Davey and Goliath

(ended 1975)




Episode Guide

    • The Gang
      The Gang
      Season 1 - Episode 32
      Davey doesn't agree with his fellow club members, The Jickets, so they kick him out of the club.
    • Halloween Who-Dun-It
      Halloween Who-Dun-It
      Season 0 - Episode 104
      It is Halloween and the kids get all dressed up. Afterwards, the baker allows them to have a mischeif night, but they go way too far. Disguised in masks, they realize that they can do anything they want and that no body will know who they are. They go too far breaking windows, property, and vandalizing the neighborhood. They blame their behavior on the characters they are protraying instead of themselves. The next day, Davey wants nothing to do with Goliath because he bit him in the name of being a Tiger, Goliath growls and is mad at Sally because she tripped Goliath in the name of being a witch. Then Davey has to realize that he has to tell a friend that he shot a mini missle and destroyed this man's bee hive. Nothing seems right and Davey's conscience is going through some tough time. When they confess (even to themselves) that they were the ones that did it, they feel better and try to put it all behind them. (C.1967)moreless
    • The Runaway
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      After a trip to the circus, Davey is wearied of mowing the lawn. "Work, work, work," he complains. He refuses to eat dinner and is sent to bed early. He and Goliath both dream they're in the circus, and when they wake up, that's where they decide to go. Davey's hopes are crushed when he's ordered to water the elephants. He tries his hand at trapeze flying and winds up in the net. The lion tamer's son Jody has a pet cub, which is "keen", but no home of his own. Davey resolves to return to his family, though he's afraid his father will tell him to "scram", too. But his father is glad to see the prodigal son return.moreless
    • What's His Name
      What's His Name
      Season 1 - Episode 58
      Davey imagines gruesome revenges against a new kid who's crossed him.
    • The Good Bad Luck
      Season 1 - Episode 62
      Davey's class goes on a field trip to the woods. He's resentful of his teacher's strict guidance, and becomes lost. Goliath has a cold and can't follow the trail back...
    • Chicken
      Season 1 - Episode 59
      Goliath, Sally, and John learn a lesson on what it's like to follow everyone else and experience consequences. When Davey's friends play "Follow-the-leader", danger strikes when they all play on an active construction site. After a couple of stunts, it's Cisco's turn to be the leader and his stunt is the most dangerous of all. He wants everyone to take the rope from the crane and swong from one balcony to another (On the 2nd floor). After everyone goes, it's Davey's turn. After Davey takes his turn, the fence on the balcony breaks. Davey falls, breaks his leg and ends up at the hospital, all bandaged up. After being knocked out for a while, he remembers that Goliath is still on the 2nf floor at the site. The pastor who is visiting Davey goes to the site to take Goliath down safely.moreless
    • Kokkaburra
      Season 1 - Episode 43

      Davey's geography lesson on Australia is very amusing at first with its dingos and kookaburras, but he soon tires of it and doesn't study for the test. He resorts to cheating, but that night his conscience begins to bother him..

    • Finders Keepers
      Season 1 - Episode 42
      Davey finds ten dollars and wants to spend it on a birthday present for Goliath, but whose is it?
    • Upside Down and Backwards
      Season 1 - Episode 54
      Alone during a thunderstorm, Davey and Goliath imagine all sorts of things, but afterward, Davey contemplates his father's saying that "God gave us a mind to use", and considers how he ought to have acted.
    • Who Me?
      Season 1 - Episode 40
      Davey is being lazy. He is sitting around watching TV and ignoring his chores. Davey claims that he will do his chores later, and is being told frequently by his parents to do his chores. Davey doesn't, and it's time to turn the tide on Davey. Elaine decides not to wash dishes. John decides not to go to work because he just didn't feel like it. Davey doesn't like it one bit.moreless
    • Boy in Trouble
      Season 1 - Episode 48
      Davey and Johnathan hunt to recycle old bottles in order to earn money to go to the movies. The kids raid most of the garbage cans and get a lot of bottles. Meanwhile Davey and Jonathan encounter competition when a new boy named Tommy is collecting bottles in the same area. When Davey and Jonathan go to face the boy, it turns out that his mother is sick and he doesn't have a dad. Tommy is collecting bottles to buy food for him and his brothers and sisters. Davey and Jonathan give Tommy their bottles and build up a coalition of people to aid the boy in trouble. After making sacrifices, sharing, and helping this boy, the three boys go together to find bottles to pay for their movie tickets.moreless
    • Come, Come to the Fair
      Season 1 - Episode 63
      Pastor Miller tells his Sunday School class that, as Americans, they ultimately come from somewhere else (except George Soaring Eagle, who is of the Sioux tribe). They hold a Family Folk Fair and dress like their ancestors in different parts of the world. Goliath doesn't know where his dog-parents came from, until Davey learns the answer.moreless
    • Rickety- Rackety
      Season 1 - Episode 46
      Davey's friend Larry has a little trouble with his French and starts smashing up the classroom furniture. Davey reminds him of the school cheer, and helps him prepare for a test next day.
    • Ready Or Not
      Season 1 - Episode 56
      After a lecture by Mrs. Reed on caring for the world (and keeping your room neat), Davey and Jonathan clean up a favorite city park gone to rack and ruin (and rats).
    • The Hard Way
      Season 1 - Episode 45
      Davey learns "the hard way" at the natural history museum that grownups have rules "for your own good."
    • The Caretakers
      Season 1 - Episode 44

