Dawson's Creek

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 1998 on The WB

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  • Jen is getting herself in trouble while Dawson and Joey face their first mini-crisis

    The most annoying things in this episode:
    - The weird fight between Dawson's parents. Why did Mitch propose that open marriage thing? It's dumb...
    - Dawson forgetting Pacey's birthday. I was feeling really sorry for Pacey!
    - Dawson reading Joey's diary. Come on! That's a no-go. Especially in the first week. I don't believe it!

    So, Joey and Dawson have their first fight and make up again. It was strange though and still I don't really feel them as a couple. But I'm being patient. In the meantime I wait for Pacey and Andy to hook up, they're kinda cute together! So who knows...
  • Dawson reads Joey's diary. Everyone forgets Pacey's birthday.

    "Crosswords" was an ejoyable episode of Dawson's Creek. It had a few flaws but the character Jack makes up for a lot of what went wrong in this episode. Jack's introduced in this episode. He's hilarious. His character is so shy and akward. He's clusmy and he says the most funniest things ever. What I didn't like about this episode was Dawson reading Joey's diary. He invaded her privacy and that's just wrong. Then he gets mad about what Joey writes and it's not her fault that he read her diary. I also didn't like how Dawson forgot Pacey's birthday. The Pacey and Jen scene was nice to watch as you don't see those characters interect too much at the beginning of the series. I also loved all the Pacey scenes in this episode so that's another reason this episode was still enjoyable despite Dawson reading Joey's diary. I love the end of the episode were Dawson and Pacey make up and they go cruising on the boat. I give this episode a 8.5/10.