Dawson's Creek

Season 4 Episode 14

A Winter's Tale

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 2001 on The WB

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  • It's the Senior Trip and Joey is afraid to have sex with Pacey but by the end of the episode she's not so scared anymore. Dawson has been given the decision to let Mr. Brooke stay in a coma or pull the plug. Jen and Jack get drunk, and romantic.

    This episode was awesome because of all the drama. Though it was hard to be enthusiastic about it because I decided to listen to it in Spanish :P In this episode is the big Senior Trip. Joey, Pacey, Jack and Jen decide to go. Let's go on about the Joey and Pacey drama. Joey in this episode is afraid to have sex. I like the conversation she had with Jack. I liked the fight that Pacey and Joey had because it added to the drama. I liked all those nice things Pacey said about Joey when he was talking to Anna. I think it's pretty obvious that Joey and Pacey had sex for the first time at the end of the episode why is why this episode gets such a high rating. Mr. Brookes is in the hospital and he is in a coma. Dawson has to decide to either pull the plug or let not pull the plug. I love the conversation he with Grams in the chapel. Dawson decides to pull the plug. It makes me very sad though. Jen and Jack are what makes this episode the best. First of all Jen falling two times is hilarious. Second I like the scene where they kiss. Then they start making out. I'm glad they stopped though because Jack is gay in all and they are drunk. Anyways I give this episode a 10/10.
  • One of the best DC episodes, and all because of three words "ten,my love"

    One of the best DC episodes, and all because of three words "ten,my love". It was the culminating point of the fan's pressure on the writers for the fourth season's representative couple to finally "close the deal". And believe me, it was not just about the physical aspect of sex, it was all about Pacey and Joey's totall commitmnet to each other. It was about proving the audience that this pairing was the best choice the writers made throughout the show.
    The other plots this episode included Pacey's dismissal of a horny girl's offer. And also very electric moments between jack and Jen. The Dawson's dealing with Brooke's coma however destroyed the episode's mood,and generally was fake and not necessary.
  • Three words: "Ten my love"

    This episode was beautiful. It truly showed the angst and love that we all have come to love about this show. The ski trip was classic. With the Joey/Pacey and Jen/Jack storylines at full force, who can ask for more?

    Joey's fear of sex rang true to her character, but you could see just how she wanted to conquer that fear and be with the man she loved. Her scenes with Pacey were endearing and a bit heartbreaking. They have the sexual tension and a bit of bickering, which all ends when the sweetness and passionate romantic scenes come to play -- everything we love about this couple.

    The last scene of the episode easily made it one of the best episodes of DC ever. Joey's speech to Pacey about why she loved him so much, how much she truly appreciated him, and how much she wanted to make love to him was utterly PERFECT. It was so moving, and the whole scene was nothing but sweet and sexy at the same time. I could never have enough of that scene!

    The only downside? The Dawson storyline (no surprise there!). The Mr. Brooks plot was just so contrived and boring, and thus, I had to mark this episode down a bit with the stupid hospital scene with Mr. Brook's old friend. One of the worst scenes in DC history. It's the only reason this episode didn't get a perfect 10 from me. Just eliminate that part, and this episode is absolutely perfect.
  • Absolutely Beautyful!

    My eyes still get wet to remember the end of that episode! Joey Potter finally loosing her virginity? Here's something to remember! And with Pacey instead of Dawson! Lovely!
    There is, however, just one thing that bothers me about that scene: The way Joey speaks to Pacey while taking his shirt off, calling him "My Love". Just doesn't feel right! They don't speak to each other that way EVER! So why would they speak to each other like that in the very moment they should be most open to each other? But who cares about that, anyway? It is a beautiful scene and a perfect ending for one of the most memorable episode of the show!
  • In this episode, everyone goes off on the senior trip to the ski resort. Dawson unfortunately has to stay behind to take care of Mr. Brooks. Fueled by alcohol, Jen and Jack share an unexpected sexual encounter while Joey and Pacey share a special encounte

    This is my favorite episode of the whole season. The scenes with Dawson and Mr. Brooks are kind of depressing, but everything on the ski trip reminds me why I love Dawson's Creek so much and why it is such a great show. I've seen the episodes hundreds of times so inevitably I know what will happen in the end, but I like the fact that whether Joey or Pacey will have sex is not anticipated. It definitely builds up the moment, and the final scene with the two of them is to die for. The music in the background makes it all the more romantic.
  • I loved this episode. Why is the rating not higher!

    I loved this episode. From Jen and Jack getting drunk and making out, to the just truly beautiful way that Pacey and Joey finally make love for the first time.

    At first, I was kind of upset that they had Jack and Jen make out like they did, but then when you watch the series finale and go back and watch the season, you see that they have always so close and that sometimes when you are drunk you do stupid stuff. They truly loved each other, so it makes since.

    I loved that Pacey and Joey argued at first and then he says one of the most romantic things I have ever heard about her and Joey realizes that her fears are not enough to make her not be with him in that way.

    The last 5 minutes are just beautiful. I love this episode. " You kissed me first, sweetheart" Just lovely!
  • I dont understand why this episode doesnt have a higher rating

    I dont understand why this episode doesnt have a higher rating (its 7.4 right now). I think this is by far one of the best episodes of the series.
    I think it so sweet and romantic how Joey looses her virginity. Its not graphic like so many other love scenes, and it was great that Pacey didn't pressure her and waited until she was ready.
    It is, however, sad that Brooks dies, but it actually made me like Dawson (normally, he isnt my favorite) and I felt bad for him, especially when he says good-bye to Joey on the phone.