Davey and Goliath

Episode 103

Happy Easter

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 1967 on

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  • Death Doesn't Take a Holiday!

    Davey loves his Grandmother. and at the start of this 30 minute special, he went to Grandmothers house and had a good time. In one scene, he got a record player out and p[lay something from Grandmother's time. They sang a song that was before Davey's time. Then on a thursday before Easter, Davey learned that his Grandmother has died. Davey was lost withgout her. She promise him to be at the game, but can't play ball because of her death. At the end he learned a lesson about death in nature. I saw this epsiode and I can recall I creid at the end. The theme of this episode, Death doesn't usually mean the end.