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  • A waist of time...

    When all of the clever adds came on months before this show started with all of David Tench's clever quotes, the whole of Australia was hyped up about this show. When the first episode came on, not many people liked it but I fell for it. Every episode I liked it less and less and around the 8th or so, I completely hated it and that's what I am basing this review and rating on. David Tench was so annoying in this show, he had all of these planned conversations and his voice was so annoying. He kept on looking at the camera and doing these weird things. The concept of it isn't great either.
  • David Tench is a waste of time.

    The reason why David Tench tonight was created was that Ch.10 were losing viewers and created this rubbish. Channel
    10 think it's getting more viewers it's not. David himself is so annoying.I would have to agree David Tench is so annoying and poor rated.It's needs to be axed. Just have Rove Live Channel 10.
  • This show makes a person look forward to the adds, it's just that bad.

    I don't find this show creative or original in the slightest. The concept has been behind many childrens shows for many years. It should have stayed in childrens shows.

    Unfortunately, the writers behind the script of David Tench seem to have been standing behind a door when the humour was handed out. The 'celebrities' (and I use the term loosely) who must be forced to go on the show look uncomfortable and must find it difficult to force laughter at the poor jokes.

    It's one of the worst shows I've ever seen and I hope Channel 10 soon comes to it's senses. I'd rate it a zero if I could.
  • And I thought 'the Wedge' was the worst show on Australian television.

    Australian Comedy is officially dead with the introduction of 'David Tench Tonight'. The half-hourly show features D-Grade or lower celebrities that no one cares about, being interviewed by a pre-scripted CGI ripoff of all late night talk show hosts combined.

    The material is poorly written, if it is in fact written and not ad-lib. The voice of the CGI 'David Tench' character is extremely annoying, and the waste of pixels won't stop referring to the 'celebrity' as their full name. Who does that?

    If you want to lose your IQ ratio watching sub par television, then this show is definitely for you. If not, switch the channel.
  • With smart animation techniques this new show could fail or rate highly.

    David Tench Tonight is a lacklustre talk show with even lamer jokes. The first episode was a new experience for me when Pat Rafter started off the show talking to the animated host. The second show, was terrible as Nelly Furtado dragged on and on what she would do if there was a bomb on a bus and wouldn't let her move off 50 kph. It was so boring that it forced me to watch the Getaway Special and when that got too much, led me onto the ever surprising Celebrity Survivor. The only way I am ever going to watch this show again is if someone kidnapped me and forced to me to watch it and even then I would try to go to sleep.
  • The big talking head bites back!

    While I thought the series got off to an interesting start, we hit kind of a lull when we got to the Nick Lachey / Nellie Furtardo interview - which confirms that Americans just don't get our sense of humour.
    Having said that of course the writing for the show could be a little better. I understand that the show structure requires a certain amount of repetition but I can see this show fizzling out if they don't change for format from time to time (i.e. too many "What ifs" and "what would you choose?" rather than more intelligent questions which might be provocative of a entertaining response.) I think it's important to acknowledge what this show is - a new concept. And with such things you have to give it a go to really see if it's going to get any better. I really enjoyed Mark Holden's interview last night, it wasn't informative, but it was the most animated (no pun intended) interview so far. If the stories can become more pernient, a little more interactive then I can see this becomin more of an icon.
    And let's face it Rove wasn't big until his third year and he had John Travolta and Hugh Jackman singing "Summer Lovin'" together.
  • Rubbish... complete and utter rubbish... I am practically dumbfounded, but more importantly... I am infuriated. I would give it a lower score... but it won't let me for some reason.

    What's wrong with you people? I've read some responses out there that actually applaud the sub-par direction and lame jokes! Back when it was just hype it was unfunny and not in the least clever or enticing. The quotes channel ten put up as teasers were blatantly idiotic, leaving me scratching my head and wondering what had just happened. They were trying to be clever... but just got nowhere near to making it. And Tench himself is the worst host I have ever bothered to watch. Even worse than Space Ghost (the animated host of America's Space Ghost Coast to Coast) I would have changed the channel faster, but I was struck immobile by the sheer idiocy and complete lack of Funny in this program. I am a great lover of television, but honestly, shows like this really make me want to just punch out the screen in frustration at the bad writing, poor production qualities and cheap laughs the producers think we all want.
    Tench is like a very annoying, unfunny Austin Powers clone without the fart jokes we all know and love. I managed to watch some of the interview with Nelly Furtado, and she almost made me smile... but then they cut back to Tench and he started to talk...
    His lip sync is horrific and his range of movements as irritating as watching an Idol performer pointing to the audience every two lines. That the director doesn't have some kind of substitute for Tench in the recordings of the interviews is obvious in the guests eyes, all of whom seem somewhat bemused by talking to an animation, but otherwise are obviously faking being entertained.
    I'm begging you, Channel Ten, take this rubbish off the air and put on some more Simpsons re-runs... it's all you're good for these days, especially after spawning the late night quiz show fad...
  • A bizarre but highly original combination of animation, comedy and talk show -- and the most innovative Australian show in years.

    The basic description of David Tench Tonight does not do it justice -- this is a show of extreme originality that has to be seen to be believed. Taking the guise of a "personality" driven talkshow starring a loud and overblown Aussie TV personality that is back home after a decade in the US, David Tench is actually a detailed animated character that is even more complicated in creation than he appears to be.

    Created by famed Sydney FX company Animal Logic, Tench is a live-animated character much like Gollum from the Lord of the Rings movies. Each week, he interviews various personalities (this week Pat Rafter and Ella Hooper), though instead of pre-recorded animation, he is created through live motion capture, who then interacts with the guest and adlibs the comedy. This produces a very real interaction with the guests as if Tench was an actual person.

    All this innovation of course wouldn't count for much if it wasn't fun to watch. And it is, for the most part. There were a lot of rusty moments, which can be forgiven for the first episode, but there were a lot of funny lines as well. Tench is the sort of character that is obnoxious when he wants to be, and then even more obnoxious entirely by accident. There were particularly good jokes with Rafter about Lleyton Hewitt, along with other lines about various celebrities. Tench's character was also utterly tasteless at times, but these work because it's all part of the joke.

    While Tench is based in look on people like Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien, his personality is far closer to someone like Bill O'Reilly, if he were an entertainment reporter. He's loud, bombastic, and full of his own cult of personality. Fortunately, it's all played for laughs, so most of the time it works. In this, he reminds me even more of Stephen Colbert, who is similarly playing this sort of character for laughs.

    As I mentioned, it's rusty at times, but there's enough here for a good laugh, and this is one Australian show that should develop well. The originality is welcomed -- lets see more of this here!