      Davey is not listening to Goliath. As Davey and Goliath go hiking in a forest park, Goliath saved Davey's life from a train. Goliath also encounters a deer which tells Goliath to tell Davey that the summer is dry and not to light a match. Davey does not believe him, but the deer is watching. When Davey and Goliath encounter a well, Davey has a little fun with it. He dips Goliath in the water to get cooled down. After Goliath is out, Davey pours red paint into the well to make it look like "Strawberry pop". Later, Davey's dad picks up Davey from the hike and needs water for the radiator. Some of the people around that area are thirsty and need water. Davey realizes what he did was completely stupid.

    • If At First You Don't Succeed
      Season 1 - Episode 41
      Sally is trying to play the piano so that people would want to listen. Davey has taken up bowling. Both are rotten at their new interests, so they pray that they would become champions overnight. Unfortunately, Davey still bowls bad and Sally plays bad. Davey and Sally both quit. Davey and Sally both tell their dad that prayer hasn't helped and that they quit their new interests. Davey's dad provides wisdom by saying "Champions aren't made in a week Davey. It wouldn't mean anything if just suddenly like magic, you were both the best." Davey's mom replies "Something God did, not something you did." Davey's dad adds "He expects you to do your part." After John talks to the kids about the hard work it took them to be champion skaters, they realize that working at it will go a long way and that when you fail at something, you should practice and try again. They also learn that when they pray, they should ask God to help them stick with it and not ask him to supernaturally just give them the talent without actually working for it.moreless
    • Zillion Dollar Combo
      Zillion Dollar Combo
      Season 1 - Episode 53
      Davey and Mickey and Jonathan get together to play "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "Skip to My Lou" on drums and trumpet and harmonica (with Goliath playing triangle, cymbal and bulb horn -- dancing too). They're hired for two dollars apiece to play in front of the Bijou Theater, but Jonathan brings them along while he delivers medicine to the hospital Children's Center. They realize it would be nice to play for the injured children during a garden outing next day, but it would be for free and the theater job is at the very same time. What to do? They all want to make a zillion dollars...moreless
    • Doghouse Dreamhouse
      Season 1 - Episode 61

      When Goliath's doghouse is destroyed by lightning Davey gets the job of building him a new one. Although Davey had worked with his father on many projects in the past, he has no confidence in himself to go it alone. He builds a crumbling shack trying to fool his father into thinking he can't do it without his dad's help. While Davey is sitting on the steps of the church moping to his friends about his lack of ability the reverend arrives and reminds Davey that Jesus was a carpenter. Knowing that Jesus wouldn't build anything second-rate Davey is now out to do the best he can.

