Dawson's Creek

Season 3 Episode 12

A Weekend in the Country

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2000 on The WB

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  • Pacey invites a critic to the Potter's Bed % Breakfast and everyone pretends to be one big happy family.

    "A Weekend in the Country" is such an incredible episode. It's all about families and it kind makes you feel good inside. My favourite scene is when everyone is all together just like a family and they all share their favourite smells. I can relate to Dawson in this episode. I would hate if my parents all of sudden pretended to be a couple. I love how he gets upset about it. I felt terrible for Andie in this episode. She repeatedly asks Jack to come home and he kept saying no because he thinks hit father wants to come home. I am so glad that he clued in and figured out that Andie wants him to come home. The speech that Jack made to Grams and Jen about going home to live with Andie was so sad. Also, Henry not freaking out about Jen's past, and Mitch being all fatherly to Pacey were good scenes. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • The Potter sisters get their first guest into the Bed and Breakfast and it seems that nothing can go right. Grams, Jen, Jack, Andie, Dawson, and his parents all come to help out and make the B and B seem more homely.

    This episode is pivotal to the rest of the season. Throughout the season so far we see that there is something developing between Joey and Pacey but we dont know for sure. In the middle of the episode they are all sitting around the fire and Grams is telling a story about how she use to watch her husband sleep in fron of the fire. Grams says "You know you truly love someone when you can sit all night and watch them sleep in front of the fire". At the end of the episode Pacey walks in and sees Joey sleeping on the couch in front of the fire and he covers her with a blanket. The show then goes on to show clips of everyone else and then it goes back to Joey and as the camera moves you see Pacey sitting in a chair watching Joey sleep and thats how we the audience find out for sure that Pacey has fallen for Joey. This episode shows what the audience has expected but needed to know for sure, Very good episode.
  • Great!

    A beautiful episode . Pacey finaly realising his feelings for Jo and watching her sleep was beautiful . And in the morning when all the gays were dancing in the kitchen was so cute . It was really funny when Pacey cleaned the bathroom . and it was great when he messed pretty much everything up but still maneged to make it right . And all the of their storyes were really nice about their first memories as kids . Body came back too , and Joey was so happy in the end , ofcourse during all the problems she looked like she was gonna have a heart attack . Bottom line a great episode .
  • very emotional

    a very emotional episode, i don't mean it was weepy, but when i remember about dc, the scenes that come into my mind, there are always ones from this episode; especially the particular scene, while the heater wasn't working, while crew was sitting in front of the fire and telling each other stories about "smell"s. the sequence that is unforgettable.
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