Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 12

All the Right Moves

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 2003 on The WB

Episode Recap

Audrey returns to the Boston and the bar and faces Joey, Pacey, Jen & Jack. She takes responsibility for her actions and asks forgiveness. They give it to her. Later she goes to Emma and convinces the band not to replace her. They have a big gig and Audrey sounds great at the sound check. But when she goes to a party before the show at the invitation of a member of another band, she slips - taking drugs and drinking. She arrives at the concert and proceeds to crash - singing terribly and eventually collapsing. Later Emma asks her if she is okay and then kicks her out of the band. Audrey goes back to the dorm where she starts to chug a bottle of whiskey and thinks better of it. But while she is pouring the alcohol down the sink, she drops the bottle and it shatters. She falls on the bed and passes out.

Pacey is in his office when Rich tells him that he is their best seller and therefore he should be the one that comes with him to a party for one of the clients - but only if he can be a team player. He assures Rich he can be. They go to the party where Pacey flirts with a very sophisticated, beautiful girl who flirts right back. He is then ushered into the clients study with Rich where he finds out that he is to receive a promotion - and a big raise - and that all transactions and correspondence regarding the company would be in Pacey's name. Pacey thanks him. On his way out from the evening, the girl he flirted with tells him she saw him going in to the boss's office. She correctly guesses what transpired. Then in a veiled, yet slightly concerned tone, she tells him to ask himself if it isn't just a little bit too good to be true - what do they expect of him? He should watch out for himself. She leaves and Pacey seems thoughtful.

After ogling the new bartender with Emma, Joey agrees, albeit reluctantly, to clean out Eddie's locker. She does and finds a manuscript called Greetings From Worchester along with a rejection letter. It also has Eddie's parents' address. Later, Joey helps Hetson's daughter Harley study. She's more interested in what's happening with Eddie. Joey plays it close to the vest. But eventually confides in the kid. Harley convinces Joey to call Eddie's parents. Joey does, and when Eddie answers, she hangs up.

Hetson arrives later looking for Harley, who promptly appears at the bar with Eddie in tow. Joey is angry and blows him off, but he finally corners her and confronts her about her pregnancy. That's how Harley got him there. She assures him that she isn't pregnant. Later he sees her with the manuscript. They fight and he storms off with her at his heels. She asks him why he cut her off and he tells her that he couldn't face her - he has no future. They don't belong together. She's not buying it.

Harley apologizes for her lie to Eddie and she encourages Joey to ask Hetson to read Eddie's manuscript. She asks him and he refuses, but Harley bugs him until he does. He returns and reluctantly admits that they are not bad. Joey asks if he can help Eddie. He says that he can recommend him for the LA writers workshop. Joey goes to tell him but he keeps up the self pity until he can't take it anymore and kisses Joey.

She pulls away and tells him that it's too late for that. But it doesn't have to be too late for his life. He says he loves her and he doesn't want it to be over. She tells him she loves him too. She smiles and leaves. She arrives at the dorm and sees Audrey sleeping. Then she notices the broken bottle. She tries to wake up Audrey, but to no avail. She picks up the phone and dials.