    • The Bridge
      Season 1 - Episode 31
      The family goes on a hike. Davey, Goliath and Sally go their own separate ways. Davey and Sally come across a rope bridge. For fun, Davey and Sally jump up and down on it, causing it to collapse and causing Davey to be on one side of the rapids underneath and Sally on the other side. Not knowing what to do, he remembers his dad telling him "Don't forget, there's always someone around to help". After asking God to help Davey think, Davey thinks of the perfect plan to get Sally to safety.moreless
    • Good Neighbor
      Season 1 - Episode 35
      It is Good Neighbor week. A celebration parade marches through the city, and Good Neighbor balloons are being handed out to the kids who are good neighbors. Teddy gives his ice cream cone to Davey so that he is a good neighbor, Davey gives his ice cream cone to Goliath because he is a good neighbor, and Jimmy eats his ice cream cone because he is a good neighbor to himself. After ice cream, they go to Mr. Lotts house to rake leaves. Mr. Lotts's arm is broken and the kids help out. The boys get a bon-fire and money out of the task as a reward. Later, on the way to Montgomery Park, a little girl falls off of her wagon and gets her dress caught on it. Jimmy walks by and sees the girl on the ground, but all he cares about it getting the balloon, so he walks by without stopping. Teddy walks by and the girl cries "Help me, help me". Teddy says "I can't. I gotta get my balloon" and then walks off. And then Davey walks by. Davey helps her untangle her dress from the wagon and goes out of his way to help this girl, who is also lost to get home. By the time he gets to get his balloon, there isn't any left. Davey tells his story to Jimmy and Teddy. The story closes with this dialouge.

      Teddy: She's not your neighbor.

      Davey: She is to. She needed help

      Jimmy: Did her mother pay you?

      Davey: I didn't do it for pay.

      Jimmy: You didn't even get a balloon, but I did.... Cause I'm a good neighbor.

      (Then the balloon pops right in Jimmy's face.)moreless
    • Help!
      Season 1 - Episode 47

      Davey and Jonathan have a picnic on the roof of a building. Since Hank the janitor let the boys and Goliath have lunch on the roof, they try to return the favor by unraveling a tangled flag that is on the flagpole that extends from the six story building. When Jonathan goes to unravel the flag, the pole gives out and Jonathan is hanging on to it for dear life. Goliath runs to get Officer Dan, who is across the street writing the license number of a truck who just hit Pops' hot dog cart. Goliath communicates with Officer Dan who sees Jonathan in dire trouble. He rushes to the rooftop and pulls Jonathan to safety. In the meantime Pops is complaining to others about Officer Dan for "abandoning" him to chase a dog, not realizing there was an emergency happening just across the street. Officer Dan explains that protecting lives are more important than protecting property. Pops then gets the picture.

    • Bully Up a Tree
      Season 1 - Episode 29

      Davey is spending his vacation at his Grandparents' house in the country. While shopping in the city, Goliath is supposed to guard the shopping bags. A neighborhood bully's dog steals one of the bags for his master. After the dog takes the bag, Goliath jumps on him. Davey walks out of the store and sees the bully shoot a rock at Goliath with his slingshot. Davey, in defense of Goliath and the bully get into a big fight. After getting all cleaned up, Davey and his buddy Tom fo fishing. The bully is fishing and won't let them fish in their lake. Tommy goes to get his fishing pole which he forgot earlier. The bully then picks it up and throws it in the lake causing Tommy to fall in as well. Later, the bully ends up shooting rocks at a boar for fun. The fang riddled boar turns around and then chases the bully. The bully climbs up a tree to escape and ends up getting stuck. While the bully is stuck up the tree, Davey and Goliath are the only ones around to help him. Still angry at the bully, Davey and Goliath rescue him, apologies are made, and new friendships are started.

