Dawson's Creek

Season 4 Episode 5

A Family Way

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2000 on The WB

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  • Gale is pregnant and she has to decide if she wants to keep it or not keep it. Joey decides to prepare to have sex so she'll be ready to have sex. A girl flirts with Jack making him tell her he's gay and it has some consequences.

    This has to be the best episode so far this season. There's a lot of drama in this episode and I love drama. In this episode we find out that Gale is pregnant. I like Dawson's reaction and Mitch's reaction to the pregnancy. I don't like that she is getting an abortion but I like the drama. I'm starting to like Gretchen. I liked getting a character background of her getting pregnant and then having a miscarriage. I also see that Dawson is painting Mr. Brooks house. In this episode Joey is confused about being ready for sex and being prepared for sex. That woman that was talking to Joey about sex was scary with all those questions. Bessie definately overreacted to Joey having condoms, and info about birth control. I did like the conversation Joey had with Bodie. Andie and Jack are both coaching kids how to play soccer. Some girl named Caroline starts flirting with Jack. I love that Andie is overprotective of Jack. Though, I don't much appreciate that Caroline character because it looks like she's been telling some of the other parents that Jack is gay I do finally like that his character is starting to get drama this season. I give this episode a 9.5/10.
  • Informative like a documentary to "old" world residents...

    It has to be a really big deal in the new world to have sex with someone - also to the played and 17 year old Joey. I never ever had seen such discussions about that little rubber or other birth control related things in good old Europe. We live in the 21st century. Sex firstly happened at the age between 15 and 17.

    I think it is the wrong choice to prevent any discussion about sex and birth control in that age. This could cause in a lot of unintentional pregnancies and transfer of diseases like HIV only. Sorry I like the States, but they should find a way to normalize their correlation with sex and their youth.
  • A difficult episode to like but well executed and revealing.

    This episode explores some difficult subjects; homophobia, abortion and teenage sex. That said, it is also contains some view of the future.
    The first clue about Brook's past is revealed when he critiques Dawson's photographs; Gretchen trusting Dawson enough to discuss her personal intimate secret foreshadows their romance and Joey's decision not to have sex with Pacey...yet. Last but not least Jack again who feels the sting of loneliness of being "out" and alone in a community like Capeside. Most importantly Gail's pregnancy and her decision to abort or not abort will effect the future of all the Leary's.
    It is difficult to like this episode but we have to admire the actors and writers ability to deal with difficult themes.