Dawson's Creek

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 1998 on The WB

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  • Truth or Dare Unlike The Breakfast Club, they leave far less friends than were before detention..


    "Detention" is my favorite episode of the first season because of its central focus on the teenagers, for one day, in detention. I always enjoyed the truth or dare game because of the nonsense it created, and the basketball-to-the-face never fails to amuse me. The episode stands out because its the first to really build the relationships and conflicts between the characters. The previous six episodes barely had any scenes with Pacey and the others, and the scenes with the two girls and Dawson were all about Dawson's pursuit of Jen. Now, the characters finally hung for an entire episode and the audience understands the dynamic and conflicts between characters.

    During the game of "Truth or Dare," Jen and Pacey kiss as do Joey and Dawson. Joey balks when she's asked which boy she's in love with. Pacey balks when asked how he got detention.
    The kiss between Jen and Pacey affects Dawson because Pacey's represents everything Dawson lacks in sexual experience. His fears are relieved when Pacey reveals his embarrassing story of masturbation and Jen swears that she does, in fact, want him sexually..

    The kiss between Joey and Dawson alerts everyone (but Dawson) of Joey's feelings towards her best friend..

  • Dawson, Joey, Jen and Pacey have detention with Abby Morgan.

    "Detention" is another one of my favourites of Dawson's Creek season 1. I love "Breakfast Club" style episodes. I love the introduction of the character Abby. Her character is very unique. I love how you'd think she would have done something worse than anyelse to get into detention but she only had too many tardies. I love how Joey punches a guy to get into detention and Dawson hits Pacey in the the nose with a basketball to get into detention. Jen didn't even desereve to go to detention because she was just stating her opinion. I love how Pacey reveals that he got caught relieving himself in the bathroom by the coach. I love how everyone's relationship changes in this episode with Jen finding out that Joey has feelings for Dawson. Jen also finding out that Joey doesn't hate her. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Exciting!!!

    I totally enjoyed how Joey snaped back at annoying people and later just punch the heack outta the guy which result her into detention. Although I hate to see two best friend fighting on the basketball court.
    Abby really had a way to make all of them talk things out. Playing truth or dare was just the way to do it. Great to see Dawson and Joey kiss. That 15 seconds of kissing between them was just so romantic. I had to watch this episode twice. That was how much I liked it.
    I really love to see them together. I felt like the show was making viewers wait to see their kiss or the romance between them.
    At the end, it was just too hard for Joey to say it ... Dawson still didn't know it was him that she loved.
  • Fun!

    Dawson is self conscious after Joey talks about what girls like in guys. He gets jealous of Pacey and throws a basketball at his face. Dawson gets detention. Joey is doing a report on Japan, but an obnoxious guy, Grant, makes fun of her and talks about how he is superior. She punches him. Joey gets detention. During a discussion, Jen disagrees with the teacher's point and uses a cuss word. Jen gets detention. Pacey gets "excited" after the cheerleaders care for him. He goes to relieve the "excitement" in the restroom, but a faculty member sees him. Pacey gets detention. Abby is tardy a lot. Abby gets detention. The five spend their Saturday in the library. They learn more about each other and play Truth or Dare. Jen and Pacey kiss, while Dawson and Joey kiss, both on dares. Abby can tell that Joey loves Dawson. That complicates things, especially when Joey reveals that at the end.

    This episode was great! It seemed like a fun episode. The only person who I could excuse the detention to is Joey. The rest deserve it. I want Joey and Dawson together so badly! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • This has to be the best episode of this season, and one of the best of the series.

    If you were watching this show, it was obvious that Joey had some feelings for Dawson, but it finally got into the open in this episode, because of Abby Morgan. Alot of drama happened in this episode, such as Joey and Dawson having their first kiss, the first of many in this series, and Pacey and Jen making out, and Dawson and Pacey having their first big argument. A huge game of truth or dare game set all of this off, and it wouldn't have been any drama in this episode if it wasn't for Abby. We'll see where Joey and Dawson go from here, can they remain friends like they were since they were children, or will it be awkrawd everytime they see each other?
  • the breakfast club

    this is my favorite episode of season 1 it is amazing and its funny. they totally copied the breakfast club though but i still like it. its so funny when pacey and jen kiss lol and when joey and dawson kiss. that abby girl is funny. i love how dawson trows the ball at paceys face but if u look closely you can tell that dawson turns way to fast he turns like a second or two before he actually says umba lumpa its pretty funny. but overall good episode. it was deff. a filler but i liked it alot.
  • Awesome!

    Our "Brat Pack" lol, gets detention and a new face, Abby, is introduced.

    Dawson- throws a basketball at Pacey's face and breaks his nose.
    Pacey- got caught pleasuring himself in the bathroom.
    Joey- beat the sh!t out of a nasty football player.
    Jen- said b i t c h to a teacher.
    Abby- tardies

    In the beginning we already know Dawson's, Jen's, and Joey's reason, but it takes a while for us to know Pacey's and Abby's reason why they are there. Abby firsts says she was boinging a dude in the locker room, but then it is later revealed she just has to many tardies.

    Joey and Dawson share a kiss that is pretty intense. Abby notices right off the bat that Joey has strong emotional feelings for Dawson, but Jen cant. Jen does find out though.

    Joey finally talks about her feelings. She doesnt actually say they are for Dawson, but she sure does imply it.

    Overall, this is a series classic. Well-Written and well acted.
  • great episode. Fantastic. I also think this is one of the best dawsons;s creek episodes as it is so interesting. in my opinion The girl who plays abby makes the episode what it is. The plot is amazing, which is down to the breakfast club which is also ama

    wow, i love this episode. Great plot great acting just great! top episode, no one can dig at it its fabolous!!!
    I think abby makes the episode her own and the game of truth or dare is amazing. I love it when joey (katie holmes) beats up the guy and gets put in detention its so funny!!! top episode