Dawson's Creek

Season 4 Episode 1

Coming Home

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 2000 on The WB

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  • Pacey and Joey are back, but it gets awkward when Dawson isn't over the drama of what happened last year. Andie meets some guys on the beach who claim they can't speak English.

    Great start to the season! Pacey and Joey are back from their boating excursion. I totally ship them as a couple now. I liked how all the characters have grown since season 3. I didn't know Pacey had a sister. Pacey acted like a bit of a jerk in this episode. I did like the ending of the episode with him and Joey reading to each other and falling asleep on those hammacks. Dawson was acting a little more mature in this episode. I thought he was going to cry when he saw Joey. He was acting a little bit stubborn, but I'm glad that he and Joey are going to try and be friends. I loved seeing Andie in this episode as she's my favourite character. I thought the guy who was pretending he couldn't speak french was cheesy but I liked that he treated Andie nicely. I also liked seeing Grams in this episode. I loved hearing all the characters witty remarks in this episode. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • After a very romantic summer away from Capeside Pacey and Joey finally return home. They bring in Gretchen, Pacey's older sister. All in all the episode is mainly about showing the audiance how much of a strong couple Pacey and Joey have become.

    Starts off rather sweet with the happy and very in love couple talking about senior year. Great beginning. Though I do believe the writers played out the whole Joey always worrying about Dawson thing. The episode was a great starter for the fourth season. It did prove that Pacey and Joey's relationship is rather strong that not even Dawson could break it, but it also showed that Pacey is still a bit insecure when it comes to Dawson. Also how Dawson is still in love with Joey and is no way going to forgive Pacey for getting picked by Joey.
  • After a summer of romancin', Pacey and Joey return to the real world. Things aren't always easy, but their love is a "fixed point".

    It wasn't the perfect episode, but those touching moments made up for it, in my eyes. Nothing else really mattered to me but the Pacey/Joey storylines (as with most episodes, really), and luckily, we got some good time spent to this couple. After a summer at sea, they are still head over heels in love, perhaps even more so. Their lovey-dovey scenes are so cute, and the playful banter continues to my utter delight. Meanwhile, Dawson is still being immature and childish about the whole P/J thing -- no surprise there. Tensions arise a bit where Dawson is concerned, because everyone, young and old, is so intent on babying him about the whole thing (for God knows that reason)... but the wonderful ending scene (and one of the best scenes of S4), showed us once again that Dawson is most definitely not a threat for Pacey when it comes to Joey Potter's affections.
  • The average return of the new season...

    Coming back from the three months sail turn face us that nothing of the Dawson/Pacey/Joey problem between the characters were solved. In fact some of it was greater than in the past. Hoping in vain on a long talk between Dawson and Pacey to de-escalate the situation is disappointing us too. Such big friends may find a way to talk to another, but nothing happens – both wasted their opportunities.

    Gretchen, sister of Pacey and Doug, appears first in this episode. She is a great add-on, because she has the chance to show Joey’s minds to Pacey on the female side.

    By the way on the long summer period the old friendships between the others have improved too. They gave nice support to Dawson who was sadly left back in Capeside.

    Flirting with the two alleged french guys by Andie, which is still in love with Pacey, is the funniest highlight of this episode.

    Overall a nice introducing in the new season – but not a great one!
  • Back where we were

    Okay let me be honest: I'm tottally ASHAMED to watch this show. Every time I meantion it I get laughed at by my friends, and I really get why they do this. I mean....this IS a very, very bad show. Reason I'm reviewing it? I do love it! With all it's bad lines, and over-dramatic plots. Here I am reviewing season 4, because once again I can't stop watching this show. *God* knows why.

    I really like Pacey and Joey. I also like Dawson and Joey. It's a problem. This episode was just cute, I absolutely adore the way J&P are around each other. They're fun, and they so clearly love each other. That's probably the reason why I'm going to pick J&P above D&J right now. D&J are just too dramatic at the moment. They should think about having fun. Especially Dawson. I mean, get over it boy! She's gone, and you can actually get other people. You know, because it's your show and all. Perhaps, or no probably ( it is Dawson's Creek after all ) Gretchen will soon be Dawson's girlie girl. I do like her, and wouldn't really want her to be messed up by Dawson. Or maybe she'll be the good influence and change him ;)

    I used to love Andie. I loved her with Pacey. But she was so weird this episode. Way too girly. With her strangely high voice, and the way she talked, and the way she was around those boys. Wich, btw, were the cutest ever. And then I especially mean the english talking one. He's just....*drool*

    Jack is cool, and I really have to say: so was Jen :) Good for her. She's cool when she isn't a bitch.

    I am a huge "Little Mermaid" fan ( oh god what people must be thinking :S Then again I'm reviewing DC so it couldn't get any worse ) so I just adored the last scene. Aaah, true love baby, true love. Offcourse it's only true love, 'till someone else shows up. Although I think, that after this episode, they should end up together. This one was a BIG point for the J&P!