    • Boy Lost
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      It's Davey's birthday and just before his big birthday party, Davey's dad takes him and Goliath to the carnival. While at the carnival, Davey and Goliath accidentally lag behind and end up getting lost. Davey looks for his dad. Dad looks for Davey. They even pass each other up without knowing it. Davey's dad ends up being right under Davey's nose. As Davey and Goliath are looking, they go on some rides in the meantime. Now the only challenge is to not only find each other, but to make Davey's birthday party just in time.moreless
    • The Watchdogs
      The Watchdogs
      Season 1 - Episode 64
      Davey accidentally watches a robbery while camping in his backyard, and is threatened into silence by the robber who catches him.
    • The Shoemaker
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      Davey goes on his paper route and asks a man if he would like to subscribe. The man, who is French and does not speak much English yells at Davey in a foreign tongue. Davey, not knowing what he said concludes that Pierre was swearing at Davey and that he is a bad man. After going there a 2nd time, they hear someone in the back room. Curious, Davey and Sally try to figure it out. The man yells at them first to stay away from a dangerous machine and to stay away from the back room. Later after Sally is missing, Davey convinces his parents that the man might have her in his back room and that is the reason he doesn't want anybody back there. When John goes to check it out, he goes home mad and takes Davey to the shoe store to unveil the truth: Pierre is taking care of his sick wife, and is stressed out. He is a good man who loves children. After the confusion is cleared up, Sally finally comes home. It turns out that she and her friends went sledding in the snow after she left another friend's house.moreless
    • A Sudden Storm
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      The Hanson family is spending their vacation at a cottage. Davey and Goliath go with his friend Teddy on a sailboat ride. As Davey, Goliath, and Teddy are out in the sea, a violent storm erupts. John, back at the condo realizes the danger of the storm and ends up going on a rescue mission to bring the boys back to safety. With fear, a violent storm with a current that is hard for the boys to beat, they have to turn their fear into faith before they give up and it's too late.moreless
    • Jeep in the Deep
      Season 1 - Episode 38
      Davey, his dad, and Goliath drive on to a boat to get to another side. The waves get rough which makes the boat rock back and forth. Eventually, the car starts to move back and forth as well. The car breaks the railing and then falls into the water. Davey and his dad arrange to go with someone to scuba-dive under the water to go and retreive the jeep. Under the water, the guys observe the fish and the wonderful world God created under the sea.moreless
    • The Waterfall
      Season 1 - Episode 25
      On a family camping trip, Goliath wonders off and gets lost. He falls in a trap and gets in some mud. When he decides to wash off in the lake, he approaches a waterfall and holds on to a rock. Not knowing where Goliath went, Davey looks for Goliath by following his trail. When Davey finds Goliath, he rescues him, but the current is so strong that it sends both Davey and Goliath over the waterfall.moreless
    • The Kite
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Goliath smashes Davey's new kite by accident. Davey builds another one, and a new kid smashes it for spite. Forgiveness is shared all around.
    • Pilgrim Boy
      Pilgrim Boy
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Davey is curious about the holiday of Thanksgiving, so his father reads him the story of the first Thanksgiving. The whole story is played out through Davey's imagination. The story consists of the Pilgrims, who are at first cautious about the Indians. The Indians bring food to the Pilgrims and help them out by educating them on how to provide (the key word) for them to survive. The Pilgrims are so appreciative of their new friends that they celebrate by having a feast, a Thanksgiving feast.moreless
    • Down on the Farm
      Down on the Farm
      Season 0 - Episode 250
      Davey and Sally are on their grandparents' farm for the summer. Davey wants to enter his prize vegetables in the County Fair, but they require a lot of tending and he'd rather go fishing or hayjumping with his new friend, Tom.
    • Editor- In- Chief
      Season 1 - Episode 27

      Ed Brown, Davey's boss for his paper route gives Davey a portable printing press. Davey wants to show his appreciation and thanks by doing something for him. Davey goes out to get a story for Ed and becomes a witness to a car driving into a house. As Ed is in the office, he accidentally breaks the sign on his desk that says "Ed Brown: Editor in Chief". After Ed broke the sign, Davey has a great idea. He creates Ed a new sign as a gift of appreciation.

