Dawson's Creek

Season 2 Episode 16

Be Careful What You Wish For

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 1999 on The WB

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  • It's Dawson's birthday and Joey is planning a surprise party for him.

    "Be Careful What You Wish For" is one of the most fun Dawson's Creek episodes to watch. It's Dawson's birthday and he wants to win Joey back. I love how Pacey takes both Andie and Dawson to a bar. Andie's therapist says to have some fun. Dawson's depressed about his parents divorcing and losing Joey. I love how Andie and Dawson get drunk and sing karoake. It's so funny. I also like that Dawson and Andie have scenes together because those character are never really alone together. I also love how Abby was heavily flirting with Jack. It was just so funny to watch. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Dawson and Andie both get drunk? Am I watching the same Dawson's Creek?

    Dawson is going crazy because he is turning 16 and he feels that he hasn't grown like all of his friends. Andie goes to see her therapist and she advises her to let loose and find her "it" so while Joey is planning the surprise party for Dawson, Pacey takes them two out to a restaurant or a bar, whatever it was, and while they are there, they get drunk and go on stage and sing "I Got The Blues" with their own words. They go home to the surprise party and Dawson acts out in front of everybody and him and Andie both throw up. It was a excellent episode, and it also taught teens watching this show to not drink.
  • Dawson and Andy get drunk to be their IT self.

    Its Dawsons 16th birthday and he doesn't know what to do. Joey is throwing him a surprise party so she gets Pacey to take Dawson out with Andy so she can set up. While they are out Andy tells Dawson that she is being her It self that night and she was going to do stuff she normally wouldn't do. So Dawson says he wants to be his it self too. They keep ordering Rum and Coke and Pacey doesn't suspect a thing tell they are on their 5th glass. They go up and sing the karaoke song "I've got the Blues." Pacey then takes them to the party because they have had enough to drink. His parents bring out the cake and tell him to make a wish and he rambles on and on what is wrong with everyone and says he wishes that Joey could find herself so he runs around the room searching for her and finds her and kisses her. She pushes him away. Aubrey tells Jack that she thinks its cool that he is gay and then tries to kiss him and he lets that happen and Joey walks in on them. He later tells her that he realized then that he was more gay than ever before. End of Episode.
  • Dawson's blunt blues

    Dawson's sixteenth birthday starts with some booze and ends with some barf. This episode is absolutely hilarious! I love that Dawson and Andie, two of the most angsty, troubled teens in the entire world, get drunk and "sing the blues." The bar scene is an absolute Dawson classic. The birthday party itself is quite entertaining as well. First, Abby Morgan attempting to seduce Jack is hysterical. Poor Abby...unfortunately her kiss with gay Jack will be her last. Then there's Joey. Joey who is attempting to keep the entire party together for her ex-boyfriend, while Dawson shows up wasted. Dawson's birthday speech is so much fun, and at this point in the series, needed. Dawson is always so mopey and brooding, it's about time he gets some of that stuff off of his chest. This episode definitely sets some things in motion for the rest of the season.
  • A not so Happy Birthday for Dawson.

    Dawson is turning 16 and he realizes that everyone around him is moving forward and he's still the same person he's always been. He decides he needs to take control of his life and he's going to start by getting Joey back. When he reveals this to Joey, she's less than enthused and Dawson ends up hurt and confused when she tells him they won't be getting back together.
    Later, Pacey and Andie take a depressed Dawson for a birthday night out while Joey sets up his suprise party back at the Leery house. Andie's therapist has told her she needs to let loose for one night and not worry about being so perfect and her new wild behavior rubs off on Dawson. They both end up getting incredibly drunk before heading back to Dawson's.
    At the party, Mitch is upset with Gale for making the decision without him to buy Dawson a brand new car for his birthday. (Which she later takes back to the dealer after seeing Dawson's drunken behavior)
    Jen and Ty finally realize their relationship isn't going to work out after he makes a comment about her wild past.
    And Abby is friendly towards Jack, makes him feel "normal" and "accepted" and they end up making out on Dawson's bed, only for, you guessed it, Joey to walk in on them.
    When Dawson arrives to his party drunk, he shocks everybody by telling them what he really feels about all of them before passing out.

    This was a very good episode. I didn't really like how Andie acted when she "let loose". I'm sure there are other ways to sit back and have fun besides acting completely annoying. In the end of the episode, Dawson tells Joey he loves her before passing out, and Joey then whispers, "I love you too, Dawson." I kind of understand where she's coming from, on the whole, needing to find out if she could be a whole person without him thing. It makes sense. But god, Dawson's right, they're so meant to be together. And I wish she would just find herself or get over it FAST. It's only season two and I'm tired of the drama between them.
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