Dawson's Creek

Season 6 Episode 7

Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

After she and Joey fight over Joey's apparent lack of interest in her life, a depressed Audrey gets hammered before her gig with Hell's Bells When Eddie refuses to serve her anymore she gets vicious and verbally berates him while Joey looks on - causing a rift between Eddie and Joey. During the performance, a drunken Audrey gets destructive and trashes the bar. Afterward, Eddie makes it clear that he is upset with Joey for her lack of backbone with Audrey and says that it proves that she is just a spoiled little girl. Audrey then takes Joey to task for not knowing that she and Pacey broke up and lets Joey know in no uncertain terms how self-centered she thinks she is. At the end of the evening, Eddie comes to Joey's dorm room and apologizes for blaming her. They decide not to play games with each other and agree to go on a real date.

To celebrate the passing of their Stock Broker tests, Pacey and his co-workers take a trip to New Orleans courtesy of boss man Rich. While there, Rich makes it clear that this is all about getting laid. Rich then hits on a girl who totally rejects him but takes a shine to Pacey. They go back to his room, but just as they are about to have sex, it's revealed that she is a prostitute who Rich bought for him. He kindly rejects her and confronts Rich. They nearly come to blows, but Pacey calms down and spends the rest of the night walking around the Big Easy thinking.

Professor Freeman announces to the that he's leaving BBC. He invites everyone to his book signing. He makes a special point to ask Jack to come and even though he has plans with Jen David, he says he'll try.

While Jack is at the book signing, Jen, David and CJ (who was invited by Jen) wait for Jack ... and for Audrey's set. C.J. and Jen watch Audrey lose it and discuss C.J.'s past as a teenaged alcoholic - explaining why he doesn't date. C.J. rejects Jen one final time and puts her in a cab for home. He then goes to sit with Audrey and offers her an ear - and most likely something else - as she never makes it back to the dorms.

Meanwhile, back at the book signing, Jack and Freeman chat and he tells Jack that his wife isn't making the move with him. He makes it clear that they are breaking up. He tells Jack that he was right and finally makes his affection for Jack clear. He asks Jack to tell him if it's too late for them to get together and Jack reluctantly rejects him - sighting the guy (presumably David) who the timing is right with, waiting patiently for him all night long.

He leaves Freeman and catches David leaving Hell's Kitchen and they talk about Jack's evening. He apologizes and David reassures him that he understands that Jack has baggage - just like everybody else. Jack tells him that that particular baggage is gone and they banter about their next date as we fade to black.
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