    • The Parade
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      Davey and his pal Jimmy decide to create a float for the town's parade. The winner gets a pony. As Davey is searching for some wood, he comes across a house that is under construction. Noticing the pile of lumber, Davey helps himself to it. Then on the day of the parade, the man who owns the lumber angrily asks Davey if he knows where the lumber is. Davey lies and says "no" and that it's his friend Jimmy's float. When the man goes to Jimmy's house, he tells Jimmy's dad what Davey had said. Jimmy's dad tells Jimmy that he cannot go to the parade until this is straightened out. As Jimmy, Goliath, and the float are all at Jimmy's, Davey is wondering what went wrong. Davey then gathers enough courage to go to the old man and Jimmy to set things right.moreless
    • All Alone
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      The family goes on an inclined railway car to a family area. As Davey and Sally are wandering around, they come across a bunch of refrigerator cargo trains. Davey goes up to one and smells bananas. Davey goes inside to get a banana, when the engine connects, the force shuts the door to the train. Davey is trapped and all alone. In his head the voice "All Alone" repeats and repeats. When Davey looks out of the top of the refrigerator car, he sees a church. He is then reminded that he is not "All Alone" because "God is Everywhere". When Davey's dad hears about the news, he goes to try and get someone to stop the train.moreless
    • Big Apple
      Season 1 - Episode 30
      Sharing is the theme in this episode when Davey comes across an apple orchard. As he approaches an apple tree, Davey thinks that he can have the apples that are hanging outside of the fence. When he goes to get one for Sally, a fatherless child catches him and lets Sally have the apple. After Sally gets the apple, Davey pressures Sally to share the apple. Eventually when she does, she feels good because she did something nice for others. When Davey learns the apple boy is fatherless, Sally pressures Davey to share their Dad with him. Davey then decides to invite this boy on Davey and his dad's camping trip that they were planning.moreless
    • The Winner
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Davey has to learn in this episode that God made no two people alike on purpose. Davey's buddy Mike is about to enter a race with a homemade car and asks Davey if he would like to be in the race. Davey and his dad build a racer. Davey wins a couple of rounds, but loses the trophy to Mike. (Davey lost because he didn't bend a cotter pin and that caused the wheel to fall of.) Because Davey lost, he felt that Mike was better than him, but when Mike called for Davey's help, Davey realized that everybody is different (unique) and that it's a good thing that people are different from each other.moreless
    • The New Skates
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Davey gets a package and it's a pair of new ice skates. Davey's mom tells Davey not to ice skate yet because the temperature is not cold enough to make the pond solid enough to carry Davey's weight. Davey then shows his pal Jimmy his new skates and Jimmy suggests that Davey try them out. Davey then says that he can't and Jimmy suggests they go to the pond and look at it. While they are at the pond, Jimmy samples the ice and so does Davey. After walking on it for a little bit, they both decide that the ice is thick enough and the two go skating. After skating some, Davey gets in a bad area and then falls into the ice pond. While struggling to get out, he loses his skate. Worried about Davey, his mom catches him and takes him home. Davey apologizes for disobeying his mom and she forgives him.moreless
    • Happy Easter
      Season 0 - Episode 103
      This special starts where Davey, his Grandmother, and Goliath are all getting ready for Easter. Davey's Grandma tells Davey how she will see his baseball game on Saturday and how they will get together on Easter. After having a heartwarming time at Grandma's, he has to go home. On Thursday after baseball practice, Davey comes only to see his sister crying and the rest of the family upset. Davey learns that his Grandma had passed away, which totally depresses Davey. On Saturday at the game, Davey sulks and can't keep his mind off his Grandma. After walking out of the game, he goes to his Grandmother's house to walk around. They’re the voices of the good times, now gone come rushing to Davey's mind. After not showing up at home, Sally asks where Davey is. John has a feeling that Davey and Goliath are both at the cemetery and that is exactly where they are. John then takes Davey to the outdoor set of a play his Grandma wanted him to see. It is a set with the cross, the tomb, and more. Actors come out to rehearse for tomorrow's Easter play. After the actors perform what happened at the tomb. The angel told the visitors that Jesus has been raised from the dead and that they will see him again. A glow comes across Davey and John tells him that someday he will be reunited with his Grandma and resurrected and that they both will be together again. Davey feels happy once again when he realizes the truth.moreless
    • Lost in a Cave
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      John, Davey's dad is taken home by a co-worker and John says "God Willing" after his co-worker asks if he will see John at work tomorrow. Davey asks what "God Willing" means and John goes on to say that God cares about us and what we do. John then reminds Davey how last summer, he got lost in a cave and how the Cave Guide cared for Davey when he got lost. Davey wondered off in the cave to explore, and got lost. When the Cave Guide found out about it, him and Goliath went in searching for Davey. Goliath found him, but did the Guide?moreless
    • The Dog Show
      Season 1 - Episode 24
      Davey is running an annual dog show and a man from a TV station stops by and shows interest in airing the event. As Davey is training Goliath how to roller-skate, Goliath is looking forward to being on TV with his pal Davey. Later, Davey tries to hang up a sign to publicize the dog show. As he is trying to hang the sign up, Davey falls off a wobbly ladder and breaks his leg. The doctor stops by and says that Davey can't get out of bed and that his body needs the rest. Fed up with being bed-ridden and missing the dog show, Davey tries to make the dog show and on the way there, his leg gives out and he falls again. Now Goliath has to learn that he has to go on and do his act without Davey. Goliath goes on TV and does his routine, but he falls and missed Davey even more.moreless
    • The Mechanical Man
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Davey and Sally get a gift from their Aunt and it turns out to be a robot. This robot can play with the kids and play sports. At the same time, Sally finds a kitten. Davey's mother suggests that they report it to the police and if nobody claims the kitten, it will be theirs.moreless
    • The Time Machine
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Davey, Sally, and Goliath come across an old abandoned house. They go inside to explore to see what's inside. After entering, the door slams shut on them and the kids are locked inside. Davey asks God to help him not be afraid. Eventually their fear turns into adventure when they pretend that an odd looking machine is a time machine. After traveling in time, Davey tries to turn on a "light switch". The switch is actually an emergency signal that goes from this place to the owner's living headquarters. When the owner notices the blinking light, he checks his place out, rescuing the children. (Original C. 1960)moreless
    • Christmas Lost and Found
      Christmas Lost and Found
      Season 0 - Episode 101

      Davey can't get into the Christmas spirit no matter how hard he tries.  Buying gifts, decorating the house and even picking the family tree doesn't help.  That all changes when he lets a boy who is stuck working at the Christmas tree lot take his place in the Christmas play.

