Dawson's Creek

Season 5 Episode 19

100 Light Years From Home

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 17, 2002 on The WB

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  • Great!

    An excelent episode . All of the guys except Dawson are in Florida for spring break and as Audrey said : I provided the house , you people were supose to provide all the fun . And that is what this episode is : fun ! Everything except Dawson going after Jo again . I mean , enough already . And Jo and Charley were so great . Especially their phone conversations . and the hanson joke was priceless ! And ofcoure Pacey turning down one of the M2M girls . Botom line : the episode is a lot of fun and definetly worth watching !
  • Dawson and Oliver go to meet an agent about their movie. Everyone else goes to the beach. Jen get's a cold. Joey spends the day with Charlie. Audrey and Pacey officially become a couple. Jack has a breakdown.

    Pretty awesome episode! So, it's Spring Break, Dawson and Oliver are having a meeting with an agent about the movie. I love how Dawson tells his story to Oliver. I liked that Oliver cried, and I also thought it was funny when he started singing. I think it's so cliche that Dawson went to go the beach to tell Joey his true feelings. It's too bad she's over him. Now let's go on to everyone else. Pacey, Audrey, Jen, Jack, and Joey all go to the beach. We'll start with Joey. Charlie stalks Joey and Joey spends the day with Charlie. I still don't know if I like Charlie. Now onto Pacey and Audrey. Audrey's high school boyfriend shows up at the beach. He' famous. Anyways it strikes some issues between Pacey and Audrey and in the end they officially become a couple. I actually liked that Pacey actually asked her to be his girlfriend. Because sometimes you never know. Now let's go onto the best part. Jack and Jen. I'll start with Jen. Poor Jen. First she get's sick. Then she tries to help Jack, but he rejects her, and then she tries to help Joey, and she rejects her. Now onto Jack. Jack has been so moody lately. The best scene in this episode is that he is drunk, he falls off the roof of the beach house, and into the pool. Thank goodness Dawson was there to save him. His breakdown was the best. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • In this episode, Joey, Pacey, Audrey, Jen, and Jack travel down to Miami for Spring Break to party hard in Audrey's parents' beach house. Surprisingly, though, there's more in store for them than the Miami heat.

    This episode includes many scenes of Jack, during which he is drinking or speaking about alcohol in all of them. It is here that we realize in what bad emotional state he has been in since his departure from the fraternity. Even Jen, who used to be his close confidante, can no longer console him, as when she tries to confront him, he pushes her away. Jack is clearly unhappy, but uses the alcohol as a mask so that no one can get access to him. It is a truly a shame in what bad shape he has gotten himself into. Fortunately, it takes a near-death encounter involving flight from the top of a roof that finally wakes him up and asks him to turn his life around. And we have Dawson to thank for intervening at just the right time.
  • The crew travels to Miami for Spring Break. Dawson and Oliver are en route to New York for a meeting regarding their movie. Charlie follows Joey and makes a move. Jen is sick but still manages to voice her disapproval of Joey and Charlie. Audrey bumps in

    I love the flashbacks that Dawson tells to Oliver in the car to New York. It is a 'nutshell/flashback' summary of Dawson and Joey's perplexing past. Oliver (who is so sweet in this episode) cries when Dawson tells him the story. Pacey is quite harsh with Dawson when he tells him Joey is with Charlie (but clearly it might have been nice for Pacey to be able to tell Dawson that Joey is unavailable considering Dawson was unneccesarily dramatic about Pacey/Joey in season 4!)
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