Dawson's Creek

Season 4 Episode 17


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2001 on The WB

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  • Joey gets into Worthington but there's a catch, she has to pay $15 000 to go to school there. Dawson gets rejected from a film school, and he decides to give his money to Joey. Jen wants to know her last memory of her father.

    This was a pretty good episode dealing with college in all. Joey get's into Whorthyton University. It's the school she's always wanted to go to, but there's one catch, she can't afford to go there. Dawson is a pretty nice guy. I love how he wants to give the money that Mr. Brooks gave him to Joey. It's really sweet of him. Dawson didn't get accepted into New York Filming School, but he got into another school which I don't remember. Jen and Jack are having trouble deciding which school they want to attend. According to Dawson, they got accepted to everywhere they applied. I like the idea that they are both wanting to go to the same school. I like the drama with Jen finding out when the last time she spoke to her father. I liked how Drue confessed everything that happened. It was really nice of him. I give this episode a 8.5/10.
  • The kids of Dawson's Creek are getting college acceptance letters. Its good news for Joey, Jen and Jack. Dawson's news comes later that he got in USC. Pacey stilldoes not know what to do with his life. Joey finds out that she might not be able to attend.

    This was a revealing episode because it showed Dawson's sensitive side to Joey. Dawson showed that he still cares for Joey no matter what happens in life. Pacey still has no clue what to do and reminds of kids that went to high school with. Joey's situation with the money issue really hit home with me to notice she was in the same exact situtation so many of us go through when trying to pay for college. Its just to bad that we dont have a wonderful friend like Dawson to help us out when we cant help ourselves. !!
  • Joey and Dawson find out if they got into college or not in this episode. Joey gets in but the catch is they won't give her the whole free ride she needs to go to Worthington. Dawson finds out that he can go to USC.

    This episode was ok just about average and I was glad to find out that Joey got into Worthington and I'm glad Dawson was willing to give Joey the money for Worthington. I thought it was ok that Dawson got into USC didn't really do anything to me. I liked how supportive everyone was in this episode because not everyone is exactly supportive as they should be. I liked how you findout that Drue is the boyfriend Jen got caught with when she was younger. If we found out before I'm sorry. Not sure if it's worth the time to watch really to be honest.