Dawson's Creek

Season 1 Episode 10

Double Date

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 28, 1998 on The WB

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  • Two stories, but only one of them is fun, real and interesting.

    I watched DC in real time doing it's original run and I've always been team JP and they didn't even share deep scenes before DD. I never supported DJ as romantic couple. Friendship, yes, but not romance. DJ was like siblings to me and the thought of them in a romantic relationship was just weird. Dawson wants to win Jen back so he sets up a double with Jen, Cliff and a girl name Mary Beth who likes him, but he doesn't really like her. He's just using her to try to win Jen back. Gotta love that, Dawson *sarcasm* His plan fails and Jen does not take him back.

    Pacey is failing one of his classes so the Teacher asks Joey to help him out. Both dislike each other so neither one is happy about it. As the day goes on both start to get along and Pacey even gets a crush on her. He finds Joey hot before Dawson does. No beauty pageant needed. At the end of the day he tries to kiss her and she rejects him because she doesn't feel the same way and because she's in love with Dawson. At the end of the episode Pacey tells Dawson he has to make a choice. Either Jen or Joey.

    After re watching this episode after many years I noticed something funny. Pacey tells Dawson Joey is cooking for him tomorrow night. Pacey becomes a Chief in the future. Pacey tells Dawson, he and Joey are heading up to a B&B. Joey's family opens up a B&B in the future and Pacey helps them. The Jen, Dawson, Cliff and Mary Beth story is pretty flat and boring, but the Pacey and Joey one is not. That's why I rated it so high. If they were not in the episode, I would not have given it a 9. Yes, I felt the same way back when it first aired on the WB.

  • Perfect!!!!

    In this particullar episode Joey and Pacey had the first kiss (perfect)...Pacey was in love for her since the first season. He fell in love for Joey before Dawson, as matter as a fact Dawson just realize that he had feellings for Joey when it was too late, i think. Kevin Williamson should been the director for all the seasons, maybe the series tooked another direction then. Also had the Jen / Dawson thing about the ending of their relationship. It was an episode to watch after the end of the show for undertand why Pacey end up with Joey.
  • Great!

    Jen asks Dawson the dreaded question that all ex's must face: "Can we just be friends?" Dawson says yes and even goes as far as planning a double date with her and Cliff. He takes Mary Beth, who actually likes Cliff and can tell that Dawson isn't over Jen. Pacey and Joey must work together on an extra credit project. Pacey failed the midterm and Joey just wants as much credit as she can get. Pacey develops feelings for Joey, but she doesn't feel the same way. They do kiss though. Dawson and Jen finally have some closure on their break-up. Gale and Mitch's relationship is a roller coaster. Pacey asks Dawson who he likes: Joey or Jen?

    This episode was great! Although I want Joey and Dawson together, seeing Pacey and Joey wasn't too bad. I don't like Cliff at all. I also want Mitch and Gale to mend their relationship! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Jen and Cliff go on a double date with Dawson and Mary Beth. Joey has to work with Pacey on a school assignment.

    "Double Date" is a great episode of Dawson's Creek. At times this episode can get boring, but it's enjoyable. Now, I hate Jen and Cliff together but their double date with Dawson and Mary Beth was so awkward but entertaining to watch. It was funny how Mary Beth caught on to Dawson trying to make Jen jealous. I loved Pacey and Joey working together. It's so funny to watch. And also, you can see the chemistry between the two characters, and so it's not crazy to think that these two might end up together. I give this episode a 8/10.
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