Dawson's Creek

Season 5 Episode 19

100 Light Years From Home

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 17, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Dawson talks Joey into going on a spring break trip telling her she deserves it while she returns the favor by pumping him up about his film and his meeting with an agent. She tells him that Mitch would have really enjoyed his getting to meet an agent. They talk for a moment about the past year and Dawson apologizes to Joey for how he made her feel after his father died. She tells him not to worry about it and that it worked out for the best and he needed to do whatever was necessary to get thru the situation. They hug and Joey leaves.

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Oliver asks Dawson why he is so quiet and who is was thinking about. Dawson finally admits he was thinking about Joey and Oliver asks him to tell him the story so Dawson begins to tell him the story of Joey and Dawson.

At the beach Joey is sitting and reading. Pacey and Audrey kiss and discuss if either of them have told their parents about the other one. They admit that they haven't and that it's better that way. Meanwhile, Jack is on the roof talking on the phone. When he gets off the phone the Joey and Jen try to give him a list for the store but he tells them the necessities are beer and jello. Charlie calls Joey and looking for her. They banter for a few minutes then she hangs up on him.

Audrey's old high school boyfriend, Chris, comes to see her and she introduces him to the gang. After he leaves Pacey asks who he is and Audrey tells him he's an old friend from high school. Later she admits to Joey that Chris was the love of her life and the guy that all boyfriends get compared to. She tells Joey she minimized the relationship to Pacey because she and Pacey are figuring things out and she doesn't want to ruin it.

Charlie calls Joey again and as she is talking to him on the phone he walks around the corner and taps her on the shoulder. Joey is shocked and speechless.


A beautiful girl hits on Pacey but he tells her he is taken. She tells him she'll be right back and after she leaves he looks at the guy next to him and asks who she thinks she is. As he turns around and looks on stages he sees she is one of the performers.

Charlie tells Joey the process by which he tracked down Audrey. Joey calls bogus on his story and he admits Pacey told him how to find her. They talk for a few more minutes then she leaves.

Chris and Pacey start talking in the bathroom and Chris tells Pacey that he and Audrey dated in high school and how much he still loves her. He tells Pacey that at first he thought he and Audrey might be together but realizes now that they are not and how he can go after Audrey now.

Joey finds Charlie talking to Hilarie Burton. She joins in the conversation and whispers to one of the girls that Charlie is the little brother from Hanson. The girl says she sees the resemblance then she and her friend take off.

Meanwhile Dawson is still telling Oliver the story of him and Joey. Dawson catches Oliver crying. Oliver asks Dawson how it ends and Dawson doesn't know. He asks him how he wants it to end and Dawson tells him he just wants Joey to be happy. Oliver tells him it's a cop out and wants to know how Dawson wants it to end.

Charlie comes upon Joey talking to someone and scares him off. Joey in turn tells Charlie to go away then walks away herself.

Audrey and Pacey fight about why she didn't tell him about Chris. She tells him that Chris was her "Dawson" and that every once in a while she wonders if breaking up with him was the wrong thing to do. Pacey remains calm and Audrey gets worried when he doesn't get upset and when he tells her they weren't that serious to begin with.

The next morning Joey and Pacey walk along the beach and talk. Pacey tells her he has grown but that it was a sign to him when she told him Chris was her "Dawson." She tells him that she had a Dawson and that Dawson is in her past and he should give Audrey a chance. He asked her about Charlie and encourages her to talk to Charlie since he came all the way down there to see her.

Oliver catches Dawson in a daydream about Joey and he encourages him to tell Joey how he feels. Oliver tells Dawson they will reschedule the meeting and to turn the car around, drive to Florida and find Joey and tell her how he feels.

There is a montage of the gang doing different things at the beach and it ends with Jen and Jack sitting on the porch talking, her with the sniffles and him drinking. She tries to talk to him about his drinking and what he is trying to forget with the drinking. He tells her to bug off.

Joey and Jen talk and Jen finds out Joey spent the day with Charlie. They get into a fight about Joey and Charlie and Jen and Dawson. The conversation ends when Charlie comes by to give Joey her keys that she left at the beach.

Audrey is staring at the pool when Chris comes up behind her telling her he misses her freckles. He asks if they would still be together if he had followed her to Boston. She tells him they are different people now. Pacey is watching in the background and walks in as they are kissing. He watches for a moment, looks at the flowers he brought her then walks away.

Charlie and Joey talk on the beach. He tells her she looks beautiful. She tries to leave telling him she doesn't know why she is there. He asks her not to define him by his past and what he has done to other people. He asks her if she's ever hurt anyone. She thinks for a few minutes then decides to stay.


Dawson pulls up to Audrey's to find Jack on the roof drunk. Dawson tells him to come down at which point Jack starts walking across the beams, falls and almost drowns in the pool. Dawson pulls him out and helps him get dry clothes. Jack asks Dawson if he could do things different in his life would he and what would he do? Jack confides in Dawson about failing school and Dawson assures him they will help him. He also tells Dawson that Tobey has a new boyfriend. Jack begins to cry saying he wants to go back and start over.

Audrey is sitting by the pool when Pacey comes up and ask her if she's thinking of becoming a roadie. They talk about her kissing Chris and she asks him if he cares. She tells him she wants to be his official girlfriend and tells him she wants him to want the same thing. He tells her he does and they kiss.

The next morning Dawson is sitting in the kitchen when Pacey comes in. Pacey guesses correctly that he is there to find Joey. Pacey tells him to give it up and the timing is bad. Dawson says he will keep coming back until there is nothing to come back for. He asks Pacey to tell him where she is. Pacey quietly and reluctantly tells him she is with Charlie.

Joey spent the night with Charlie in a tent in a house. They talk for a while then he tells her he hasn't given her a proper kiss. He gives her a kiss then they laugh.

Cut to Dawson standing on the beach staring out at the ocean as the show ends.