbarian. This show was actually pretty funny not the best but it wasn't as bad as people make it out to be. Overall I give it a B.
  • Why dose everyone hate this show?

    This is one of Disney Best work yet I like how Dave face his problums with art

    Like like the episode where Dave wear The red-sweater of Courage & gave him the power to be fearless & Dave wore a Cat Mask to make some of us lagh.

    Man I glad Toon Disney Gave it a chance on the network.
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    This show is about a barbarian and barbaric it is. With its cheesy graphic and cliche put, this show is far below medeokre. Sadly I must say this is the worst show that Disney has ever put on the air. The principle alone is enough to make people want to change the channel and watch something violent and unwholesome, if that is a word that is. Whoever made this show must have known that this show wouldn't get more than a season, I mean, no one wants to watch a cartoon about neandrithals. Disney, you need to stop putting shows on the air left and right and actually put some time and effort into thinking out plots and jokes. Honestly, quanity is not the key to success.

    I really miss Dave the Barbarian. Disney needs to start showing it again. I can't believe Disney got rid of this masterpiece of a television show. I loooove this show so much! It is so funny and random! It always made me laugh, no matter how many times I saw it. Its randomness and story lines were so amazingly different and new. There has never been a television show quite like it. I would consider it one of Disney's best cartoon shows and they should bring it back. Toon Disney is now pointless cause Dave the Barbarian is no longer on it.
  • Why did it end?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Dave the Barbarian was a great show. Why the heck did it end. It was funny. It was a show that could make me laugh. I don't see why anyone would want it off the air. I realize that, o.k., maybe there were a few below average episodes... but most of the episodes are above average. Dave the Barbarian had really funny jokes like horrifying matching end tables, so why did the series end? It didn't even make the usual 65 episodes that Disney usually has each show have. I think that this show is great, and it should still air!
  • A cartoon that makes fun of the genre and itself!

    This cartoon pokes fun of nearly every cartoon that came before it, simply by making its characters WAY over the top! Taking place in some medieval time, the characters are cast against type: The eponymous "Dave", who is built like an Adonis, but is scared of mice and loves to recite broadway tunes; his sister, Candy, is put in charge of the kingdom while their parents are off slaying evil (isn't that what the kids are supposed to do in shows these days?), but she'd rather be at the mall with her friends; the youngest and smallest sibling, Fang, is more of a barbarian than her brother, Dave; there's the magic, talking, sword, that rarely does any good to its wielder; of course, there's a forgetful, Royal Wizard, who's anything but a whiz of a wiz (apologies to "The Wizard of Oz!"); and what would a dungeons-and-dragons-like series be without an adorable, tiny, fire-breathing dragon, not to mention an arch-nemesis, the diminutive "Dark Lord, Chuckles the Silly Piggy?"

    Whether battling muffin-munching monsters, subduing invisible enemies, or finding just the right hat for the current fashion season, "Dave the Barbarian" delivers on all counts! Even the openning theme song gives the viewer something to chuckle over! I especially like the voice-over narration, which tells the audience either the painfully obvious in a humorous manner, or sets up the upcoming scene in a clever way. Most of the humor is probably over the head of most anyone under 30, but it should evoke laughter in pre-teens and toddlers, too!

    From the typical Disney-esque animated style, to the cast and plots, I thought it was a "hoot", and was sad to see it end! On the other hand, my cable company saw fit to drop Disney when the Magic Kingdom raised their airing rate, so, I wouldn't even know if I had missed anything!
  • who thought of this. im happy it got cancelled, i know is a little harsh but its the truth

    for real, who thought of this show, it sucked. it was so boring and it wasnt even funny. you guys can disagree how many times you want to but i'll still say its sucks. this show doesnt even deserve a 1 it deserves a number less than 0 and thats how much it sucked. im happy it got cancelled
  • Dave, Fang, and Candy are looking after the castle while their parents (the king and queen of Ugaroth) are off battling evil. They plus Uncle Oswich and Faffy have some interesting adventures.

    At first I thought this was going to be so stupid that they were going to cancel if within the first week, well I was close (more like 2nd year I think). It was interesting and sometimes funny. My sisters, friends and I watched it sometimes. Sometimes it just has the weird, stupid humor, but it was funny. I also loved the game Faffy Zap on disneychannel.com (I haven't played it for a while). Actually I think I played the game before watching the show. Even though it wasn't the best, I still miss it. Plus at the time it showed, everybody in school was watching it.
  • Glad its cancelled!

    For a week or so, i watched it, only because it was a little funny. (accent on the little). I dropped it right away though. It is so stupid. I mean, what is with the animation, completly dumb. I am glad they cancelled it. It wasn't going anywhere. At all. It was like a seven year olds idea, and the idea of the show is totally dumb. Crud. I still need like 35 words. Uhhhhhhh.....i'm glad they cancelled this show. I'm glad they cancelled this show. I'm glad they cancelled this show. I am glad they cancelled this show! !
  • this is the DUMBEST show on tv!!! sooo glad it got canceled!

    wow. it was sooo stupid, i saw a commercial for it and lost 5 i.q. points. it was really THAT dumb. it is sooooo dumb that even my cat lost i.q. points!!!! my CAT!!! it\'s almost as bad as hannah monatna. (sorry all you disney fans!!) it is about a stupid guy named dave and his caveman sister and his princess sister. and don\'t forget uncle, the stupidest of all. he says he\'s a \"wizard\" but he can\'t even get his wand to work. it is the absolute dumbest, stupidest, most idiotic show on tv!!!!!! i\'m sooooo glad it was cancelled, one more episode, and i\'d have the smarts of a pole!!!
  • who thought of this. im happy it got cancelled, i know is a little harsh but its the truth

    for real, who thought of this show, it sucked. it was so boring and it wasnt even funny. you guys can disagree how many times you want to but i'll still say its sucks. this show doesnt even deserve a 1 it deserves a number less than 0 and thats how much it sucked. im happy it got cancelled
  • I think one word describes this. Horrible.

    The animation is horrible, their is no on going plot, its childish, horrible voice actors, and just plain stupid. I think that just about sums it up. The show is a waste of time and deserved to be cancelled. It was very boring and awkward. I don't think anyone wants to watch Stone Age people, well I know I don't. The show got cancelled for a reason, it was bad. It didn't last long at all. Overall, I am glad this show ended because it was very stupid and neither me or my cousin liked this show or anyone else I know. Bad!
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