Davey and Goliath

(ended 1975)




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    • Christmas Lost and Found

      Davey can't get into the Christmas spirit no matter how hard he tries.  Buying gifts, decorating the house and even picking the family tree doesn't help.  That all changes when he lets a boy who is stuck working at the Christmas tree lot take his place in the Christmas play.

    • New Year Promise
      New Year Promise
      Episode 102
      Sally keeps doing dumb things that makes Davey want to yell at her, so as a New Years resolution, Davey decides not to yell at her at all. He can barely take it and decides not to talk to Sally at all. Sally then thinks that Davey does not love her anymore and runs away from home. With Davey's parents away, Davey must try to find Sally, patch things up, and get to the church in time to ring in the New Year for Mr. Oph, the bellringer. (C.1967)moreless
    • Happy Easter
      Episode 103
      This special starts where Davey, his Grandmother, and Goliath are all getting ready for Easter. Davey's Grandma tells Davey how she will see his baseball game on Saturday and how they will get together on Easter. After having a heartwarming time at Grandma's, he has to go home. On Thursday after baseball practice, Davey comes only to see his sister crying and the rest of the family upset. Davey learns that his Grandma had passed away, which totally depresses Davey. On Saturday at the game, Davey sulks and can't keep his mind off his Grandma. After walking out of the game, he goes to his Grandmother's house to walk around. They’re the voices of the good times, now gone come rushing to Davey's mind. After not showing up at home, Sally asks where Davey is. John has a feeling that Davey and Goliath are both at the cemetery and that is exactly where they are. John then takes Davey to the outdoor set of a play his Grandma wanted him to see. It is a set with the cross, the tomb, and more. Actors come out to rehearse for tomorrow's Easter play. After the actors perform what happened at the tomb. The angel told the visitors that Jesus has been raised from the dead and that they will see him again. A glow comes across Davey and John tells him that someday he will be reunited with his Grandma and resurrected and that they both will be together again. Davey feels happy once again when he realizes the truth.moreless
    • Halloween Who-Dun-It
      It is Halloween and the kids get all dressed up. Afterwards, the baker allows them to have a mischeif night, but they go way too far. Disguised in masks, they realize that they can do anything they want and that no body will know who they are. They go too far breaking windows, property, and vandalizing the neighborhood. They blame their behavior on the characters they are protraying instead of themselves. The next day, Davey wants nothing to do with Goliath because he bit him in the name of being a Tiger, Goliath growls and is mad at Sally because she tripped Goliath in the name of being a witch. Then Davey has to realize that he has to tell a friend that he shot a mini missle and destroyed this man's bee hive. Nothing seems right and Davey's conscience is going through some tough time. When they confess (even to themselves) that they were the ones that did it, they feel better and try to put it all behind them. (C.1967)moreless
    • To the Rescue
      To the Rescue
      Episode 105
    • Davey and Goliath's Snowboard Christmas
    • School: Who Needs It?
    • Down on the Farm
      Down on the Farm
      Episode 250
      Davey and Sally are on their grandparents' farm for the summer. Davey wants to enter his prize vegetables in the County Fair, but they require a lot of tending and he'd rather go fishing or hayjumping with his new friend, Tom.
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