Dawson's Creek

Season 5 Episode 15

Downtown Crossing (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2002 on The WB

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  • Joey get's mugged and is held at gunpoint. The guy who mugs her, then gets hit by the car.

    One word. Brilliant. Brilliant Episode that is. Joey gets mugged. One of the most dramatic episodes this season. The guy who mugged her was a real jerk. I mean, he takes $20 from her, he takes her life savings, and then he takes her jacket. The next thing that happened was so surprising. I didn't even see it coming. He gets hit by a car. This is the brilliant part of the episode. Then Joey talks to him, she calls an ambulance and the police. Then she goes into shock and she faints. She wakes up in the hospital. Mercedes McNabb plays Grace in this episode which adds to the high score also, and the actress playing her daughter is cute. I can't believe that guy died while talking to Joey. I also liked that Joey lied to the little girl about that gay saving her life. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • I can't believe people don't like this episode....what the ****

    I loved this episode....one of the best I've seen ever!!!! I still liked every second of the episode. And that is fairly rare in Dawson's Creek. I believe it is one of Joey's best episodes. I know it is supposed to be one of the worst but come on people. It is definetley not as bad as u other reviewers are saying it was....u have got to be kidding me? First of this is the first episode that got me into DC.....so that is a big plus..for me I mean...really. So u can just go on saying so many bad things about this episode I was very suprised to see a lot of you guys don't like this episode as much as I do. Am I the only one with good tastes in storylines???
  • Worst. Episode. Ever.

    I am a HUGE Dawson's Creek fan and love almost every episode in the series - except this one. It has absolutely no relevance to any current storylines and it really feels like the writers had the week off and they got the work experience kid to write an episode. This is reinforced even more so by the fact that the events of that episode barely get a mention in the next or any future episodes. Maybe this was a convenient way to give all the actors a week off? I was actually tempted to fast forward, as the ridiculous banter between Joey and the mugger is BEYOND frustrating! Bad bad bad.
  • Awful.. Fake... Pitiful... Disgusting. Just abysmal in every way unless the only character you want to see is Joey.

    Let me get the simple stuff out of the way. The only series character in the episode is Joey. I'm talking major, minor, bit player. Everyone in this episode is new and likely won't be returning (if there's a god in heaven).

    The episode starts with Joey getting mugged. Now when I say mugged, I don't mean mugged as in real life. For a show that insults the stereotypical this is by far the worse moment. Joey constantly lies to the mugger, kicks him in the crotch and berates him, a man with a gun. And yet walks away with out even getting hit once. This is also in Downtown Crossing. One of the busiest areas of Boston. Yet somehow no one notices. If the T was still running it was before 1 am. Where is everyone?

    Then to make matters worse the mugger gets hit and Joey... is nice to him. Joey talks about her past, Joey interacts with the mugger as he's dying, as she saves him, as his family is around. This is beyond Joey heavy though. Personally I wish the show got rid of Joey in season 2. The will they or won't they dynamic was dead at the time, and they beat it for the rest of the series. That being said she was tolerable most of the time. This was excruciating. They focused on her father... you know the father that was in the second season that they could have resolved in the third season if there was a need. There wasn't. It's clear how she felt. A birthday could have came around to remind us. Instead we get a 20 minute fake suck fest.

    Overall this is one episode I'll be skipping in the future. I don't like doing it but there's no way I can even waste 10 minutes on it, and I advise you to watch it in fast motion if you can. And maybe snicker at the hilarity of how it looks, because in slow motion it almost put me into a coma.
  • Downtown Crossing wasn’t a terrible episode but it’s not one I would make a point of sitting down to watch again.

    The storyline of Downtown Crossing wasn’t awful. Joey being mugged but still helping the man when he was hit by a car shows her strength of character. However after a while the dialogue between the mugger and Joey lost a tense feeling and became more like friendly banter. For example why would a mugger want to know his victims name? Then comment on it being cute? After the mugger has made Joey clean out her bank account and they are standing by the ATM machine Joey has a chance to run, yet she turns around to continue giving him attitude.
  • Joey gets mugged and ends up helping the mugger when he is hit by a car.

    This is an outstanding episode in that it gives the audience another look at Joey's feelings for her father and how that motivates her as a person. After the mugger is hit and can't go anywhere she has a capitive audience so she quizzes him about how he became a drug dealer and asks him if he knows how it effects his family. You get them impression that she is asking him the same questions that she would really like to ask her father.
  • "Daddy's a hero."

    This episode was on TBS today so I was compelled to write a review for it.

