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David the Gnome

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The World of David the Gnome was based on the world famous children's books The Gnomes and The Secret of the Gnomes by Dutch authors Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen. David the Gnome, and his wife Lisa, were peace loving Gnomes who lived in a tree. They probably reminded more than a few children of their grandparents. David would travel around on the back of his trusty fox, Swift, who he would summon by whistling. Overall it was a very interesting show which taught children to enjoy and respect nature and the world around them. This 26 episode series came to the U.S. airwaves in 1988, running weekdays on Nickelodeon, and was later rebroadcast from 1996 to 1998 on The Learning Channel. It was narrated by Christopher Plummer, of The Sound of Music and The Insider fame.
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  • I miss you!

    David The Gnome is one of my fondest memories of my childhood, and is one of the shows I remember best from when I was younger. I wish it could be brought back because I would show it to my nieces who were just born. I remember waking up and being with my mom watching TV all morning throught the afternoon, and watching David The Gnome. I miss those days, and I remember how upset I was when they stopped showing it. A few years later, I remember a retarded show called Wisdom of the Gnomes, and it Was Not The Same!!!moreless
  • a great show

    I remember the youth when I was young....it was my favourite show in the world. I used to go to my grandmother's house to catch the bus and before I had to leave I'd watch it. It was interesting every single episode.

    Then it got taken off...I was upset. Hey I was like in first or second grade.

    Still to this day its a good show..of what I can remember of it.

    It brings back memories. They should bring it back!

    When it was on TLC when that channel was actually good.moreless

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