Dave the Barbarian

Season 1 Episode 11

Termites of Endearment / Thor, Loser

Aired Unknown Mar 19, 2004 on Toon Disney



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    • Dave: Mark my words, Fang. My obsession with knick-knacks will one day save our lives! And if I'm wrong, may I be run over by an angry mob.
      (A mob runs over Dave)

    • Narrator: But Dave soon discovers that the Vermites have already eaten their way through Udrogoth. They've eaten the Mountains, they've eaten Cheese, they've eaten the belts, they've eaten bees. They've eaten the Spungelo, Scrungelo trees.
      Lula: This narration is giving me the heebe jeebes, David.
      Dave: You and me both, Lula.

    • Fang: Dave, you're about as barbariany as a bucket of grandmas!

    • Dave: How did you get them to work for you?
      Chuckles: They give me what I want, and in return I give them what they want.
      (shows two Vermites playing video game)

    • Dave: (freaking out) You do not want to get a Thunder God angry. Once, my cousin Gormel cut in front of Zeus, and he turned him into a trashcan!

    • Molly: I left Thor!
      Dave, Oswidge, Candy, and Fang: Thor?!
      Lula: Oh, did I forget to mention that "Molly" is short for "Mjolnir"?
      Dave: "Mjolnir" as in the mystic hammer of Thor?!
      Lula: Yep.
      Dave: Thor as in the Norse God of Thunder?!
      Lula: That's him.
      Dave: As in "guy who could turn us all into dust, just by looking at us"?!
      Lula: I get the feeling you're trying to make a point, David.

    • (Thor is using his godly mite against the castle)
      Lula: No wonder Molly left you! You're nothing but a big, insensitive bully!
      Thor: (deep, booming voice) You dare call Thor insensitve?! (normal voice) Blunt, maybe. Abrupt, even. But insensitive?

    • Molly: Do your worst, Thor! These people are not afraid of you!
      Dave: I am!

    • Molly: Don't worry, Thor won't doesn't know I'm here.
      Dave: That's a relief.
      Molly: Unless he reads that note I left him
      Dave: Bejabbers!
      Molly: Of course, he can't read.
      Dave: That's a relief.
      Molly: So, I drew him a map.
      Dave: Bejabbers!
      Molly: Though he can't read a map either.
      Dave: That's a relief.
      Molly: So, he'll just have to follow the trail of bread crumbs I left.
      Dave: Wait, I lost track. Is this is where I say 'That's a relief' or 'Bejabbers'?
      (Thor appears)
      Thor: I am Thor, Norse god of Thunder!
      Dave: Now I remember, Bejabbers!

    • Thor: Do it again! Do it again!
      (Faffy belches a lightning bolt)
      Thor: That is so boss!

    • Dave: Do you have any more sisters we should know about?
      Lula: Nope.
      (knock on door)
      Trident: Oh Lula, I need your help. I just broke with Poseidon.
      (Dave, Fang, Candy, and Oswidge stare)
      Lula: What!? She's a cousin.

    • Queen Vermite: Hi there!
      Fang: Thats it?!
      Dave: Why she's just a tiny insignificant... (Queen Vermite comes out of her nest) bug...
      The Dark Lord Chuckles The Silly Piggy: Here's a fork so you can EAT YOUR WORDS!! (sing-songs)

    • Dave: What's that?
      Lula: I believe the technical term is, the floor.

    • Chuckles: And I see you brought your monkey!
      Fang: I'm not a monkey! (looks up to see bananas) Bananas! (crawls around like a monkey) Ooo! Ooo!

    • Dave: Must...run...away...or at least...scream loudly!

    • Dave: (as bug) Help me! Help me! Help me get this stupid jar open!

    • Dave: You mean the guy who can turn us all into nasty, little smears on the floor, just by looking at us!

    • Candy: Great, Dave, you broke the market place.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Narrator: Narraration

      The way the Narrator describes how much damage the Vermites have done, is a parody of how Dr. Seuss narrarates his stories. Even the "Spungleo, Scrungleo Trees" sounds like something from his stories.

    • n/a: n/a
      Response: It's a mix of GENGHIS Khan and Justin TIMBERLAKE.

    • Princess Candy: Referring to Genghis Timberlake
      Genghis Timberlake is a spoof of JUSTIN Timberlake.