Dawson's Creek

Season 2 Episode 3

Alternative Lifestyles

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 1998 on The WB

Episode Recap

Dawson and Mitch talk about Dawson growing up and having sex, specifically with Joey after Mitch takes the ladder down from the roof to Dawson's window. Mitch tells him that he is a parent and he should be worried that his son will have ex in his house and he has a duty to make sure that it doesn't happen. When he leaves, Joey comes out of the closet and they begin kissing. Mitch comes back into Dawson's room and sees them kissing and then escorts Joey out of the house, grounding Dawson.

Joey is at her house trying to get everything together when Bessie walks in and asks her to stop by the ice house and make sure that everything is ok. Joey reluctantly agrees to stop by before school. Dawson comes downstairs and tells his father that he was a teenager once, which prompts Dawson to think that sneaking around would kick start Dawson's sex life. Dawson leaves for school and Mitch and Gale talk about being in an open marriage. Gale tells him that it was his idea and she is not crazy about it. Jen and Abby talk about two guys and who they would have sex with. Abby tells Jen that she should be with Dawson and make it happen, not just pine after him. Andie finds Pacey at school and asks him to borrow his notes from his homework, but he didn't do the homework. Andie freaks out that it will be the beginning of her doomed life on the streets, but Pacey tells her to not freak out. During class, Andie is called on for an answer, but she uses Pacey's idea and tells the teacher pass. The teacher proposes an experiment based on relationships and budgeting. Andie gets Pacey, Abby gets Kenny, a guy picks another guy and freaks out when they find out they will be a gay couple, Dawson picks Jen, and Joey is supposed to be a single mother. In lunch, Joey complains to Dawson about the assignment and what they do in life is nervous. Joey also tells Dawson that Jen looked really excited to be his partner. Jen walks into the lunchroom.

Jen and Abby talk about the assignment and how she is married to Dawson in the assignment. Abby's partner, Kevin, walks up to Abby and asks when they are getting together, but Abby brushes him off and tells him to do the assignment and just put her name on the paper. Abby suggests that Jen and Dawson act like a real married couple so that she can have sex with him. At the restaurant, Joey tells Bessie about the assignment, and when Bessie offers to help, Joey tells her that she will find a successful career woman to learn from. Andie and Pacey talk about the assignment and they argue about Pacey getting a Viper and Andie eventually agrees if they move to a two-bedroom apartment. They decide to go scouting for apartments. At home, Gale comes home with another guy as he drops her off. Mitch is very jealous of Frank, the guy who dropped off Gale. Mitch suggests that Thursday night is their date night and that an open-relationship will help with it. Dawson and Jen talk about the assignment and Jen starts to talk about how the assignment could really be them in 20 years. Jen points out that they have agreed on all of the decisions and that a marriage really would work out. Also, she points out that it feels like nothing has changed between them. Dawson gets up to leave and Jen offers that he can come over anytime.

Andie and Pacey are looking at a trashy apartment, but Pacey thinks that they are over doing the research for the assignment. Pacey tells Andie that he is the slacker in his family and he has lost his motivation for school. Pacey suggests that she doesn't know anything about life and Andie storms off. Joey walks into an office and talks to Mrs. Weston, who is Joey's protégé in learning about being a successful career woman. Mrs. Weston tells Joey that she was not motivated and until a few years ago, she was a housewife. Mrs. Weston asks Joey for her help in designing a Mexican restaurant and Joey offers good advice, so Mrs. Weston asks her to help her. At a café, Jen and Abby talk about the assignment and Jen not being able to get with Dawson since he is in love with Joey. Kevin asks Abby when they are going to work on their project, but Abby dismisses him and tells him to work on it. Abby offers Jen some more encouragement about going after Dawson. Gale gets dinner ready for her and Mitch, but Mitch has made other plans since it was Thursday night, date night. Joey and Dawson talk about the assignment and they are interrupted by Gale walking out of the house to go out for Thursday night. Joey suggests that they take advantage of an empty house, but they are interrupted by Jen. Jen asks Dawson to talk about the assignment in his bedroom. The two guys argue about their relationship like a married couple. Joey arrives at the restaurant and suggests that Mrs. Weston can help Bessie with redoing the restaurant for free. Bessie gets jealous of Mrs. Weston and yells at Joey because the health department will be coming in the morning.

Pacey arrives at the restaurant and talks to Jack about Andie. He explains that they were well-off, but now they are not and he suggests that Pacey give her a break. At a café, Gale sits by herself while Mitch is at a bar by himself. Dawson and Jen are in Dawson's bedroom when they finish their project. Jen offers Dawson a massage, but he declines, so she tries to stay in his bed with him for the night since she is so tired. Dawson tells her no and then tells her that he has noticed her throwing herself at him all night. Jen tells him that she doesn't respect his decision to be with Joey and that he has options. Jen kisses Dawson, but it is just a small kiss and then Jen walks out of his room to compose herself before she leaves the house. Gale and Mitch meet back up in their bedroom and things are strained while they get ready for bed. They both lie about what they did for the evening, exaggerating to get the other jealous. Bessie arrives home and fires Joey because she keeps putting her messes on Joey and she doesn't want ot do that anymore. Joey refuses to be fired and tells Bessie that she thinks that she is amazing for dealing with everything that she has to deal with. At school, they turn in their reports about the assignment and they all talk about their experiences. Dawson ribs Joey about the assignment and they kiss when Abby and Jen walk by and tell them to get a room. Pacey apologizes to Andie about assuming that she is rich. He tells Andie that he got the Viper and that them and their three kids will be living in a one bedroom apartment. From the side mirror, you can see Tamara watching Pacey.
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