    I hate this episode of Dawson's. It is in my bottom five episodes of the show. The question that kept going through my mind when this originally aired was "Where is everyobody?". I like Joey but there is only so much of her that I can take in an hour. And while the acting in this series was never exactly Emmy worthy, the acting in this episode was on an even lower level than usual.

    They also randomly jumped back to her father storyline that did not even seem relevant anymore.

    I don't think I would have minded this storyline if it was only a part of an episode instead of it's entire premise.

    The only good thing about it is that Season 5 really picks up the pace after this.
  • In my opinion one of the best of Dawson's Creek.

    This episode basically stared Kate Holmes' character Joey Potter. As Joey is walking home she gets mugged. She makes direct comparisions from her mugger to her own father. I thought this this story line was very well developed, and it was able to help Joey learn more about her father. Katie Holmes was the only main character to appear in this episode. Through this episode I think that the personal sotry of Joey was able to grow, and it gave Joey closure with what her father did to her and the family. Like I said before this episode was truly one of the best.
  • In this episode Joey is mugged in Boston.

    This definitely has to be my least favorite episode in the season. I have no idea what purpose it has. It focuses on Joey the whole time which I don\'t mind since I love Katie Holmes but it is very depressing. I don\'t really see how it fits in to all the other episodes. It is very scary at times, especially when it seems like the mugger is going to kill her. The weird thing about this episode is that the usual \"I don\'t want to wait\" by Paula Cole doesn\'t play. This is very weird. I am not a big fan of this episode.
  • Can we move on with the next episode?

    Personally (and maybe lots of fans agree with me), I don't like this episode that much because it's kind of "out" from the rest of the epiosdes. I mean, In this episode, it's pretty much established that now, the main character is Joey, not Dawson and besides, this is not a trendsetter episode (except that it was the first and only episode to feature only one of the main characters), it's not "fundamental" for the season or the series, it could have easily been left out; the story line that is presented to the character Joey is kind of like those episodes that were never made, I mean, you know that more less, there's one week apart from one episodes' events to another episodes' events (Just like in real timeline), so this is like one of those days in the series' universe.

  • Walking alone at night Joey is held up by a mugger who is then run over by a hit and run driver. After calling the police Joey faints and is taken to the hospital where she meets the wife and child of the mugger.

    This unique story of redemption is the second part of a two-part story that begins when Joey embarks on an affair with Professor Wilder. Interrupted by an urgent call Joey goes to Dawson’s movie set to solve a problem with Audrey who has guilt feeling about kissing Pacey.

    Part 2 begins with Joey stopping at an ATM and calling Professor Wilder to tell him that she is returning to his house. The mood changes when she is held up at gunpoint.

    Making the experience more terrifying, the mugger forces he to return to the ATM and withdraw $500. He also takes her cell phone and in a final insult he forces her to give him her coat. When he tells her he is a drug dealer and talks about his ex-wife and child Joey relates to him her feelings about her father. As the mugger crosses the street he is struck by a hit and run vehicle.

    Joey retrieves her cell phone and calls for an ambulance and the police. At the hospital Joey meets the muggers wife and their child. She relates to the child’s situation but her mother ashamed when she learns that her husband had mugged Joey takes her child and leaves the hospital. As he lies dying the mugger asks for Joey. As he dies he asks Joey if his daughter will ever forgive him.

    This is a story about redemption. The obvious candidate for redemption is the mugger who as he lies dying worries about how his daughter will remember him. But the only innocent in this story is Sammy, the little girl. Like it or not Joey was about to begin an affair with her English professor and the mugger’s wife, Grace, is paying for bad choices. After the mugger dies Joey is leaving the hospital when she again meets Grace and Sammy. Joey’s redemption takes the form of kindness. She remembers being a little girl who idolized her drug dealer father and she gives Sammy a good memory of her father by telling the little girl that her father was injured and died saving her (Joey) from being hit by a car. Sammy tells her mother that daddy’s was a “hero”. Joey also slips the $500 into Grace’s purse to replace the day care fee that the father had taken to buy drugs.

    In the end the bad guy is redeemed by love for his daughter, Joey is redeemed by her kindness to Grace and Sammy and Grace is redeems herself with her love for her daughter and even her husband. How is that redemption? It is possible to hate the deeds but love the person and Grace’s feelings for her husband display that possibility.

    This episode shows the acting range of Katie Holmes. It is not currently a popular point of view but considering the range of emotions this script required for her role and the different emotions she needed to displayed from her usual character one can only admire how she makes us believe that what she is experiencing and feeling was real.

    My rating is based on how well the story was told rather thah how much I enjoyed the story.