    • To the Rescue
      To the Rescue
      Season 0 - Episode 105
    • Pieces of Eight
      Pieces of Eight
      Season 1 - Episode 60
      Davey is having a grand time reading Treasure Island, and so is Goliath. Davey is elected Treasurer of the Jickets, and becomes inspired to bury the club's savings. A heavy rainstorm leaves no trace of the treasury, but the Jickets have plans to buy a baseball bat at the next meeting.moreless
    • Stranded on an Island
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      The Hansen family goes on an island for a picnic and some exploration. While on the island and after having so much fun, the tide goes out, which means that they have to stay longer. As it is mentioned that they have to wait for the tide to return before they can leave, Davey asks how they know the tide will return. Davey's mother replies that God made it so that it will return and that we can always count on it returning.moreless
    • Blind Man's Bluff
      Season 1 - Episode 50
      Racism is the issue and diversity is the experiment in this episode. Jonathan's racist cousin Scottie is visiting. He had an accident with a chemistry set and is blindfolded. Knowing that Scottie is racist, Jonathan's dad concocts an experiment that tests to see if Scottie can change his heart. After having so much in common and becoming friends with Davey, the blindfold comes off and Scottie's prejuidice dominates him. Angry because Davey is white, he storms out of the doctor's office. Meanwhile, Goliath has been a little prejuidice as well. He does not like another dog because the dog is different. The difference is that the dog has spots. Eventually, both Scottie and Goliath realize that true colorblindness is when you look at the heart instead of looking, and judging falsely about someone just because their skin color is a little different.moreless
    • School: Who Needs It?
      School: Who Needs It?
      Season 0 - Episode 107
    • Kum Ba Yah
      Season 1 - Episode 57
      Davey and Jonathan decide to help the church with a bell choir. They rehearse "Kum Ba Yah" with Cisco, whose mynah bird offends Goliath because nobody understands Goliath except Davey. The bell choir disbands until Pastor Miller has a little talk with Davey about the meaning of the song.
    • Louder, Please
      Louder, Please
      Season 1 - Episode 55
      Davey is helping Officer Dan direct traffic on the sidewalk. He encounters a kid who is walking and almost gets killed a couple of times. Goliath saves the kid from almost getting hit by an ambulance. As the kid is on the ground, Davey asks what's the matter with him. It looks as though he is pointing to his head. Davey then says "You bet you ought to shoot yourself for being so dumb". Davey then learns later on that the kid is deaf and cannot speak. It all makes sense to him now. Davey eventually wants to know what it's like to be deaf so he wears earplugs and doesn't talk to see what it's like. Davey then realizes how fortunate he is to be able to posess the sense of hearing. He goes to a deaf school to visit the kid and the kid says "Thank you" through signs, for saving his life.moreless
    • The Greatest
      Season 1 - Episode 49

      Davey, Jonathan and Tommy are bragging about who has the greatest dad. With a father-son picnic and a scooter race coming up it's soon found out that Tommy doesn't have a father. Pastor Horton offers to take his dad's place and helps him build his scooter.

    • Who's George?
      Season 1 - Episode 51
      How can you love your neighbor when you don't know your neighbor? That is the question here when Mr. Hunt, a man in the city, appears to be missing. As people think that he is actually missing, they do not realize that the reason that he is not making appearances is because he is at home, very sick with pneumonia. Mr. Hunt tried to call someone, but dropped his phone's receiver off the hook and was too sick to pick up the receiver, which made the phone busy, thus making it impossible to contact him. As the man lies sick, Davey and Johnathan start to help this man whom they never saw before. As the mystery grows about this man, Davey wants to see what this man looks like. Davey ends up on the fire escape and sees the condition that Mr. Hunt is in. He calls an ambulance as he is being a good neighbor to someone he's never met before.moreless
    • The Stopped Clock
      Season 1 - Episode 39

      Davey feels that nobody has any time for him so he coops himself up in his room claiming he needs no one else and to be alone would be wonderful. His father tells him to think about that and Davey dreams of a world where he is by himself. He soon sees how boring a world it is and when he wakes his whole outlook on life and those around him changes.

