Dawson's Creek

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 1998 on The WB

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  • I give up !

    After four episodes I realised how hard it is to review this show. In the beggining you get all these storylines bouncing off in every direction with an added spice of cheesiness and then everything is rushed like all the kisses and the Tamara and Pacey storyline and now the sex issue. So now it's like the writers are taking it in an obvious one step at a time. First the kiss and then the sex. So it's one second everything's a mess and now we are going up in steps. So you know what I think. I think just watch this show as a viewer and not a critic because your going to get nowhere critisizing it's complex structure. If you thought Lost is complicated come check this out. Storyline ? Jen and Dawson start putting the sex issue infront of them because Jen told Dawson that she's not a virgin, which adds to Dawson's anger and suffering after finding out his mother is having an affair. What's Joey doing in this episode ? Nothing. Pacey ? YUCK,YUCK and oh yeah YUCK. I am not sorry to say that the Pacey/Tamara storyline does nothing but make my stomach jump in all directions. Now I'm okay with a person being older like Brian and Justin in Queer as Folk but Tamara makes it so obvious that she's older and no matter how much smart and witty dialogue they give Pacey, the age difference is still higlighted with disgusting obviousness !! Things are still being rushed but hey there are what...13 ? episodes in one season so I guess they should rush the storylines. Other great teenage dramas like the original 90210, The O.C and One Tree Hill all had ten more episodes in their first season so the writers did one heck of a job pulling off an acceptable first season with thirteen episodes. So in conclusion I wasn't impressed with this episode and I didn't enjoy it either but when it comes to the quality, it was fine. What I think of it is different than whether I liked it.
  • Dawson and Joey watch the tape of Ms. Jacobs and her mystery man. Dawson finds out something about his mom.

    Excellent episode! It's so interesting how Joey and Dawson watch the tape of Ms. Jacobs and Pacey. I love how Pacey tells Dawson that he was the one in the video. I love how Pacey gets jealous of the film teacher and Ms. Jacobs hanging out only to find out later that he's gay The best part of this episode was Dawson finding out about his mothers affair with Bob. It's all intense and gets more dramatic when he finds out Joey knew all along. I love how after he finds out about his mom's affair that he finds out all this crazy stuff about Jen's past. It's interesting how she used to be a wild child. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Pretty boaring episode. Dawson learns some depressign news about Jen and his mothers Love life. Because he is upset with Joey he turns to Jen.

    Pretty boaring episode, but essential to understand Show. Dawson learns his mother is cheating. Wanting comfort he turns to Joey, after Jen offers comfort. Joey then reveals that she knew already and didnt tell Dawson. Dawson is angured and questions the friendship. He then turns to Jen. Who comforts him and the discussion leads to Jen telling Dawson the truth about her virginity and life in New York. Dawson is shocked and pretends not to care. Then Dawson and Jen continue to argue about how Dawson really feels about the situation. Dawson and Joey both agree that their relationship had changed and they wonder if it will last. Meanwhile Tomorra and Pacey continue to dance around their romance.
  • Dawson finds out the truth.

    Dawson and Joey discover the tape of Ms. Jacobs. Pacey confesses to Dawson that he's the guy in the tape. Pacey and Ms. Jacobs continue their relationship. Dawson learns of his mother's affair while at the TV station with Jen. Joey and Dawson have a fight, while Joey gets along with Jen. Dawson's parents are celebrating their 20th anniversary.

    This episode was pretty good! The part where Dawson finds out about his mother was so good! I can't believe that Ms. Jacobs and Pacey are still dating. That's too weird. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10 from me!