Dawson's Creek

Season 3 Episode 17

Cinderella Story

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 01, 2000 on The WB

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  • Joey demonstrates something approaching unconditional love toward AJ and Morgan

    Joey demonstrates something approaching unconditional love toward AJ and Morgan.

    Contrast her beyond her years magnanimity with Leery's infantile narcissism in "Stolen

    Leery doesn't deserve Potter's love.
  • pace takes jo to station. gale prepare restaurant.pace becomes mentor. jo meets ajs friend. jo tells aj to go to morgan. pace makes food at buzzs and talks about jo. jo calls pace, who go to her. jo & pace talk, he pulls over and ends up kissing jo again.

    i think that joey and pacey have had feelings since the begining. they just started to find out and let them out, well pacey did twice. i hope that they get together because i think that it could really work because they both love each other, they make each other whole. yes dawson does have a part of joeys heart and always will but that doesnt mean that she can't love someone and we all know that she does. i wonder what dawsons going to do if it goes into a relationship. all we can do is wait and see.
  • Joey visits A.J.

    "Cinderella Story" is one of those episodes where you think you're going to hate the episode but you end up loving it. I actually started liking the character A.J. in this episode. I only started liking him because you could tell he had feelings for his best friend Morgan. I really liked how Joey broke up with A.J. and told A.J. to be with Morgan. Pacey mentoring Buzz was entertaining to watch with Buzz being too hard to handle for Pacey. I loved how Pacey gave Buzz another chance. My favourite part of the episode is the ending. I love the Pacey and Joey kiss. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • What a feeling!!

    I do enjoy this episode very much. Joey seemed never really sure about herself. Others have to tell her about what was happening to her, especially when she decided to visit A.J. With so many opinions herself, this made her such an arguable person with Pacey. Maybe since they always did argue all their lives, it just wasn't that hard for them.
    Pacey was having all the good feelings for Joey which was hard to even express it to her. I was glad at the end Joey realized A.J. also had a soulmate just like Dawson and her, and to get back home, she called Pacey out of all people. Finally, Pacey expressed his true feeling her by kissing her .... whoa, how romantic. Of course, Joey had to react by pushing Pacey away and blaming all on him. Just like all these years as kids, showing how much she always hated him. However, this time deep inside she knew she really liked him too.
  • Excelent!

    ok , I know the episode lasted about 40 min but pretty much all I can remember are sceenes that have Jo and Pacey in them . And ofcoure the one where Paccey talks about Joey with Buzz . Bottom line for this episode is that this is the first time Pacey kissed Joey after realising he was in love with her . I know that there is that whole other story with A.J and that other girl , but who cares ! While watching all of that all I could think was : Jo get your buttt back to Capeside , Pacey is there !