Dawson's Creek

Season 5 Episode 10

Appetite for Destruction

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 19, 2001 on The WB

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  • Pacey cooks everyone dinner. Jen and Dawson return and are caught kissing by everyone. Then they all have an awkward dinner, leaving them all feeling that their friendship is better than none.

    I'm still not sure about how much I like this episode. I do like drama, and there was drama in this episode, but it was boring drama. So, Pacey cooks a dinner for everyone. I liked that they all had dinner together, but I disliked that that was the only thing they did. Jen and Dawson return and are caught kissing leading to a very awkward dinner. Let's start off with Dawson. I like him and Jen as a couple and I think they should continue going out. Now let's go onto Jen. I am really hoping that in episodes to come, that Jen and Joey don't get all jealous of each other. On to Joey. I'm glad that she's strong in all, and I'm glad that she poured our some of her emotion to Pacey. That leaves me hope that they may get together. Onto Pacey. I'm glad Pacey kept his mouth shut during the whole dinner because I want him to be friends with everyone and not mess things up. Onto Jack now. I am really glad that Jen and Jack had that talk because Jack really needs to know he was a jerk. Even though he realized that 2 episodes ago. But Jen wasn't with him 2 episodes ago. Audrey was Audrey in this episode. Though, I could have gone without her spilling food on herself every second. I give this episode a 7.5/10.
  • Pacey fixes dinner for the gang with some unusual results

    This was a great episode in many ways but very painful at first. Joey saw Dawson and Jen in a heated kiss and had to figure out from that that things between she and Dawson were not going to materialize. However, once they finally sat down to eat Audrey stole the show with her dumping food on herself as and excuse to get out of the room to talk to people. This part was hysterical! All in all a great episode.
  • The whole gang is over Gram's house for the weekly dinners that everyone has promised to stick to, but has never been able to make. When finally everyone gets together, Dawson and Jen arrived after their romantic getaway in New Hampshire with news for all

    This has to be my most favorite episode of this season. It is so well-written and beautiful from beginning to end. The four gaps are so clearly defined, signifying the different courses of the meal: the rice, the chicken, the salad, and the dessert. During each of these meals, some sort of conflict arises and the character engage in very stimulating conversations. Audrey's impulsive soiling of the clothes makes me laugh every time, especially when she tugs Joey away because it just shows how close they have become during the course of the year and how close Audrey has gotten to the members of the gang. The relationships between other characters, such as Jen and Jack, are explored as well as that with Pacey and Audrey. This episode is a classic, excellent in traditional Dawson's Creek fashion. Kudos to the writers. This reminds me of why Dawson's Creek is my favorite show.