    • 10-Pin Alley
      10-Pin Alley
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      Davey feels that his parents will not be as proud of their boy if he does not make the track team. Davey learns that his parents love him no matter what his failures and accomplishments are.
    • The Polka Dot Tie
      The Polka Dot Tie
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Davey and his buddies make jokes and reject a kid named Nat because the tie he wears is quite strange to them. They see the error in their ways as they find out that God does not reject anybody who comes to him, and is not ashamed to be with those who seek him.moreless
    • Officer Bob
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      A bunch of kids in the neighborhood attend Officer Bob's bicycle safety school. While attending class, Davey promises to obey all the rules. On the way home, Sally runs into Davey. Sally is late for a music lesson, so Davey let's Sally ride on the handlebars. As he let's Sally ride, the bike goes out of control and breaks. Knowing that Officer Bob could fix it, and feeling ashamed that he broke a rule, Davey avoids any contact with Bob. When a fire in the city erupts, Bob is injured and Davey is even more ashamed. After Bob recovers, Davey finally comes out and says what he did and asks if Bob can fix Davey's bike.moreless
    • The Wild Goat
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      A terrible thunderstorm erupts and the hiking trip Davey is suppose to go on is called off. As the Hansen family stays at home, the kids decide to paint. Davey decides to paint a picture of God, but he wonders how he can do that without actually seeing God. When he asks his mother if it is possible to see God, she says that you could see God if you really look for him. After a little while, the storm lets up and the day is in need of being spent. Davey asks his dad if they can go on a little hiking trip together and he agrees to it. As they go on the trip, they see a baby goat and his leg is broken. Davey and his dad bandage it up, and take it with them to take care of until it is all better. After it recovers, it is wreaking havoc among the neighbors and everything. Davey decides that the best place for it is back home. As they take it back, the mother awaits its baby and the two are reunited again. Davey goes home and decides to paint a picture of that. Davey realizes what his mom meant by seeing God when she explains how she saw God in how Davey loved, tended, took care of, and nursed the poor goat back to health and says that God does that towards us. He takes care of us and loves us the same way Davey did with that goat.moreless
    • Rags and Buttons
      Season 1 - Episode 37
      Davey is teasing Sally to the point where she says that she doesn't love Davey anymore and how she can't understand why God loves him. Davey knows that God doesn't approve of bad behavior, but he still loves the person very much. Sally and her doll then compete for "Queen of the May", a doll contest. After leaving her doll outside on a teeter-totter, Goliath accidentally jumps on the other end which sends Sally's doll on top of the maypole. Davey gets Sally's doll for her, but he still can't understand why she loves her doll. The doll is a just a bunch of rags and buttons. Sally then says that she loves her doll because she made her doll, and Davey concludes that it is the same exact way with God.moreless
    • Not For Sale
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      At a cottage in the winter, Davey goes skiing with his Dad's skis. After falling down on an attempt to ski, one of the skis falls off and falls down a cliff. Davey gets mad at Goliath for not catching the ski. Afraid of what might happen, Davey does a whole bunch of chores to buy his dad's forgiveness. After finally telling his dad, his dad forgives him. He explains that he forgives Davey because he loves him, just like God forgives us because he loves us. Davey also forgives Goliath for not being able to catch the ski.moreless
    • Man of the House
      Season 1 - Episode 28
      Davey learns responsibility as his parents leave him in charge to babysit Sally while they are away.
    • The Silver Mine
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      Davey and Sally are out looking for interesting minerals when he ignores the caution sign and falls down an old abandoned mine shaft. Dad climbs down a rope to rescue him, but Davey wants to know why God let it happen. The answer is, Davey has free will, and can make up his own mind about things.moreless
    • On the Line
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Davey and Jimmy make telephones out of cans and string. A circus cougar escapes, while Davey and Jimmy are camping out in the back yard. As the cougar approaches the tent, Davey and his parents communicate on the string phones. Davey's dad instructs them on what to do calls the Police, and protects them. Jimmy, who asks earlier "But how can you talk with someone you can't see?" when Davey says grace before eating, learns that prayer is like the string phone. We can talk to someone we can't see, but the person's there. After fearing the cougar even more, Jimmy prays as well. After the Police show up, the cougar is confronted and the kids visit the circus.moreless
    • The Bell Ringer
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Davey buddies up with the Bell Ringer at church. Davey notices how God uses Mr. Oph to ring the bell to get people ready for church. Davey doesn't know how God would use him. Mr. Oph invites Davey to his house to look at his huge clock collection. As they are looking, Mr. Oph gets a telegram that his friend is sick and must take care of him, so Davey takes charge of taking care of the clocks for Mr. Oph. After Mr. Oph is away, a terrible storm brews and knocks a branch into the window, breaking the glass and a cover to a 200+ year old clock that is sensitive to moisture. Davey tapes up the clock cover with Band-Aids and puts the cover back over the clock. When Mr. Oph gets home, he realizes what happened and tells Davey how God used him to help out Mr. Oph.moreless
    • Hocus Pocus
      Season 1 - Episode 34

