Dawson's Creek

Season 1 Episode 12

Beauty Contest

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 12, 1998 on The WB

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  • Joey and Pacey enter a beauty contest.

    "Beauty Contest" is definitely a special Dawson's Creek episode. It's the episode where Dawson finally sees Joey as more than a friend. I love how Joey enter the pagaent. I also love how Jen is trying to be her friend and Joey is more open to being Jen's friend. Her character was always beautiful but of course Dawson never realizes it until this episode. Although Joey isn't the greatest episode, I love her song choice because it made Dawson realize that he could have feelings for Joey. I love how Pacey enter the pageant. He is way too funny. I give this episode a 8.5/10.
  • One of my fav. episodes in this season.

    I really loved this episode. =) Joey reluctantly enters a beauty contest, the "Miss Windjammer" contest, for the $5000 award. Jen is Joey's coach. She helps Joey, and they finally become friends. Pacey Witter also enters, arguing that there is nothing in the rulebook that says a male cannot enter, and that it is his right. Dawson Leery's mother is one of four (I think) judges. Things unravel in this episode, which is really a big reason why I like it. I also really loved the part where Joey sang "On My Own", it was perfect. I think Joey did REALLY well in this beauty contest..and the ending to this episode, in my opinion, was brilliant. :)
  • Great stuff!

    There is a beauty pageant coming up. Dawson is helping out there. Jen convinces Joey to join. Pacey also decides to join in order to get some money. They actually allow Pacey to be in it. Pacey deems the contest unfair because they won't even give him a chance. Dawson notices Joey's beauty. In the end, a random girl wins and Joey gets second. Dawson and Joey realize their feelings for each other. Jen wants a second chance with Dawson, but she's too late.

    This was a great episode! Pacey was hilarious! When I first saw the girl that won, I totally called it! I was like, "She's going to get first, I can tell." Also, when Joey sang, she sounded like a little girl. Her arms also looked cut off when they were down. I didn't really like her voice. I loved the end, but I agree with Joey. Dawson only noticed her because of all the make up and stuff. He has to like her because of her. This episode gets a 10!
  • Pacey and Joey enter a beauty contest. Then Dawson and Jen offer support to both. Dawson sees Joey in a new light.

    The gang is tickeled by the Miss Windgamer padget in Capeside. Dawaon suggests the Jen should enter. Joey is convinced that the whole thing is a big joke full of abunoctious rich girls. Then later realizes that if she were to enter and win she would have alot of money for collage. So she enters. When Dawson finds out he can't believe it and offends Joey in the process. Pacey is having a problem with his father and wants to move out. So he enters the padgent as a joke and thinking that if he wins he can put the money toward money for an apartment. In the process of the padgent Dawson developes romantic fellings for Joey. Joey is excited that he is finally noticing her, but thinks it is for the wrong reasons. Becoming jelous, Jen asks Dawson to get back together. Dawson, being puzzled by Joey, says no.
  • This eposide Beauty contest like most Dawson's creek eposides is so meaning full. friends finghting over a pagent. Who will win the contest.

    Pacey finds out there is contest at the school and the winner will win $5000.00. He gets a great Idea and decidesHe needs that money so bad so he can move out of his parents house. He Decides to enter the pagent. He reads all the rules and finds nothing stoping him from entering.He takes it a step further any woman can do what any man can do so why can't a man do what a woman does and be an a beauty pagent.Pacey has got such a strong mind and I love it when he puts it to good use. Then Jen talks Joey to joining. She refuses becasue she belivies it is so wrong for a woman to beplace herself in such a way but Jenm reminds her it is a good start for her collage fund. So despite everything Joey belieives in she enters. They both partace speakes and talents with the help of their friends. They both did a great job in displacing what is important and what isn't so important.