Dawson's Creek

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 1998 on The WB

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  • Bessie goes into labour. Rumours about Pacey and Tamara flood the school.

    "Baby" is my favourite episode from season one of Dawson's Creek. I love the begininng of the episode with all the akwardness between Dawson, Jen, and Joey. Anyways, I love how Bessie goes into labour and the nearest phone thats working is at Dawsons and so Joey and Bessie get in the boat and goes to Dawsons house. I love how Gram takes charge and helps Bessie with having her baby. I love how Grams starts saying some prayer and she gets Jen to say it, and in the end everythings fine and Bessie has a nice baby boy. It was all intense too. Pacey's storyline was one of my favourites this season, so his plot adds to this being my favourite episode. I love how Pacey tells Dawson about having a real date with Ms Jacobs in another city and a Kid from one stall overhears. I love how everyone in the school is taking about Pacey and Ms. Jacobs. I love the moment between Joey and Pacey when Joey saids she understands how it feels for people to spread rumours about her. I love the end when Pacey tells the court that he was the one who started the rumours and lied about making it all up.
  • Great episode!

    Bessie goes into labor. She and Joey go to Dawson's for help. Unfortunately, there's no close hospital, so Grams must deliver the baby. Rumors fly about Pacey and Tamara. Attourneys and the school board get involved. Pacey denies that the rumors are true and that he made them up. Tamara thanks him, but announces that she's leaving the next day. Pacey and Tamara break up. Bessie has a healthy baby thanks to Grams. Dawsons films most of the birth. Jen actually has a spiritual moment while reciting the Lord's prayer.

    This episode was great! I'm glad that the baby is okay. I am a Christian and would want Jen to become a believer, but I do think that Grams is a little too forceful about it. You can never force someone to believe something that they don't want to believe in. This episode gets a 10!
  • Bessie goes into labor and is at the mercy of her boat rowing sister, a women who doesn't like her and a teenager who is trying to film the entire process. Pacey learns the hard way about life and love.

    This is a wonderful episode because it is the start of the relationship between Bessie, Bodie and Grams. Grams gets to know Bessie and Bodie and you see her attitude toward them starting to soften. Bessie is forced to put her trust in Grams since she is delivering her child thus changing her opinion of Grams. Pacey learns a hard lesson when his conversation about Ms. Jacobs is overheard by another student in the bathroom. He must endure ridicule from his peers, a lecture from his brother and essentially banishment from Ms. Jacobs. While he is devastated they still part as friends.
  • When Pacey and Ms. Jacobs\' affair is revealed, they are forced to end it. While Bodie is on the other side of the county, Bessie goes into labor and is forced to have the baby in Dawson\'s living room.

    Great episode. I think it gave us a greater sense of what Joey had to go through with her mom\'s death. She had never really expressed herself about it, which is understandable, and it gave us some of her feelings or let us know what she was feeling.

    Once thing I thought was wierd with the Pacey-Tamara relationship, besides the felony, was they never had any real conversation. Throughout the whole time, all they talked about was hiding the affair or escaping it. Nothing deep or sincere, just all superfacial.
  • Tamera & Pacey.....

    ...are no more! I actually liked the Tamera/Pacey relationship. In the beginning it seemed like they were only doin the "dirty dirty" for fun, but then they fell in love. The goodbye said it all.

    Bessie goes into labor! Finally, cause that lady looked like a house! Anyway, Jen's Gram has to deliver(sp?) the baby which brought some dention between her and Bessie. There was a little scare when Bessie was beeding a little to much, but in the end she had a healthy baby boy.

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