      Davey wants to enter a fair for prized vegetables at his Grandparent's farm. Davey thinks that all it is is planing the seeds and then "hocus pocus", you're done. He then finds out that there is a lot more work to planting his prized vegetables, than what meets the eye. As Davey goes on working, he goofs off and is reminded by his Grandfather that he has to spray the insecticide and maintain his vegetables. Davey then goofs off one too many times in the barn, jumping in the hay with his buddy. Sally then notices that there are "pretty little bugs" on the vegetables. She then shows her Grandfather and he said that he warned Davey about it and hoped that Davey will take care of it before it gets out of control. When it's the day of the fair, Davey pulls the vegetables out of the ground. The plants are sick. Davey failed at what was his responsibility and learns what can happen when you "goof off" and not maintain what you need to maintain first.

    • Six - Seven - Six - Three
      Season 1 - Episode 52
      Officer Dan tells Davey that Goliath needs to either have a collar or an ID tattoo on his ear. Davey says Goliath doesn't like collars and he doesn't want him to get hurt by the tattoo so he bandages his ear so that Officer Dan will think he got the tattoo. The following day Goliath is missing so Davey confesses about the tattoo. Goliath is found in the dog pound where they require a tattoo for him to leave (his tattoo reads 6-7-6-3). The next day Goliath is missing again this time at the hands of a dognapper. Will the tattoo save him from the dognapper?moreless
    • Happy Landing
      Season 1 - Episode 26
      Davey's dad is on his way home in an airplane. Davey gets to join the air traffic controller to wait for his dad's arrival. Davey is impressed that the air traffic controller knows so much about a lot of things, that he thinks that he knows as much as God. The controller has to tell Davey that he is not like God.moreless
    • A Dillar, A Dollar
      Season 1 - Episode 36
      Davey's friend Teddy's mother is very sick, and taking care of her causes the boys to be late for school. When being sent to the Principal's office, Teddy fears to tell the Principal why they were late. Davey steps in and explains what happened and the Principal releases Teddy and Davey to help the sick lady. Later, Teddy feels that he just isn't doing enough. Davey suggests prayer, but Teddy doesn't know God and is scared to talk to God. Eventually he cracks and he prays. Although his mom is still sick, Teddy is then glad that he did "All he can do" for her.moreless
    • Cousin Barney
      Cousin Barney
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Davey's cousin Barney visits the family's vacation condo and is making all kinds of accidents. He accidentally breaks John's rosebush, gets paint all over himself after playing Cowboys and Indians, and causes Goliath to fall in the lake. After almost losing his patience, Davey talks to his dad. His dad (John) tells Davey that God wants us to love others and to tolerate them even when they mess up and make mistakes.moreless
    • Lemonade Stand
      Season 1 - Episode 33

      Davey asks for his father's help building a lemonade stand and Mr. Hansen says he'll be right out after finishing his coffee. Meanwhile, Sally falls onto her doll carriage and breaks it. She is in a parade shortly and needs it fixed right away. Davey finds his father helping Sally first which leads him to believe his father loves Sally more than him. He soon learns that Sally is late for a parade and understands why she was helped first.

    • Davey and Goliath's Snowboard Christmas
    • New Year Promise
      New Year Promise
      Season 0 - Episode 102
      Sally keeps doing dumb things that makes Davey want to yell at her, so as a New Years resolution, Davey decides not to yell at her at all. He can barely take it and decides not to talk to Sally at all. Sally then thinks that Davey does not love her anymore and runs away from home. With Davey's parents away, Davey must try to find Sally, patch things up, and get to the church in time to ring in the New Year for Mr. Oph, the bellringer. (C.1967)moreless