Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 23

All Good Things... (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 14, 2003 on The WB

Episode Recap

(Part 1 of 2 - First 60 minutes of a 2 hour finale)

Five years went by since the previous episode. The first scene we see is a plasma TV showing a scene that we all know from the first season of Dawson's Creek, but the actors are different. When the episode ends, Producer - Dawson Leery flashes on the screen Joey is seen watching The Creek, Dawson's tv show. Joey is now a sucessful editor living with her boyfriend, Christopher, in New York. From their conversation, it becomes clear he does not know the show is about her and her childhood friends. He compares her to Sam, the Joey character on The Creek.

Dawson is in a meeting trying to decide the finale for his show. He is trying to decide if Sam (Joey) should end the season with Colby (Dawson) or Petey (Pacey), but he evades the decision to pack for his weekend at Capeside for his mother's wedding. Dawson goes home to find his baby sister all grown up (she is 7 now) and realizes he's been gone a lot.

Pacey has reopened the Ice House, going back to cooking, and is secretly dating a woman who is 20 years older than him and also married. Doug comes by and tells Pacey his affair is becoming public and he has heard about it at the police station.

Jack, and English teacher at Capeside High, is now dating Deputy Doug Witter. Doug is still in the closet so their relationship is a secret. While Jack is teaching a Jen appears at the school, waiting for him at the door. When the bell rings and the students leave, she comes into the room with her baby daughter, Amy, Jack's goddaughter.

Later that day, Jack and Doug are jogging and Doug tells Jack he has made a reservation for a B&B out of town, and Jack argues with him about always having to leave town to be together. Not all of us were fags at 15, Doug tells him. A very upset Jack turns to him and replies he was a fag at 15, he just didn't know it yet, and enters his house, alone.

They all gather at the Ice House that night to celebrate. They start talking about events of the past (Eve, Joey painting Jack nude) and mention people that were important (Andie, Audrey, Abby). When Jen turns to Dawson and asks: Remember when I devirginized you? Jack picks her up and decides to take her home. Halfway to the door, a very drunken Jen stops him, turns to them and says, with a smile: God, I love you guys so much. You are the best friends I've ever had! That's all, goodnight and leaves, carried by Jack and leaving behind Joey, Dawson and Pacey. They both offer her a ride but she refuses and leaves. Dawson asks Pacey if he wants help cleaning up, but Pacey refuses. Dawson leaves for home.

Back home, Dawson sits in front of his notebook trying to write the finale to his show, but does not type a single word. Suddenly, a relatively drunken Joey climbs in his window. Joey talks about Christopher and Dawson talks about his Hollywood life. When it becomes late, Dawson offers to drive her home, but takes it back and tells her to go to sleep right there. She does.

Leaving the Ice House, Pacey meets up his mistress' husband. Pacey tells him he deserves a punch. The guys does not answer. We see two very big men coming toward him. Pacey tries to run, but they hold him down as the husband hits him.

The next morning Dawson dreams he and Joey are getting married having written their own vows, mentioning their entire love lives among the last 10 years. They are pronounced husband and wife. They kiss. When they turn, they have become Sam and Colby. Dawson awakes nervous and reaches for Joey across the bed. She is gone and has left a note.

Later, at Gale's wedding reception, Pacey wears sunglasses to hide his black eye and bruises. Pacey sees Jen popping pills. and finds out they are painkillers. She grins at him and says: I'm an anxious mother. He smiles back and takes off the glasses, asking for her to share some pills.

Gale goes in the house to find Dawson sitting at his computer working on his show. She contronts him about sitting inside and hiding behind work in order to avoid his friends, especially Joey, who she saw climbing out his window that morning. She encourages him to go outside and talk to his friends, especially Joey. Dawson sees Joey and starts to walk over to her but Pacey reaches her first. Pacey asks her to dance and she accepts.

Jack approaches Doug, who's sitting at a table and tells him that he can't be forced to hide and he can't force him to come out and ends the relationship. Doug tries to argument but it is in vain.

She asks him about the black eye. He changes the subject saying he forgot how much fun he has when he's with her. A very drunken Jen, who had been dancing with Dawson, approaches them and says: Hey, let's switch. Dawson won't let me lead. While dancing with Joey, Dawson confronts her about leaving before he woke up that morning. Joey replies she had to get ready for the wedding. Jen interrupts them saying: Let's change partners again. Pacey is stepping on my toes. It's a conspiracy. New Shoes, he replies with a smile and takes Joey in his arms to dance. Joey, however, becomes uncomfortable when she sees an older woman staring at them from a distance. She tells Pacey about it and looks at his black eye and understands who she is. Would you like to help me out here? Pacey asks her. How? she replies, and he kisses her with passion. The woman leaves, upset. When they stop kissing, it is clear in her face that her feelings for him are coming back.

They hear Dawson crying for help. Jen has collapsed and is passed out on the floor. Grams comes to her and says Jen needs her pills. Pacey says he saw her taking them a while before. This shouldn't be happening, Grams says. Dawson asks what is wrong with her, but the only answer he gets from Grams is: Call an ambulance. Now