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Contribution Guide and Forum Rules

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    I'm not going to go very indepth with this becuase it is a pretty normal guide here.


    Allusion - An allusion is an indirect reference to something else. The format for an allusion should have the thing in bold that is being alluded to in bold,then a line break followed by the quote the allusion came from, followed by another line break then a sentence or two explaining the allusion.

    Note - Anything noteworthy from the episode. TV.com'shelp center goes more indepth on this if needed.

    Trivia - Any production mistake. Once again TV.com's hlep center can be used for more detail about this.

    Episodes - Summary is a couple of sentences describing the episode. A recapis a full recap of the whole episode. Numbers and air date are self explainable.

    Cast - David Beckham and Natalie Pinkham are the only people to be added as Cast. All others go in the notes section.

    Forum Rules

    No spamming
    No expletives
    No kind of verbal abuse towards other users
    Do not make a topic if there is a topic on that subject already.

    Any questions can be pm'd to me.

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