Dawson's Creek

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 19, 1998 on The WB

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  • Joey has to decide whether or not to visit her dad in jail. Dawson has figure out his feelings for Joey. Jen's grandfather makes a sudden recovery.

    "Decisions" is an amazing season one finale! It has both humour and intense scenes. Joey having to visit her dad whose in jail is very intense. I'm glad Dawson went with her. It got all dramatic when she said she hated him. I loved how Pacey went with Joey so she could tell her dad how she really feels. I love how he said he loved her and they a nice moment. It was so awesome how Jen's grandfather recovered and then so sad when he had another stroke. I liked that she climbed into Dawson's window and he comforted her and stayed the night. It was awful how Joey climbed to Dawsons window and saw Jen and Dawson together and tooke off. Jen's grandfather dying was so sad. It got ever sadder when Jen finds Grams in the church, and she looks strong, but thens he breaks down crying. I love the ending of the epsidoe with DAwson finding Joey in his closet and they share a passionate kiss. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • One of the best!

    It was probably the first time in a teen show that the two main caracters got together in the first season . I loved it ! And I especially liked the fact that Dawson chased Joey this time , since she spent most of the first season chasing after him . It is a great episode , because for the first time Dawson could see Joey for what she really was : beautiful , and recognize it , even when she didn't have any make-up on . It was great ! I remember the actual day I saw it for the first time .
  • At last!

    Joey has an oppurtunity to go to France. Joey goes to visit her dad in prison. She hates him, but she doesn't want to tell him how she feels. Dawson goes with her and Joey's dad talks to him. Pacey has more family trouble. They think he's a goof. Jen's grandfather wakes up. He goes to the hospital, but he has a stroke and dies. Grams is really sad and Jen turns to God. Joey and Pacey go to visit her father again. She tells him how she feels and he tells her that he loves her. He also says Dawson loves her. Jen stays over with Dawson after Gramps dies. Joey finds them and runs away. Dawson looks for her. When he finally finds her, they talk and then kiss.

    This episode was great! I love Joey and Dawson finally together! I felt bad for Grams and Jen. I missed Mitch and Gale though. This episode gets a 10 from me!
  • This is truly one of my favorite Dawson's Creek episodes. It is one of the most open and honest episodes i've seen. Love it.

    This is truly one of my favorite Dawson's Creek episodes. It is one of the most open and honest episodes i've seen. I have to give it to the actresses of this episode. The scene with Joey and her father at the prison shows just how far katie holmes had come as an actor in just the first season. It was beautiful and heart-wrenching. Every moment between Jen and her grandfather, or about her and her grandfather, is incredibly real and every look she gives to her grandfather rings true. This is evident in the scene in the church between Jen and grams as they morn his death. This episode is one where at one point all the main characters stop hiding behind their words and have true moments of honesty.
  • "Dawson, I am so tired of dancing around all these big words. I just wanna be honest with you..."

    Dawson and Joey finally move beyond the friendship stage in this season finale. Joey has got an offer to go to France, and Dawson fears losing her. Joey also expresses fear that France is her way out, but it would be like running away and leaving loose ends untied. The whole episode involves Joey and Dawson wanting to confront their feelings but fearing them at the same time.

    Jen is rather annoying in this episode. She uses her grandpa's deteriorating state as an excuse to get closer to Dawson again, and is more upfront about her jealousy of Joey than ever. She even resorts to sleeping overnight at Dawson's, and not showing any consideration for Joey's feelings when she catches them together the following morning. Luckily, things work out by the episode's end, and the "will-they-won't-they couple of the millenium" share an angst-filled, tender, passionate first real kiss. Which is probably the most memorable moment of the entire show, because it had been built up for so long.

    Fantastic DC episode. A pivotal point for Dawson/Joey. Rather bittersweet, especially when Jen's grandfather dies after being announced to be getting better. We see Joey's dad for the first time, in prison, upset about Joey's lack of willingness to make a connection with him. But there is a nice father-daughter bonding moment near the end. Two memorable songs are also in this episode, in relation to Dawson/Joey - "I'll Be" and "God Bless The Broken Road".
  • Awww Joey!

    Aww i love this episode especially when joey's in prison talking to her dad i wish my dad was like that it made me cry soo much it broke my heart i know exactly how she feels though its really hard and i wish someone could make it better:( her dad is soo nice and so is she she really does love him its soo sad but nice great episode i love it and her and dawson's kiss is sooo cute they are soo cute but i think they should just be friends her and pacey forever wooo hehe i love dawsons creek x
  • Dawson, Jenn, and Joey

    Thank goodness our favorite little film buff finally woke up and realized he;s totally in love with Joey, and don't give me that whole he's so young and they've been best friends forever thing. I don't wanna here that naive thing because Dawson isn't that stupid. Don't get me wrong I don't particularly like them as a couple but after watching Joey pine away for such a long time and watching Dawson just sit around like a complete dolt, maybe he is that stupid, I was just getting so tired of it. Wake up Dawson and realize that you love Joey Potter!!!
  • The Best episode by far!

    ...This show was a big impact on my life it was beautiful, surprising, and romantic. I loved watching Dawson\'s and Joey\'s relationship grow through out the episode. It made you wonder were they ever going to make it and was she going to go to France or not. Also the seen when her father was very powerful. It shows how helpless she feels and she is speaking with the upmost sincerity. When they finally kiss (Dawson and Joey) it felt magical, and long awaited. It was a pivotal episode and had me crying for hours even after it ended. Good Work!
  • Watch it!!!

    This is one of the best episodes of season 1 of DC. It's very touching, oh so sad and very well written and performed. I think that the songs that have been chosen for this episode went along with everything just great and that made it even sadder. To hear those songs during all that's going on, I love that. I always say that songs can make a GOOD episode turn into a GREAT episode. And that's true. The saddest part is when Jen has the phone in her hands, turns to her grandmother and says that he's past away. And the most emotional part for me was when joey asked her father if he really loved me. I swear I could cry when I watch that part. Amazing episode!
  • Am Emotional Rollercoaster.

    Ok, it's decision time for Dawson. He's already confessed his love to Joey who only thinks he sees what is on the outside. On top of that, ex-girlfriend Jen is determined to get Dawson back.

    Despite having to deal with the obvious relationship issues this Season Finale also has a strong emotional story to it. This includes the death of Jen's grandfather, and Joey's confrontation with her father in prison.

    The music throughout this episode is fantastic, as is the acting, directing and writing. We are really there with our characters and the episode maintains its extremely high pressure tension. This is the only episode of any show where I've truly been on the edge of my seat, and had my heart not only broken but fixed again. It's also the first time I have really hated a character so much that I wanted her to just suddenly disappear- in this case that character is Jen. It's ironic that in the Series Finale, I loved Jen so much that I didn't want her to die.

    "Decisions" is an emotional rollercoaster. I hope you can handle the ride.
  • You know that you have just watched a good episode when....

    This episode marks the first of many times where I had to fight the tears whilst watching the show. Although I felt really stupid getting so emotional, I also felt satisfied. Satisfied with what I had just watched. You know you love a show when you get so emotionally involved in it. And for me, the moment I realised this was when Joey has that moment with her father when they talk through the fence.

    It was such a touching scene. This episode also shows you another side of Joey's life and one of the many people that are not in her life that should be. This endeared her to me even more and contributed to her becoming my favourite character on the show.

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