David Beckham's Soccer USA

Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 29, 2007 on

Episode Recap

Natalie Pinkham starts us off with a few interviews with some soccer stars on the Super Classico match. David tells us that he has been lucky enough to have been in some big rivalries in his career.

After that the game of the week is shown. The game is none other than Chivas USA and the LA Galaxy from both team's home stadium, the Home Depot Center. The game saw a few chances for Chivas in the first half and just before the halftime whistle Jessi Marsch fouls Beckham which starts a big huddle of players from both teams. The two team tie up resulted with two red cards, 1 for each team. Before the break Natalie gives some previews of what is still to come.

The next segment was all about David visiting the youth in Harlem by hosting a clinic for the kids of the city. After some physical fun David talked for a little before signing the kid's shirts, poster, and soccer balls.

Then we are taken back to the second half of the Game of the Week which is the Super Classico. In the 56th minute after a defensive mistake, Maykel Galindo takes advantage and puts it in the back of the net. 13 minutes later Galindo gets another off of some great ball movement. Then in the 88th minute Francisco Mendoza puts the third and final goal for Chivas in the back of the net. Chivas USA wins the match with a final score of 3-0. After the highlights a real quick interview with Beckham is given. He told us that playing back-to-back 90 minute games wasn't the best thing to do but as he says, "For fitness-wise, I probably needed it".

Natalie then gives us some MLS game recaps.

She also states that Beckham's travel to England was a success for him as he played the full 90, even though England lost to Germany. In the MLS Jaime Moreno scored his 109th career goal and became the MLS all-time leader in goals. Toronto also set an MLS record this week. The record wasn't such a good on though, as it was for most consecutive minutes without a goal, 642 minutes to be exact. David then tells us what he thinks is wrong with the team that is causing them to have some trouble winning.

Lastly we are given a special Made in America segment. This week DaMarcus Beasley is the spotlighted player.